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How My Life Changed - Part 3

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The first story told how I was turned into a sissy maid and sex toy to
serve my wife Mary and her lover James. At the end of that tale I had settled
into the role of housewife and had accepted my new role. Now I relate some more
of my adventures as Carla.

On a Saturday morning as I was serving Mary an James their breakfast, James
told me, " Don't bother planning anything for supper Carla, I'm taking Mary out
for dinner and dancing tonight. We'll be home late." I hated to hear that I
was going to be left alone tonight and shed a tear at hearing this. James
noticed and told me, " Don't cry dearie, I'll think of something for you to do
while we're gone." He patted me on my bare fanny and I went into the kitchen to
eat my breakfast alone. The rest of the day he and Mary relaxed and watched tv
while I puttered around the house doing routine chores. After eating a light
snack for my own supper, I went to my room while they got ready to go out.
Shortly before they left, James called me to the family room. When I got there,
he had me kneel before the short side of the coffee table. When I did, he told
me, " Lay on the table Carla." As soon as I had obeyed him, he handcuffed my
hands to the legs of the table using two pair of handcuffs. I looked up
pitifully at him, my sad eyes asking why and he said. " This is for your own
good Carla, you were questioning my decision this morning, and you know I can't
tolerate that." I responded, "Yes Sir, but I get so lonely when you're both
gone." He laughed and said, " You may have company tonight dearie." Then he
put a hood on my head and tied it securely making it so I couldn't see. He
patted my fanny and said, " We'll be back later, have fun.", and left me there
with my titties pressing against the table.

The first hour seemed to drag by, and I got nervous at every sound I heard.
The time passed slowly, as I waited for the unknown which may or may not occur.
Some time later, I heard the front door close. I became instantly alert as I
heard someone walking into the room. I asked, " Is that you Sir?", but got no
answer. I felt hands rubbing my bare ass and they sent shivers up my spine. I
moved my head around to try and get a sense of what was happening, but of
course, I couldn't see anything with that hood on. The next thing I knew there
was a cock at my lips. After all the times I had sucked James, I knew what to
do and took it into my mouth. Somehow it seemed familiar, but I just sucked and
slurped away until it was rock hard. Just as I was expecting a load of semen to
shoot into my mouth, it was withdrawn. The man walked behind me and rubbed my
asshole with lubricant. I pleaded, " Please Sir, don't fuck me.", but got no
reply. He shoved himself inside of me and began riding me. Trapped as I was,
all I could do is take it until he was finished. Once he had shot deep inside
of me, he kissed the back of my neck and left me there. I felt horribly used,
cheap and helpless. Sometime later I fell asleep and slept until James and Mary
came home. I awakened when James released my hands. After an entire evening on
my knees and being raped, I could hardly stand. James helped me to my feet and
removed the hood. I blinked at even the dim light in the room, since I had been
blind for some hours now. James asked me, " Did you have a good time sissy?" I
burst into tears and hugged him. I told him, " Sir it was horrible, someone
came in here and raped me and didn't say a word. I feel so used." He told me,
" Remember this night whenever you start to question my decisions. Next time
there will be several of them to amuse you." Even though I knew he had set this
all up, hearing him admit it made me furious, so I ran to my room and cried my
eyes out. I wondered how he could do that to me after all I had done to please
him. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Early Sunday morning I got up and put the coffee on, and sat reading the
morning paper until they came into the kitchen. James noticed my depressed
state and told me, " Come here Carla and suck my cock, that should cheer you
up." I knelt between his knees and took his cock into my mouth. While I sucked
his cock to an erection, he talked to me, " I know how lonely you get being left
at home dearie, maybe I should find you a boyfriend." Mary quickly told him, "
Ooooh, that would be so cool, we could go on double dates." I was choking and
gagging on his erection and couldn't give my dissenting opinion. By the time he
shot his load deep in my throat, they had decided that I needed a boyfriend.
Given my status as a submissive cocksucker, I had no say in the matter. Even
though I was now more girl than man, I didn't want to be a gay slut for some
stranger. Keeping house and serving James and Mary was something I had become
accustomed to, but going on dates with a boyfriend wasn't something I had ever
thought of.

Sunday evening Mary got her period, and so I knew that James would be using
me for his sexual pleasure this week. I didn't mind being his bitch, since I
would sleep in the same bed with them. It made me feel needed and wanted more
than I did as their maid. The daily enemas I had to give myself were more than
compensated for by the attention he showed me in bed. Each night James slept in
the middle of the king sized bed with Mary on one side and I on the other. I
would suck him hard, then he would screw me from behind while holding my breasts
in his hands. I felt so loved when that happened, even though after his orgasm,
he would turn over and cuddle with Mary.


Each morning during the week, they would shower and get dressed for work
while I fixed their breakfast. As soon as they left, I would shower and get
dressed for the day in my maid outfit. The housework was down to a routine by
now and I accomplished it without undue effort. Each evening I had the supper
nearly ready when they came home and I often joined them for a glass of wine to
relax before supper. Once I had accepted the idea that I was now no longer a
man, but a servant in my own home, life had gone smoothly. My life was
complete without a boyfriend and I hoped they would forget that idea.

Chapter 8

Any hopes I had they would forget the boyfriend thing were dashed on
Saturday morning. Mary told me, " Don't plan anything for supper tonight Carla,
Jimmy has a friend coming over and the four of us are going out to dinner and
dancing tonight." I smiled a faint smile and answered, " Yes Mistress, I
understand." Inwardly I was crushed, but I sure didn't want to spend another
night handcuffed to the coffee table, and put on a cheerful face. The rest of
the day passed normally, until around 3;00PM when Mary took me aside and told me
to get showered and cleaned up. I went down to the basement bathroom and gave
myself an enema to clean my insides out and then hopped into the shower and
shaved my body very closely. When I was finished with my cleanup, I walked back
upstairs naked. Mary saw me as she finished her shower and led me into the main
bathroom. She told me, " We girls must look nice for our men tonight dearie."
I merely nodded and stood patiently as she applied makeup to me and attached the
false eyelashes. When she was satisfied, she remarked, " You look stunning
dear, now go get dressed. I laid a new outfit for you to wear tonight on your
bed." I went to my room and looked at my new outfit. It consisted of a pink
bra, white blouse, pink mini-skirt, pink mesh hose and matching heels. There
were also two starched crinolines to wear under the skirt. I knew I would look
like a tart in that outfit, but put it on anyway. When I was dressed, I went
into the other bathroom and used the curling iron on my hair before brushing it
into a sexy page boy style.

When I looked ready, I went out to the family room where James whistled a
wolf whistle at me. I blushed and batted my big eyelashes at him. When I tried
to sit down, I realized that I had to lift the crinolines out of the way and sit
my bare bottom on the chair. I wished they would let me wear some nice panties
instead of making me walk around bare under my skirt. About that time the
doorbell rang. James told me, " That will be your date for the evening Carla,
go let him in." I would have rather been anywhere else rather than answer that
door, but I went like a good girl and opened it. Immediately I recognized the
man standing there, he was one of the two men who had used me when James took
Mary to Vegas. He was the bigger of the two and the one who had suggested
making me an oreo. I blushed when I realized that he had already used me for
his pleasure. Saying, " Welcome Sir.", I let him enter and showed him to where
James waited. He told me, " You look very nice tonight Carla." I politely
thanked him.

James shook hands with our guest and asked me, " You remember Tyrone don't
you Carla?" I replied, " Yes sir, I sure do. Nice to see you again Tyrone."
Tyrone smiled at me and said, " I have that effect on my lovers dear." So his
name was Tyrone, I never heard his name when he was using my body. I brought
Tyrone and James each a glass of wine to sip on while we waited for Mary to
finish getting ready. We made small talk with Tyrone treating me like I was
already his girlfriend. When Mary came out and announced that she was ready to
go, I started to go to our garage. James told me, " No Carla you are riding
with Tyrone tonight, we'll meet you at the restaurant." I was disappointed and
half afraid to go without James's protection, but didn't dare show my feelings.
Tyrone took my arm and led me out to his car, a big black Cadillac sedan. He
opened the passenger door for me and I slid into the seat lifting my petticoats
as I sat on the leather seat. We drove to the restaurant and parked in the
parking lot. Tyrone reached over, put his hand on my knee and said," Listen
Carla, the last time we met I was just using James's slut, but I want to start
over and will treat you like a lady." I squirmed on the seat and responded
saying, " Yes Sir, that would be nice." Tyrone then took my head in his hands
and kissed me lovingly. He told me, " I had a white sissy boy as my wife when I
was in prison, and do know how to treat a lady." I smiled faintly at him and
said, " That's very nice Sir." He then went around and opened my car door and
escorted me into the building. I felt like a lady walking in arm in arm with
him. We were escorted to the table where James and Mary awaited us. Mary
smiled at me and told me, " You two make such a cute couple." As I set my bare
fanny on the velvet covered chair, I smiled and said, " Thank you dear."

James and Tyrone ordered for Mary and I. We chatted during the wait for
the food and during the meal as well. To any onlookers, we were two interracial
couples enjoying a meal in a fine establishment. James and Tyrone were two
handsome black men and Mary and I appeared to be their women. Despite my
discomfort in being out in public dressed as a slut, I had to admit it was a
nice evening so far. Certainly much better than being handcuffed to the coffee
table wearing a hood. After we finished our meals, Tyrone paid the bill and we
left to go dancing.

Tyrone drove he and I to a nightclub in a part of the city I had never seen
before. James and Mary followed in their car. As we walked into the club the
doormen knew James and Mary and waved them in. He did the same for Tyrone and I.
We went to a booth reserved for us next to the dance floor. The band was
blaring out music I'd never heard before, but it did have a good beat. We
barely got seated and ordered drinks before Tyrone took me out to dance to a
slow song. I told him that I had never danced without leading before but, he
told me, " Just relax and follow me dear." So I did just that, held closely in
his strong arms, I let him lead me around the floor. His graceful movements
seemed strange considering his size. His hand worked it's way under my skirt
and he fondled my bare ass as we danced. I blushed with embarrassment, knowing
that anyone watching us could see what he was doing, and probably part of my ass
as well. At the end of the song, he twirled me around making my petticoats
flare out. As we walked back to our table several men gave me a sexy wink.
Most of the people in the place were black and I was glad that Tyrone was with
me and able to protect me. James and Mary got up to dance to the next song
leaving us alone. Tyrone leaned over and kissed me while he slid his hand under
my skirt to fondle my dick. He whispered, " You feel so nice and smooth baby, I
want you to come for me." I protested, " Please Sir, not here, everyone will
see." He reassured me, " Nobody will see anything, you just enjoy while I milk
you." I tried very hard to look cool and composed above the table, but I was
getting very turned on below it. He stroked me faster and faster until I
spurted on the floor. He kissed me deeply and grabbed his drink. I whispered,
" Thank you Sir, that was very nice of you." He smiled and said, " I told you
I know how to treat a lady." I smiled back at him and coyly said, " Yes Sir,
you did and you sure do."

After a couple of drinks and several dances I felt the need to visit the
rest room. Mary noticed my discomfort and said, " Come with me Carla, it's time
to powder our noses." I gladly joined her and we walked to the rest room. I
was concerned over which rest room to use, but quickly ruled out the men's room
due to the way I was dressed, and followed my wife into the lady's room. There
were a couple of other ladies at the mirrors as Mary and I went into adjoining
stalls. It felt wonderful to empty my bladder and I carefully wiped off the
head of my now shrunken dick before leaving the stall. Mary and I stood at the
mirror fixing our hair and refreshing our lipstick when a big black woman came
up and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and she asked me, " You the
white bitch with Tyrone tonight?" I answered sweetly, " Why yes I am dear. My
name is Carla, who are you?" She shoved me on the chest and told me, " I'm
Lisa, and I've dated Tyrone. I can't imagine what he sees in a small chested
girl like you when he could have these." She hoisted her big breasts with both
hands, then reached over and squeezed one of my B cup tits. I was afraid of
this big woman and wanted to get out of there. Mary stepped in and told her, "
Dear, you know Tyrone is bisexual, Carla is a sissy bitch and not a real woman."
She lifted my skirt exposing my shriveled privates and said, " See Lisa, surely
this is no threat to you." Lisa laughed and told me, " I ought to strip you
naked and leave you in here to amuse the girls that come in here." Mary again
reasoned with her, " I know that would be fun, but I don't think you want to
piss off Tyrone and James, do you?" Lisa suddenly realized that she was messing
with James's property and backed off. She told me, " If you didn't belong to
James, I would fuck you up good fagot." She spun around and left the room. A
few minutes later Mary and I walked past the table where Lisa sat with several
of her girl friends. By the way they giggled and pointed at us I knew she had
exposed my secret to her girlfriends.

We got back to our booth and Tyrone sensed something was wrong and asked, "
What's the matter girls?" Mary told him, " Oh, just a small problem in the
ladies room with a friend of yours." He asked " Who is that?" Mary told him, "
Some big black gal named Lisa was giving Carla a hard time, but I talked her out
of it." Tyrone glared over at Lisa's table and snarled, " That bitch, I'll beat
the shit out of her for that." Mary placed her hand on his and soothingly said,
" No need for that dear friend, she backed right off when I told her that Carla
was with you and belonged to James." He seemed relieved that his reputation was
secure and calmed down. James then said, " It's getting late, why don't we just
leave this joint." We all agreed that it was time to leave and got up to go.
Tyrone asked James, " Is it all right if I take Carla home with me tonight?"
James thought a minute or so and I saw Mary whisper something in his ear before
he answered, " No, since this is really your first date, I think you should
bring her home tonight." He saw the disappointment on Tyrone's face then added,
" You can spend the night there if you like."

We followed James and Mary home and parked in front of the house. Tyrone
again opened my door for me and helped me out of the car. He was being a
perfect gentleman. I reached into my purse, got out my house key and opened the
front door. James made a drink for he and one for Tyrone and Mary told me, "
Come on dearie, let's slip into something more comfortable." We went to our
bedrooms and changed into our nighties. The four of us discussed the fun
evening we'd had for a while before James took Mary off to bed leaving Tyrone
and I sitting on the couch. He kissed me shoving his tongue into my mouth. I
felt strange about this invasion of my mouth although his cock had already been
in there. He asked me, " Do you want me to spend the night with you Carla
honey? If you say no, I will understand and go home." This was the first time
I had been given a choice in a sexual matter in a year, and I was flattered by
his gesture. I fluttered my eyelashes at him and told him, " Yes Sir, I want
you to stay with me." He took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom. I
quickly hopped into bed and watched as he undressed. His muscular body was a
beautiful sight.

Tyrone crawled into bed beside me and kissed me while his hands went under
my nightie and caressed my breasts. I was very turned on by his foreplay and as
soon as he ended the kiss, I moved down to kiss his cock. He told me, " I'm
sorry I was so mean to you when I was hear with my friend. We were just guys
acting like animals. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking to show
that I wasn't holding a grudge over that weekend. He then admitted, " I was
also the guy who used you last weekend and I want to apologize for that as
well." He continued, " I was just going to tease you a bit, but you looked so
temptingly helpless that I decided to use you again." I took his cock out of my
mouth and told him," I thought it might be you Sir. I'm glad you told me that
and I forgive you." The rape had been traumatic at the time, but after all the
times I had been used by James, one more made little difference. Tonight was
different, the sex was my choice and I was enjoying it. I was his girl and was
turning him on.

Quickly I resume my sucking and soon that big black cock was rock hard My
hand was stroking his shaft while I was sucking on the end when he stiffened up
and shot his load into my mouth. Instead of swallowing it, I crawled up his
body and kissed him transferring some of his semen into his mouth. He didn't
resent my forwardness, but we held our kiss for some time before breaking it
off. He chuckled and told me, " Wow babe, that was a first! I guess you took
me by surprise, but it was very sexy." We cuddled and fondled each other and
then drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

The sun was streaming through the window when I awoke to feel Tyrone
caressing my breasts. He whispered, " Good morning Carla, are you up for a
little loving this morning?" I kissed him and replied, " Yes Sir, that would be
nice." He grabbed the tube of KY jelly from the night stand and greased up my
asshole before shoving his erect cock up inside of me. I let out a moan of
pleasure and he started thrusting in and out gently. His hands held my tits as
he took me from behind. I moved my ass in time with his thrusts and as he
increased his tempo, I spurted my puny load onto the sheets. He continued his
thrusting until he shot his load inside of me, then kissed the nape of my neck
and withdrew. He handed me a Kleenex from the bedside table which I placed
between my ass cheeks to stop any leakage. He got out of bed and headed for the
bathroom, so I got up, slipped on my heels and went to the kitchen to start the
coffee. Tyrone soon joined me as I was starting to prepare breakfast, followed
shortly thereafter by James and Mary. Mary was still in her nightie too and she
said cheerfully, " Good morning kids." She looked at me and said, " I see you
had a good time last night Carla." I wondered if it showed in my face that much
when she reached down and plucked the Kleenex from between my ass cheeks. I
blushed bright red and admitted, " Yes Mistress, I had a good time." James
laughed and announced, " See how wise I am, I knew that Carla need a boyfriend
to cheer her up." Mary kissed him and told him, " Yes darling, you are so

The three of them sat drinking coffee while I finished cooking breakfast.
When I had served them, I sat right down at the table and ate with them. After
breakfast, Tyrone went to take a shower and get dressed. When he announced that
he had to get going, I felt disappointed, but went to give him a kiss goodbye.
He turned around, thanked James and Mary for their hospitality and left. As I
walked him to the door, he told me, " I had a wonderful time Carla, we'll have
to do this again soon." I hugged him pressing my breasts against his manly
chest and told him, " Yes Sir, thank you very much." As he walked to his car, I
thought about the wonderful time I'd had with him. I really was a gay slut, but
in my increasingly feminine state of mind, I was his girlfriend and lover.

Chapter 9

When I walked back to the table, my spirits were high and it showed. James
noticed how elated I was and decided to reassert his dominance over me. He
stood up and asked me, " Who is your Master Carla?" I told him, " You are Sir."
He then asked, " Who do you obey without question?" I didn't like the tone of
his voice, but quickly replied, " You Sir and my Mistress." He said, " That's
right and don't you forget it. Just to remind you who rules this house, I want
you to come here and lick my ass to show your submission." Damn it, he hadn't
made me do that since before he moved in here. I'd hoped that he'd forgotten
that humiliating task, but meekly said, " Yes Sir.", and walked over behind him.
I knelt down spread his cheeks and licked his hairy hole until he told me, "
Good girl, that's enough, you can clean up the kitchen now." I thanked him and
went to do my chores.

Mary came into the kitchen as I was loading the dishwasher. She put her
arm around me and said, " You know he had to establish his control of you don't
you dear?" I had tears in my eyes as I replied, " Yes Mistress, I understand
that, but it's so humiliating when he makes me do that." She consoled me by
saying, " Yes dear, I know, but if you hadn't obeyed him, he would have spanked
you until you couldn't sit for a week." She kissed my cheek and told me, " I
missed you licking me clean last night my dear sissy." That she had missed my
efforts made me feel better and I smiled and told her, " Sorry Mistress, but I
was pretty busy myself and you didn't call for me." She looked lovingly at me
and told me, " I know, James wanted to call you, but I convinced him to let you
two lovebirds alone." I thanked her for her kindness and she led me into her
bedroom to fill her in on all the details of my night with my new boyfriend. We
chatted in her room like girlfriends and it felt so natural to me. She seemed
especially interested when I was telling her how sweet he was to me. She kissed
me on the lips for the first time in months.

Mary fondled my titties and told me, " You look so nice with boobies dear
and they feel so nice." I modestly said, " Thank you Mistress, yours are very
nice and I miss holding them." She informed me, " That's sweet of you to say
so, but you know they are reserved for my Jimmy." She got up and found her
strap-on dildo and put it on as she said, " It's been a long time since we had
sex, and I want to use you now." I agreed with her saying, " Yes Mistress, that
would be nice." Just as I was getting in position for her to screw me, James
walked into the bedroom. He asked, " Going to have sex without me?" Mary
responded by saying, " You can watch darling. Carla and I need to be together."
He laughed and said, " Ok, I like watching two women make love, most men do."

Mary smeared my hole with KY jelly and shoved her dildo inside of me.
After all the times I had been used back there, it no longer hurt to be
penetrated. I was a well broken in slut by now. James told Mary, " Go ahead,
fuck that sissy ass dear." Mary soon was ramming that dildo in and out of me
furiously and I was humping my ass in time with her. It didn't take much of
this before I came and spurted my semen. As before that didn't even slow her
down. She ravished me until she reached her orgasm before she pulled out of me.
James had watched the show with amusement, but now remarked, " I'm the only one
who hasn't come yet. Carla get over here and suck me off." I was weak and
wanted to cuddle with my wife, but I sank to my knees and sucked his cock until
he came in my mouth. I swallowed all but a few drops which had dribbled onto my
chin. Those I wiped off with my hand and licked them off too. " Nice work you
sissy cocksucker.", he told me. He felt confident that his control over me was
firmly in place and went out to watch football games. Mary patted me on the
head and told e, " That was fun dear. We need to do that more often." I smiled
at her and replied, " Yes Mistress, that was fun." She went out to join James
and I went to my room.

That evening, things were back to normal around here. After supper, they
watched tv until after the evening news and then went to bed. Shortly after
that, James called me into their room for the usual threesome. I sucked him
hard, stood by while they had sex and licked them both clean afterward. Once my
cleanup chores were completed they sent me off to my room. I lay in my bed with
many thought whirling about in my mind. I had a boyfriend, but was still a
slave for James and Mary. Tyrone had treated me lovingly and tenderly, but
James had degraded me to show his control of me. Mary and I had a girlish chat
and she had made love to me and then James had made me suck him off to ruin that
sweet experience too. He wasn't satisfied turning me into his sissy maid. He
wanted to control my soul too. He had totally changed my life, from a happily
married man to a submissive gay slut and that wasn't enough for him. I hated
him for what he had done to me, and how he had captured Mary's heart. But, on
the other hand, I feared him and admired his power. I knew I couldn't leave
with no clothes or money, but hated the idea of staying here under his control.
What was I to do?

Chapter 10

Monday afternoon James came home much earlier than usual. I was dressed in
one of my maid outfits and had just finished the laundry. I gave him a
respectful curtsy and told him, " It's nice to see you home Sir." He asked me,
" Do you like being a girl for me Carla?" " Yes Sir.", was my polite reply. He
looked into my eyes and asked, " You will do anything to please me, won't you?"
The sound of his voice made uneasy, but I again replied, " Yes Sir." After all
the things I had done for him, I wondered why he doubted my submission to him.
He said, " Good girl, get in the car. We are going for a ride." I went to the
garage and got into the passenger seat, while he got behind the wheel. We drove
across town to a clinic and he led me inside. He told me, " It's time you got a
checkup. This doctor is a friend of mine and will be discrete. You be a good
girl and do what he tells you to do." I wondered why a checkup was needed, but
merely said, " Yes Sir, I will."

We walked up to the receptionist and James told her Doctor Jackson is
expecting us. She recognized James and Said, " Yes he is, follow me please."
She led us to a room at th end of the hall and had me sit on the examination
table. She told me, " Go ahead and get undressed dear, the doctor will be with
you shortly." James sat in the chair and told me, " Go ahead Carla, it's ok,
I'll be right here." I took off my skirt, blouse, bra, hose and heels and sat
nervous about my nakedness waiting for the doctor. He walked into the room a
few minutes later, listened to my chest, took my blood pressure and then had me
lay down on the table. He raised up the stirrups and strapped my legs in them.
I felt incredibly vulnerable laying there with my legs spread. He handed me a
clipboard with a form to sign. I started to read it and James said, " Just sign
it, we haven't got all day." I signed the form on the dotted line and handed it
back to the doctor. The Doctor put on a rubber glove and poked around inside my
asshole for a few minutes. When I squirmed at this invasion of my body, he
said, " You seem so nervous, I'm going to give you something to relax you." He
took a hypodermic needle and gave me a shot in the arm. I was soon sound

When I woke up, my arms were stretched out to the sides on boards of some
kind and strapped in place. There was a blue cloth shield which went from my
neck to over my head. I was groggy and wondered what happened. My chest felt
strange, but I couldn't see anything. There was a nurse standing there reading
some sort of monitoring device. She announced, " Your patient is awake now
doctor." Doctor Jackson said, " Very good, you can remove the screen now." She
lifted the screen and I blinked under the bright lights. The doctor told me the
operation went well and you should recover soon. I've given James the
instructions of how to care for you. You can go home in a few hours and I'll
see you in a week for a follow up check. Just rest a bit here and recover." My
voice croaked as I asked, " Operation, what operation?" James spoke up and
said, " You now have those implants you wanted. You will have a stunning figure
now Carla."

My Chest was covered in bandages, but the bulges were unmistakably large.
I gasped at the sight and said, " The implants I wanted? I didn't want
implants!" Doctor Jackson smiled and said, " Of course you did. You signed the
release and consent form." I was weak and tied down, unable to move, but I
sobbed openly. James took a tissue and wiped away my tears saying," Don't cry
Carla, you'll come to love your new tits." He turned to the doctor and told
him, " It must be the anesthetic, the sissy told me she wanted them." The
doctor replied, " Yes I know." In a couple of hours we can let her up and you
can take her home." I knew that after this there was no way I could ever hope
to be a man again. James had taken me too far down the road to womanhood to
ever return to my former life. I dozed off again.

Chapter 11

It was now a month since my surgery and my small scars had healed. My new
breasts now filled a 38DD bra and I was definitely top heavy for my size. Those
big tits must have weighed six pounds apiece. The bra's I now wore were five
hook monsters not the dainty things I used to wear. Mary had been upset with
James for doing this to me without consulting her, but soon got used to seeing
me with huge tits. She loved the way they jiggled around when she or James
screwed me. Getting used to the weight of these things took quite a while and I
now had grooves on my shoulders from the bra straps. The new blouses they had
bought me to accommodate my new dimensions all had scoop necklines to show off
my enhanced cleavage. For some unknown reason my nipples now stayed erect and
showed clearly as bumps in my blouse. James was proud of the changes he had
made in me. I looked every bit like a woman when dressed and like a freak when
naked. My big breasts, shaved body and small penis made an incongruous sight
and as a result I became very modest, preferring to cover my body with even the
scantiest of clothing.

Friday evening after nearly five weeks without a word from him, Tyrone came
to our house for a visit. He was shocked at my new look, but also pleasantly
surprised. I blushed as he praised me saying, " Oh Baby, you look wonderful."
James told me, " Make Tyrone a drink Carla, don't forget your manners." I
said," Yes Sir.", and hurried to make him a Jack Daniels and water. I handed
Tyrone his drink and sat by him on the couch. James said , " Tyrone it's been
quite a while since we've seen you. You've been ignoring your new girlfriend."
Tyrone replied, " Yes, I've been busy. Business you know. I've been traveling a
lot lately." The four of us talked for an hour or so, before James suggested we
go to the hot tub. He told me to get four towels and stood up to undress. I
went to get the towels and returned in time to see the three of them standing
there naked. I handed Mary a towel which she wrapped around her and headed out
the door. James threw his towel over his shoulder and followed Mary. Tyrone
took his towel and asked, " May I undress you Carla?" I coyly replied, " Yes
Sir, that would be nice." He was being such a gentleman that I couldn't resist
his request. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it on the couch. He
reached behind me and unhooked my bra and dropped it onto the blouse. He
fondled my breasts and kissed each nipple. Oh Sir, that feels so good.", I told
him in a sexy whisper. He unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor
leaving me naked except for my hose and heels. He told me, " I thought you were
pretty before, but now you are beautiful my dear." He sure knew how to woo a
lady. I was ready to take him to bed right now, but he said, " Let's go join the
others." I said, " Yes Sir.", and took off my shoes and hose. I threw my towel
over my shoulder and we went to the hot tub.

Being early December, the air outside was cold, so I ran to get across the
patio and into the hot water. My boobs jiggled and my dick flopped around as I
ran which brought a laugh from James. He seemed to revel in the ludicrous
creature he had turned me into, which added to my humiliation. I sank down into
the warm water as much to hide my shame as to get into the warmth. Tyrone
followed right behind me and sat beside me in the tub. He caressed my boobs,
still amazed by their new size which caused Mary to say, " Look at the lovers,
isn't that sweet the way he can't keep his hands off of her." James added his
comment, " I knew that a boyfriend was what she needed."

We sat in the warm water conversing like two couples, but under the water
Tyrone was playing with my dick. He was so sweet, trying to milk me, but the
many months of female hormones had made me unable to get hard anymore. I kissed
him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, " Take me to bed dear, I want you so
bad I can't wait any longer." Tyrone gave me a big grin and said, " Please
excuse us folks." He took me by the hand and helped me out of the tub and into
the house. Once in the house, he dried my body with his towel and I reciprocated
with mine. He took me to my room and lay me on the bed after pulling down the
covers. I was so horny for him but just laid there like a virgin on her wedding

Tyrone lay beside me on the bed and gently rolled me onto my side. He
lubricated my ass and gently slid his erection into me. It felt wonderful! His
hands held my tits as he gently moved in and out making love to me. This was
heaven for me, so unlike being raped by James. I was having sex to please my
boyfriend and not being used. The romance of the situation combined with the
physical stimulation quickly brought me to an orgasm. As he continued pumping
in and out of me, I knew I would be sleeping in the wet spot again tonight.
When he reached his orgasm and shot inside of me, he kissed me on the neck and
soon was asleep still imbedded in me. His strong arms around me made it
impossible for me to move and I eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by Tyrone thrusting inside of me again. He
was insatiable. He brought me to orgasm and even as I shuddered with delight,
began thrusting harder and faster until he reached his own climax. He then
rolled me over and kissed me. He was so wonderful to me. He led me to the
bathroom and we took a shower together, with him washing me and me washing him.
Then we dried each other and we went back to get dressed. He dressed fully and
I just slipped into my nightie and heels. We went out to the kitchen where I
put on the coffee and started breakfast while he got the morning paper and sat
down to read it.

James and Mary came into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Mary winked
at me, patted me on the bottom and asked. " Did you have a good time last night
dear?" I grinned and said, " Yes Mistress, it was delightful." She told me, "
You're such a tramp Carla.", and went to sit with James in the dining room. I
set the table and served up their breakfast, then joined them at the table.
During the meal Tyrone told James, " I'm going on a business trip to Miami for a
week or so," He then asked, " Would it be alright with you if I took Carla with
me?" James told him, " No, she has duties here, besides I don't want her to get
involved with your business." My hopes had soared with Tyrone's question and
were suddenly dashed by James's answer. It would have been so nice to be with
him for a week in a strange city. Tyrone asked James, " Any chance you'll
change your mind?" James emphatically stated, " Not a chance, my decision is
final." When James made up his mind, I knew it useless trying to change it.

When everyone was finished eating, I got up and cleared off the table while
they finished their coffee. I heard Tyrone ask James if we could all go to the
club again tonight. James told him, " No, we were planing on a quiet night at
home. Mary has a big trial to get ready for staring on Monday." Tyrone then
asked, " Would you mind if I took Carla out for some dancing and a few drinks?"
James looked at him like a concerned father of a teenager and asked, " will you
have her home by 2 O'clock?" Tyrone answered< " Yes, if that is your wish, I
will." Mary had noted my reaction when James had turned down the trip idea and
she interceded on my behalf by saying, " Oh James let her go out. She needs
some fun in her life too." James agreed saying, " OK, but you have her home by
2." Tyrone pledged that he would and then told me, " Wear something nice dear,
I have some business to tend to, but I'll pick you up at 8:00 this evening." I
was beaming as I responded, " Yes Sir, I will look pretty for you." He kissed
me and left the house. I ran to the window and watched him drive off. This
would be my first real date without James and Mary along. I was so excited I
thought I would burst.

The rest of the day passed slowly, as I cleaned up the kitchen, did a few
household chores and prepared supper. After we finished eating supper, I
cleaned up the kitchen and hurried to prepare myself. I gave myself two enemas
to make sure I was fresh for my boyfriend, took another shower, shaved my body
very closely, applied my makeup and fixed my hair. Mary came in and handed me a
new outfit to wear. She said, " I was saving this for a special occasion, and I
guess this qualifies." I thanked her profusely and then told her, " That was so
nice of you Mistress, I know you still love me." She smiled at me and said, "
Of course I do dear, but just not as a stud." I understood what she meant, I
was now her girlfriend and James was her lover. She helped me get dressed and
even let me use some of her perfume. She gave me her approval by saying, " You
look beautiful my dear sissy." She kissed me lightly on the cheek. I was
happy, but still had thirty minutes before my boyfriend showed up. I sat primly
in the living room to wait for him to arrive.

Chapter 12

The doorbell rang promptly at 8PM and I went to answer the door. Tyrone
had changed into a black suit, white shirt and tie. He looked elegant! I
grabbed my purse and my coat and kissed him. He asked, " Ready to go babe?" I
replied, " Yes Sir." He said goodbye to James and Mary, then led me to his car.
While he drove us to the club, he was telling me how lovely I looked tonight,
how happy I made him and other things to turn a girl's head. Had he parked the
car then, I would have gladly given myself to him in any way he desired. We
arrived at the club and He escorted me inside. Once again the doorman waved us
inside and we sat in our reserved booth next to the dance floor. For the next
two hours, we danced, had drinks and chatted like the lovers we were.

Then, to interrupt our fun Tyrone's beeper went off. He looked at the
number and called it on his cell phone. He talked very guardedly for a minute
or so and told me, " I have to go outside for a few minutes, I'll be right back.
Why don't you go powder your nose while I'm gone." He got up and walked out the
door. I went to the lady's room, glad for the chance to relieve myself. After
sitting in a stall to empty my bladder, I went to the mirror to freshen up my
makeup. Just as I was finishing that task, Lisa walked into the room with three
of her lady friends. She walked right up to me, reached under my skirt and
grabbed me by my balls. " Hello you sissy bitch, nice to see you again.", she
snarled. I was trapped and shocked, I had no idea that ladies were so mean. I
remembered how Mary had reasoned with her the last time and weakly told Lisa, "
Tyrone is my date tonight and he won't like you being mean to me." She just
laughed at me. This amazed me, the last time the mention of Tyrone's name had
worked wonders on her. She used her grip on my balls to pull me down to my
knees on the cold tile floor. She informed me, " Tyrone is busy, on our way
into the club, I saw the cops handcuffing him. He's probably on his way to jail
by now." I couldn't believe it, he always seemed so cool and composed. He
couldn't be a criminal.

Two of her friends grabbed my arms to hold me in place. Lisa tore open my
blouse exposing y new cleavage. She said, "I see you had a boob job to try to
compete with my tits. You still don't have a pussy though." Lisa took her
knife and cut my bra in several places and removed it. She put her knife to the
base of my penis and threatened, " I ought to cut this pitiful thing off, you're
not a man anyway." I was so scared that I was crying and begging for mercy.
Lisa told her friends , " Stand the sissy bitch up and strip those clothes off."
The two gals holding my arms pulled me to my feet. They removed my blouse, skirt
and petticoats and threw them into a corner of the room. I was left naked in
the ladies room and fearing for my life. These four big black women clearly
hated me and I didn't know any of them. Lisa took her knife and cut one of my
petticoats into strips of lace. She handed the strips to her friends and told
them, " Tie the sissy up, both hands and feet." The two gals tied my hands
behind my back, tied my ankles together and then tied a strip as a blindfold
around my eyes.

Lisa told them, lay the freak on the floor. They did. I was laying naked
and helpless on the cold tile floor. I felt someone writing on my chest with
something soft. Lisa squatted on my face, pulled me to her crotch and told me,
" Don't spill a drop of my nectar, or I'll cut your balls off." She ordered me,
" Open your mouth bitch." Being helpless to resist, I obeyed her. Her warm
piss flooded my mouth! I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from drowning,
thinking I would surely die from this. I counted three other ladies who emptied
their bladders on me and I was covered in piss from my hair to my legs. I
recognized Lisa's voice when she said, ' We ought to dump this freak in the
men's room and let those big bucks fuck it to death." Then she told one of her
friends, " Go to Tyrone's booth and get her coat, we'll take this thing home."
A few minutes later, they stood me up wrapped my coat around my naked, stinking
body, removed my blindfold and hustled me out the back door of the club. They
laid me in the back of their van and drove me off towards the address they's
found in my purse. They were laughing and making fun of me while we rode
towards my house.

It must have been around midnight when the coasted to a stop in front of my
house. They carried me to the front porch, removed my coat and rang the
doorbell. They quickly hurried back to their van and drove off when the porch
light came on. James came to the door and saw me laying there, naked and bound
hand and foot. He picked me up, carried me inside and stood me up. He said, "
What happened to you? You smell like a shit house rat and look like hell." I
was sobbing and couldn't answer him. Mary came into the hall and asked, " What
the hell did you get yourself into you slut? What happened to your clothes?" I
tried to answer her, but was crying so hard from the humiliation of the horrible
ordeal I had been through that I couldn't reply. James read the writing on my
chest, then said, " If you can drink their piss, you can drink mine you tramp."
He forced me to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. Mary pleaded with
him, " Please honey, I think Carla has been through enough for one night."
James snapped back, " bullshit, after all the trouble I went through to make her
worth fucking, she goes off and winds up like a well used whore." His pungent
urine filled my mouth and again I was forced to swallow a load of piss. Mary
came to my rescue. She and untied my hands and legs. She hustled me into the
bathroom, where I read backwards in the mirror, " Piss drinking slut." she put
me in the shower and turned it on full blast. I had to scrub like mad to get
the lipstick writing of my chest. When I was cleaned off, she dried my hair and
asked me to tell her what happened to me. I told her I couldn't talk about it,
but she pulled my head to her breasts and said, " Go ahead dear, it will help
you to tell me. She held me tightly as I told her everything that I had been
through since leaving the house. She helped me into a clean nightie, took me to
my room and tucked me into bed. I heard her talking softly to James as I cried
myself to sleep.

The next morning, I felt much better. I got up, fixed my makeup, brushed
my hair and went to start the coffee. When James came to get his coffee, he
told me," It's partly my fault Carla, I shouldn't have let you go out without me
being there. You are my property and I should have taken better care of you."
While he and Mary ate their breakfast, he told her, " I know Carla needs to be
with men besides me, but from now on they can come here and use her." He
laughed and added, " Who knows I might even be able to make a few bucks from her
slutty ass." I sat alone in the kitchen listening and knew that I was doomed to
be a gay whore for whoever he brought home. My boyfriend and lover was going to
prison for many years and I was trapped here.

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