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My bull moves in

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First, a little background on me and my wife. I'm a recently converted cuckold guy that has learned to love watching my wife having sex with other men. This is a fetish my wife Mandy admitted to me and I've come around to enjoy her sexual dominance and confidence. After a hooking up with a few men and not really liking taking chances with strangers, she settled into a relationship of sorts, with one man, he's 10 years younger than her, physically fit and very large in the pants. In contrast to me, he is about 8 inches and I am on the small side at about 4 inches erect. Mandy has been seeing him, now and then, for almost 2 years. He lives only 35 miles away , so it's not a long drive for my wife to go to his apartment or for him to come to our house. We live by ourselves in a rural area with a good distance between our neighbors. So, there's no nosy neighbors getting up in our business.

Fast forward to this January and o friend made my wife a proposition. He told her that his rent went way up and was not signing another lease. He needs to find another apartment and In the meanwhile, he wanted to stay with us, well with her, until he finds a place. When she told me, I thought this could be so good or it could be bad. She thought it was good because he's slept over before. OK, so he moves in. You know, I had some doubts, but, so far it's working out. Honestly, he's a good guy, he kicks in for stuff here and we all get along.

Typical work day. We all go off to work. I usually get home first. Since, I like to cook, I get dinner started. By the time Mandy gets home, I've already run the vacuum and done some laundry. She gets home, checks her face book and stuff, till dinner is ready. When Barry gets home, we all sit down for dinner. After dinner, I do my usual chores of cleaning up the dishes and stuff. Mandy and Barry go in and sit next to each other on the couch. Some nights I've come into the living room and found them making out. It really gets exciting when their clothes start coming off. My wife has very white skin with big pinkish nipples and Barry's tall muscular body really dwarfs her in size.

In the time that Barry has been living with us, he's had sex with Mandy almost every night. Nightly sex has been a regular routine that I could never keep up with. No way! They sleep in our master bedroom and I sleep in the spare room, next door. Our walls are thin, so, I can hear them fucking away, hour after hour, like energizer bunnies. My wife is a screamer, so there's no doubt about when she's having an orgasm. One night, knowing Mandy had the flu I hear a knock on my door and I open it to see Mandy in her nightgown holding a tissue to her nose. She asked me to come into our bedroom, I came into the room to see a stack of tissues by the bed and Barry laying naked in the bed. Mandy told me that she was feeling sick and wanted to see if I would take care of Barry tonight.

I looked at Barry shyly, he made eye contact with me and I uncomfortably averted my gaze first. I slowly crawled into bed between them, Mandy told me to take his cock into my hand. I usually watch them but this is the first time I've actually held his cock and was shocked at how heavy it was. I could barely wrap my hand all the way around it, so very different than holding my own. Barry caught me staring intently at his dick and put his hand on my shoulder and said gently, go ahead, cuck. I knew what he wanted, what they wanted. I looked at Mandy and she nodded and inked out a smile from behind her tissue. I placed my lips on the tip of his cock, I could barely fit the head into my mouth. How does Mandy do it, I thought to myself. That's when I felt Barry's gentle hand on my shoulder become more firm and reassuring as his hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my head. Pushing my head down on his enormous cock. I gagged slightly but he didn't relent and slowly fucked my face with his cock. My eyes were watering and I gagged as I took nearly half of his lenghth into my mouth. I began to choke as I felt the head of his huge dick pass my throat and the gag reflex went away. After a few minutes of thrusting, I felt his body clench and his other hand push down on my head as he came deep into my throat. I came up for air, sputtering and eyes watering. Looking at the both through my tears, making them both blurry. Mandy and Barry were smiling, laughing. Good job cuck, Mandy said. Now go back to your room as she ushered me out the door, handing me one of her used tissues to wipe my face. I went back to the guest room and laid out on the bed realizing that this was about Barry asserting dominance. I had invariably accepted submission to my wife's bull and it is the hottest thing I could possibly imagine. It wasn't long before this became a regular occurance, with Barry simply removing his pants and pulling out his enormous cock and I, knowing what was being asked of me drop to my knees in servitude and accepting my place.


Mandy and I still have a very romantic relationship, we have a weekly date night scheduled together, I give her flowers and massages and we still do regular PIV sex on occassion. She makes it clear that sex is a special treat to keep our romantic, emotional connection strong. Barry allows it but only with protection even though they don't use condoms together. I'm ok with our arrangement, I know that 90% of the time she would prefer to be with his larger more manly cock and I appreciate the attention that she gives me.

It's been over 4 months and other than the fact that my Mandy never seems to get a decent night's sleep and I've been doing way more laundry to keep fresh sheets on their bed, so far so good. I have a question. Would you welcome your wife's bull to live with you? How far does it go?

Posted : 11/06/2024 12:40 pm
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Well, I would not, but it depends on the level of submission you can or you want to support.

There are men who like becoming the slave of her wife, getting permanent chastity, spanking, cleaning up their wife's boyfriend apparemment or serving her wife or the couple as a maid.

It's up to you if that's what you all like.


Posted : 11/06/2024 1:35 pm
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Took me a second to realize this was in "Erotic Fiction" --- love it! A great story --- better watch out though, once a cuckold takes a cock in the mouth I feel like it isn't long until he takes one in the ass. 

Posted : 14/06/2024 1:23 pm