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My new cuckold

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These nylons are hard to pull up. Can you see the line down the back? My grandmother wore nylons like these back in the fifties. Let me get this garter hook snapped. There! I’m done with the hard part!

Here comes my hubby, Roger with my heels. I think I’ll tease him with my feet! He loves me so much. He’s kissing me and I’m playfully shoving him away. He’s still not dressed. He’s been running around the house all afternoon naked. He’s been stroking his cock and playing with his balls.

I’ve got my foot resting on his balls. He’s playing with his little cock. No. I’m not making fun of him. He enjoys the way I tease and humiliate him. I’d never do it with anyone around.

You see. We’re swingers. Well. At least I’m a swinger and Roger loves to watch.

I’ve invited Jerry over for a little party this afternoon. Grandma just picked up the girls this morning and I’ve been preparing myself for Jerry since noon.


You know. I took a nice hot bath and completely shaved my legs and thighs. They’re nice and smooth. I trimmed my pussy for Jerry the way he likes to see it. Jerry loves red nail polish. I had Roger paint both my toe nails and finger nails for Jerry.

I don’t know what it is about black men but they love seeing us white women in red polish. Oh�.I forgot! He loves seeing my legs spread up in the air waiting for that thick black cock.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself here. You see. Jerry is black and he’s my regular black stud. I call him whenever I need to be satisfied by a real cock. It’s not that I don’t love my husband. It was Roger’s idea in the first place.

I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t I want a huge white cock? There are plenty of those for us slut wives to go around. Isn’t there? I suppose one of those would be nice. It just wouldn’t be the same.

I have pale white skin and I’m a natural redhead. You just don’t know what it’s like to be on your back looking down at a huge thick black cock spreading your married white pussy until you tried it.

I’ve had Roger hold my hand mirror behind my ass just so I could see how my pussy stretched and gripped Jerry’s thick cock. It fits inside me like a tight rubber band locked around a wooden shaft.

Jerry does me so good! I can feel every bump on his cock as he slowly moves it in and out. He drives me wild with passion.

I’m still teasing Roger at the moment. I’m tickling his balls with my feet. Wait a minute while I stop him from jacking off!

You stop that right now otherwise you’ll have to stand in the closet again while Jerry’s here young man!

He’s stopping. I just hate it when he jacks off before Jerry arrives. I really want him to enjoy the experience. You guys know what I’m talking about. I love watching the expression on Roger’s face as Jerry takes me. I know his balls are churning and he wants to cum.

Don’t think I haven’t warned him plenty of times. I saw one of those chastity tubes on the internet and I might just order one to keep Roger from playing with himself until he’s permitted. I don’t really want to do that to Roger. I prefer having mental control over him rather than depend on a device like I mentioned.

This all started early this year when Roger pointed out a web site called Desperate White Wives. There were stories written by a real housewife named Karen Kay. She writes wonderful interracial stories. Roger got me hooked on reading every story that Karen posted.

We’d fantasize and we are pretty much open about everything when we talk. Roger told me his fantasy to see me with another man. He was referring to a black man of course. I sort of laughed at the idea at first until we went on Karen’s site and ordered a few of her movies.

Roger and I fantasized and played out our fantasy almost every night after the girls were tucked into bed. He’d pretend I was meeting another man and would fuck me until he came. He’s spread my legs and lick out his own seed as I encouraged him.

We’d really get into it and I’d pull on his hair telling him to lick out every drop otherwise I’d make him sleep in the guest room. Aren’t I nasty? Roger just loved it and the more I humiliated him the more he’s shows his love toward me.

I’ve got so much new jewelry since first meeting Jerry that I can change bracelets every time I go out on a date! Yes, I date Jerry. We go out to clubs or sometimes just back to his place and fuck. Roger will be home watching the girls and I’ll call him on the phone and tell him what’s going on.

I usually wait until I’m riding Jerry and allow Roger to listen as Jerry pounds my pussy. He’ll wait patiently on the phone until we’re finished. I’ll wait until Roger begs me to come home with Jerry’s seed inside me. I’ll sometimes laugh and tease him.

I’ll threaten to spend the night with Jerry which I have on several occasions. It wasn’t my fault! Roger jacked off one night while he begged me to come home. I told him he was a bad boy for not waiting until I gave him permission so I punished him that night.

Your wives will understand once you’ve been in my position. Just imagine yourself straddling your black lover’s thick black cock in a chair. Your black lover is holding onto your ass while you slowly ride his cock.

You’re rotating your hips and squeezing your pussy. You know, flexing those muscles and making him want you more! Your arms are hanging over the back of the chair as your lover sucks on your breasts.

You look down and see those thick black lips gently sucking on each hard pink nipple while you press the fast dial on your cell phone. Your black lover is doing such a great job on your boobs that you can hardily bring the cell phone up to your ear.

You can faintly hear your husband’s voice saying hello as you press your chest into your black lovers face. He’s holding your ass tight as you move yourself up and down. You can hear the wet sound of his cock as it slowly makes its way back into your pussy.

He’s in all the way as you finally answer your husband. You moan into the phone as you say hello. You can feel that black cock touching your cervix. He’s inside your womb as you breathe heavily into the phone.

You hear hubby’s voice on the other end. Honey Is that you baby. Will you be home soon? Honey..Are you still there?

Yes baby, I’m still here!

That’s all you get out as you slowly move your body up and down that black shaft. Your lover stops sucking your nipples and leans his head to look into your eyes. He’s getting into listening to you speak with your husband as you ride his cock.

You try to moan a few things to hubby as you lean down and kiss your lover. He’s kissing you back passionately as you suck his tongue. You almost drop the cell phone but hang on as you lick his lips. A few more gentle pecks and you’re back trying to speak with hubby.

Your lover is moving you faster now as you speak. Your husband knows what’s going on and listens as you have an orgasm. You practically scream into the phone as you cum for your lover.

He’s moving you fast now as you hear him grunt than groan out loud. You feel it shooting inside hitting your cervix. Thankfully you’re on the pill. Your cuckold is home whacking off as he listens to you being satisfied by your lover.

It’s finally over. You speak clearly to your husband. You tell him you’ll be home shortly. You hang up and slowly position yourself so your lover can flip you over. He’s retrieving your panties. You lift your legs and slip them on trying to hold your lovers seed inside.

It’s a long drive home, perhaps an hour. You feel your lover’s seed leaking out. You drive up to your garage and make your way into the house. Hubby is waiting with open arms. He backs you against the sofa and you fall back. He hurriedly slips off your soaked panties and watch him sniff them.

Within seconds, he’s buried his face between your thighs. You feel his tongue working its way inside your pussy. You accommodate him by raising your legs and spreading them apart. He brings you to three wonderful orgasms before it’s all said and done!

You walk into the bedroom as your husband follows. He’s begging you to allow him to fuck you at this point. You try to explain to him that you’re exhausted and sore but he’ll have no part of that!

You finally give in and tell him to hurry. You’re on your back while he straddles your legs. He’s in and you can hardily feel it. You’re still stretched and gaped open from your black lover’s thick cock. You pretend to enjoy it as your husband shoot’s his load.

You’ve satisfied your husband for one more night. Don’t think he’s through yet. He’ll be begging you to call your lover the next morning and make arrangements for another date!

This should be a good lesson for all of you wives out there that are thinking about cheating on your husband. Don’t do it! The key here is good communication. You might just learn and find out you have a husband at home just like mine. Yes ladies, you can have your cake and eat it to!

Roger’s slipping on my heels now. Jerry will be here soon. We have it all planned. Jerry wants to bang me on the sofa while Roger holds my hand. Roger’s going to take digital shots of this. He makes me laugh. He explained how he is going to set the camera on a tripod and get in every picture. He has a remote and will be able to click at will.

I can’t wait to see this! Roger will be too preoccupied to think about that remote button. Let’s see, Roger is just about done with the second heel. I don’t think I’ll wear a dress. I’ll just greet jerry at the door like this. I have on a garter belt with black stockings with the little line in the back and my fuck me pumps!

I’m driving Roger insane with this perfume I just applied. The door bell! I better go now!

Jerry’s holding and kissing me. Hubby makes us a drink as we sit down on the sofa. Jerry has his arm around me. We soon find ourselves kissing as Jerry pushes me back along the sofa. It’s leather so I don’t have to worry about any stains.


Roger reminds me of a honey bee tending to its nest as he stands next to the sofa watching and making sure I’m comfortable.

Jerry inserting his cock inside me now as Roger holds my hand. I’m lucky. Roger and Jerry get along like brothers. Roger has a hold of my ankle as Jerry pounds my pussy.

He’s clicking the damn camera! I can’t believe he’s actually remembered. You’ll see everything! Hurray!

I had to stop for a moment as Jerry banged my pussy. He just shot his load into me and Roger is ready to go down between my legs. He’s kissing me first. There he goes. His tongue feels good.

I just had two intense orgasms on Roger’s tongue. He wants to fuck me now. Here we go again. This won’t last long..I told you! He just came.!

I think I’ll just lay my head back here on the arm of the sofa for a while! I’m such a lucky married slut aren’t I?

Remember what I told you ladies! Communication is the key to a successful marriage! You don’t have to cheat on you husband! If you’re lucky you’ll find yourself with more cock than you can ever imagine!

Posted : 02/12/2022 11:03 am