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My Husband, My Baby Doll

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Kelly fixated on her image in the full-length mirror, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her bra, closing her eyes and moving mentally from her role as a professional businesswoman into her role as a wife who was taking total control of her husband’s sexuality.

She ran a finger, outlining her breasts and meditating on her reflected image as she undid her slacks, let them drop to the floor and stood in her bra and panties. What she was about to do had little to do with the act of sex and much more about making a final and lasting imprint on Ryan. Power coursed through her veins and there was no turning back.

She stepped back and had a silent conversation with her naked self.

He’ll never be the same. Is that what you want?



Is that what he wants?

Yes. Remember, he doesn’t want to make the decisions.

Kelly reached in her dresser drawer and pulled out a royal blue panties and matching bra set. Then she pulled on black, thigh-high boots and grabbed a gift-wrapped present to give him. He was in the kitchen, cleaning dishes as she had instructed him, while watching videos on YouTube, showing their bikini and lingerie hauls. The video sessions of seeing the women showing off their bodies and talking about fashion were having an impact on him.

For months, Ryan had been living with his cock locked in chastity. Kelly did it to teach him a lesson after he cheated on her but she made it permanent starting in the summer with an overnight trip to the beach. She met a couple and made Ryan watch while she fucked the husband and wife.

He had gotten off on it so deeply and so emotionally that a sadistic streak entered and her plans for Ryan took on new life. She unlocked him briefly to tease him, jack him off, or run her tongue over his cock. But he hadn’t fucked her or anyone else for months.

As she strolled into the kitchen in her figure flattering bra and bikini panties, she smiled. His cock was becoming useless as he immersed himself in studying women and their femininity. That was exactly what she wanted.

“Hi, hon.” Kelly walked to Ryan and slowly ran her hands over his shoulders and neck while he stood at the sink. He was naked, except for a pair of briefs he was wearing. “Tell me what you’re learning.”

He kept his eye on the computer monitor perched on the counter top as a woman with extra wide hips and ample breasts held up a string bikini, and in the next shot, showed how it fit perfectly over her tits and ass.

“Clothing should be cute and frilly,” he said.

“Mmm, yes, so important to a woman. What else?” asked Kelly, she held his arm near her thighs.

“Coverage over the ass or having the bikini up high over the hips is important, too.” He rinsed the last plate, put it in the dishwasher and turned to his wife.

“Yes, babe.” Kelly smiled. “You’re so attentive.”

“Feeling how the halter top supports the tits and type of material are highlights the women talk about.”

Kelly also made Ryan log on to lingerie videos and had him talk through a Peek-a-Boo nightie, teddy and crotchless panties. But not from the standpoint of a man getting off on attractive women, but so he could learn how women of all shapes and sizes looked and felt lovely.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Kelly smiled. She could feel the stirrings in her pussy, the tingling of a turn-on and how excited she was that the man she called her husband was growing fascinated and learning about women’s fashion.

“I am, yes, sweetheart.”

Kelly smiled, giggled, told Ryan to get a small salad plate and then held his hand and led him into the family room. “I’ve always liked it when you call me ‘sweetheart.’ Loved it, in fact. But who am I to you now? What did we talk about?”

Ryan hesitated. “You’re my Mistress.”

“That’s right.”

“This is serious, isn’t it?”

Kelly ran her hands over Ryan’s ass as they stood near the sofa. “You’re right, it’s serious. I’ve thought about it a long time, darling, and I can tell how my sexuality has evolved and I’m ready to explore fully and completely.”

Just a week earlier, Kelly had spent the weekend out of town being fucked and overpowered by a Bull Dom. She loved it and wanted more and knew she could never get the same from Ryan, but she wasn’t a total submissive. Her own submission was made deeper and more satisfying by taking control of someone else.

She pointed to the sofa and the small, gift-wrapped package. “I have a present for you.”

“Thank you, hon. Er, Mistress.” Ryan sat on the sofa and took the package.

“Yes, I’m your mistress.”

He fingered the wrapping paper and slowly ran a finger through the crease. His hands trembled and he took a breath as though he was handling something as dangerous and explosive as dynamite.

Kelly noticed the heat coursing through him. “Do you like it?”

He sighed. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you for this gift.” He held them up.

A pair of royal blue panties that Kelly had searched for, ones to fit him as best she could.

“Put them on, doll baby,” she said, sitting by Ryan, producing a key and working to loosen the cage that held his cock captive. “I like that nickname for you.”

“Oh, my God.” He gasped. Both the sensation of being out of the cage and the idea of exchanging his man’s boxers for ever-so-feminine panties was overwhelming. He pulled off his briefs and for a moment stood naked while he took the panties, lifted them up and slid one leg, then the other and pulled them up snugly over his thighs.

“Feel your ass,” Kelly said.

Ryan did, and wondered about a square area.

“This is so cute. It’s Velcro, see.” Kelly undid it and stroked her fingers inside, caressing Ryan’s ass. “So I can undo this and fuck you with my toy while you’re on your knees.” Kelly sidled up to Ryan, wrapping one leg around his and pressing her thigh against his throbbing cock. “You’re becoming my cute little sissy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“In fact, you’ll be my lesbian lover, darling. But I don’t see that you’ll ever be my husband again.” She kissed his body and whispered in his ear.

“What do you mean?”

“We talked about it, remember? Exchanging our marriage for an ownership contract so that you’re living and working to serve me as my property.” Kelly smiled.

Ryan was taking it all in, his eyes dancing with wonderment.

“Model them for me, just like you’re the woman in a bikini haul video on YouTube.” Kelly sat on the sofa, spread her legs and ran a finger along her pussy. Heat was smoldering in her as Ryan turned one way, then another, with movements that were surprisingly graceful. “That’s so hot.”

He was becoming feminized, sissified and Kelly was loving every moment. She reached beneath the sofa cushions and pulled out another surprise — a silicone dildo that fit nicely inside her vagina without the need for a strap. She also grabbed a small bottle of lubricant and had him put the plate on the floor.

“I want to fuck you, baby doll,” she said to Ryan, running her hands over his cock that was throbbing through the fabric. “On the floor, now, with your ass in the air. Straddle the plate.”

He obeyed and she made sure the plate was beneath his cock.

“You’re going to come on the plate and then eat it.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She opened the Velcro back end so she had access to his ass. She then pulled her panties to the side, slid one end of the dildo inside, lubed the other end and lubed Ryan’s ass as well. “Feel it, take it in.”

She half squatted for the best angle and slowly moved the tip into his ass. He groaned.

“Take a breath, baby doll,” she said, continuing to move it deeper until it was inside. She pulled back slowly and then went in deeper as Ryan sighed. He reached for his cock but Kelly slapped his ass.

“Don’t you touch without my permission.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She didn’t want him to come since she wanted his torment to last as long as possible. But he deserved it and who knew when she would let him out again. Kelly pulled back again and then thrust in deeper and harder.

Ryan cried out with pleasure. “Oh, yes.” He tossed his head back and while Kelly kept fucking him, harder and harder, his breathing grew rapid and his moans sounded much more feminine than they did masculine.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he blurted. “Thank you, yes, please fuck me.”

“I am, darling,” said Kelly, thrusting harder in her dominance. “You totally belong to me. None of this equal shit. I own you, I control you. Every part of your life.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Ryan gasped and panted.

The dildo was working nicely against her clit, sparking amazing and erotic vibrations. Kelly’s imagination exploded the more she kept fucking. “I want to show you off to other women and men, teach you how to apply make-up.”

Ryan cried out. “Let me come, please.”

The sound touched Kelly. “Yeah, stroke. It’s your clitoris, remember that. It’s no longer your cock.”

Ryan reached beneath and held his erection while Kelly kept fucking faster and faster. Soon, her insides were totally lit and she yelled out, “You’re a fucking sissy. My sissy. My property.”

Her words echoed through the room and penetrated Ryan deeply as he cried out, “Yes,” in agreement. He stroked and soon shot cum onto the plate, a powerful stream while he groaned and shuddered.

Kelly continued fucking until one wave of bliss after another washed over her and took her into a headspace where her thoughts went blank and nothing else mattered.

She removed the dildo and collapsed onto Ryan, her legs entwined around his with her tits pressing nicely in the bra against his body. She kissed him around the shoulders and neck. “Okay, now lick the plate.”

Ryan turned on his hands and knees and glanced at the cum.

“Do it.”

He leaned forward, licked it off slowly and cleaned the plate as Kelly ordered.

“Good, darling,” she cooed. “Good baby doll.” She laughed. “We need to come up with a lovely new name to reflect your sissy-ness.” She settled with him for several minutes and after catching her breath and regaining her composure stood and helped Ryan to his feet.

“I have something else to show you,” she said.

“You do?”

“Yes.” She took his hand and led him past their bedroom, past the bathroom and to the guest room. “I know you’ve been through a lot today, but this will be your room from now on.” The bedroom was going to be hers, totally and completely. “I’ll have you sleep with me when I want, darling. Or if you really need to be next to me, but as I’ve said, I see changes and I want those changes so badly.”

Ryan stood, naked, his cock mostly soft, glancing around the room which was half the size of the master bedroom. Both excitement and pain creased his face.

“I love you so much, Ryan,” said Kelly. “You know I do. But my sexuality is simply taking off in new and powerful directions.”

He agreed. “And is so mine.” He looked at her. “May I hug you?”

“Thank you for asking,” she said. “On your knees first.”

He knelt, Kelly stood by him and he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her tummy. “I’ll miss being your husband, but I’m also intrigued by being your property.”

“Yes, darling, me too.”

He looked up at her and smiled. “A new name for me just came to mind: Lexie. I think it’s cute and sexy.”

Kelly smiled and gently ran her fingers through his hair. “Lexie. Yes, very cute. Good girl. Now get your panties on and next time you’ll wear make-up for me.”

He nodded as he stood. “Yes, Mistress.”

Posted : 29/11/2022 3:36 pm