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No Good Deed

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They say that no good deed goes unpunished. I am here to tell you that this is true. It happened to me.

My name is Mohan. My heritage is Indian but my upbringing was pure Americana. Born and raised in Houston, Texas I was a part of the third generation of my family to live here in America. I took part in the important festivals and traditions of my community but my day to day life was USA all the way. I didn't even know Hindi. To look at me though you would have sworn I was fresh off the plane from Delhi. Dark skinned, neatly worn short black hair, just over five and a half feet tall, and bit on the skinny side. I was good looking enough but I didn't exactly stand out among my peers.

My girlfriend, Eesha, was also Indian in ancestry. She was a second generation child and that much closer to her roots. She knew the language and understood the customs far better than I, which pleased my parents to no end. She also happened to be a bronze skinned goddess! A kind and sweet face. Long flowing black hair that cascaded to well below her round ample butt. Dark mysterious eyes that seemed to be bottomless. She was just five foot two and had the voluptuous figure eight figure of a Bollywood starlet. I knew the stars had aligned for me to meet a woman like this and there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't thank the heavens for my great luck.

Together we shared an apartment in Austin near the University of Texas main campus, where we were both students. College life thus far had been wonderful. Lots of new friends and exciting new experiences. There were new pressures as well, the biggest of which was the attention and popularity Eesha was gaining due to her looks. But outside of a little innocent flirting she hadn't given me reason to worry.

Anyways, onto my good deed.


One day my parents call me up to inform me that my friend Arjun was moving to Austin for a job with a construction company. Arjun had wanted to make the move on his own but his parents reached out to my parents to see if I could help him settle in. My parents oh so graciously volunteered our spare bedroom for a month or two as Arjun found his feet in his new town. I could have said no, theoretically, but in reality I had little choice. Besides, while he wasn't a close friend, he was a friend and I was glad to help him out if I could. I spoke to Eesha then phoned my parents back to tell them it would be okay as long as it was no longer than two months. And with that act of kindness I sewed the seeds of my own downfall.

Arjun showed up at our door five days later with just a long stuff sack held up on his wide shoulder and huge duffel bag held in his other hand. The sinewy muscles of his thick tanned forearm flexed as he gripped the duffel bag's handle. His tight t shirt hugged the shape of his impressive pecs then went loose down toward his tapered waist. He wore shorts and sandals, which showed off his well defined calves. At six foot two he towered over both of us. It was truly a body that fit with the legendary inspiration of his name.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice my girlfriend take him in with a long hard look up and down his muscular frame.

His boyishly handsome face smiled bright as he greeted us. "Mohan! Eesha!"

I wave him inside. "Arjun, welcome to Austin."

We show him to his room where we already had a simple cot set up for him. He tosses down his belongings and looks around the small room with a nod. "This'll do." He turns to us. "Thank you guys. This means a lot."

We shrug it off as if it was no big deal. "We made you keys. They're on the kitchen table." Eesha says. "Come on, sit down." She beckons us to follow her into the living room. "It's been so long. How have you been?"

We make our way to the living room, Eesha gets us some drinks, and the three of us catch up. We talk about about the old days and what our current lives were like. We learn that he'd been hired on as an assistant foreman for a big construction job downtown. It paid well and was a big jump in responsibility, it was an opportunity he just couldn't pass up. We assured him that we understood and that he was welcome here until he got himself established.

He asks us. "Any rules I should know about?"

I shrug. "I dunno. Just...don't be an asshole."

He then cuts straight to the point. "And girls? Can I bring girls back here?"

Eesha giggles. "Oh my! Ha ha ha! Are you expecting to meet any?"

He shoots her a wink. "Always. So how about it?"

Eesha and I look at each other. "Erm, I guess so. I mean this is your home to for the next few weeks."

"Great!" He says. "You guys are the best."

The trouble starts the very next day.

We don't even see Arjun in the morning. His job started very early and, this being his first day, he wanted to be extra punctual in order to make a good impression. Eesha and I go about our morning routine as we would any other day. We go to classes then afterward meet to walk home together. Just another day. When we get back Arjun's work boots are at the door but he is still nowhere to be seen. Eesha jokes that he must be out chasing down girls already. We share a laugh then start deciding on dinner.

It is only ten minutes later we hear our roommate walk through door. We look to see him sweaty and flush from activity. His thin white t shirt clung to his body. "You guys didn't tell me the building had a gym. A nice one too."

"Oh...yeah, sorry. I've never really been down there." I say.

"You should check it out Mo." He bring his right arm up to give us a bicep pose. "You could do with some meat on your bones." Eesha ooo's at the bulging bicep and he shoots her a wink again.

"How was your first day at work?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"Incredible. The guys there are great. I think this was a great decision coming here."

"That is wonderful to hear Arjun." My girlfriend says. What follows is a strange tense moment of silence between the three of us.

Arjun finally, mercifully, breaks it. "Hey. I'm gonna shower then I'll be out of your hair for the night." With that he ducks into his room then over to the shower.

I chuckle humorlessly as I measure rice into the cooker. "Pff. Meat on my bones. What a muscle head."

"He he he. Yeah." Eesha says. "Although...we do have the gym for free..."

I flex my own scrawny arm and quip. "What? Mess with perfection?"

We share a good laugh and work at making our meal.

Twenty minute later we are at the table just getting ready to eat when Arjun makes another appearance. Eesha is the first to see him. I immediately notice her cheeks darken and her eyes widen. I turn in my chair to see him stepping into the kitchen wearing only a towel around his waist. His broad chest, his six pack abs, almost his whole chiseled physique there to be ogled.

"Hey, I was talking to some guys at work. They said Barcelona was good club. What do you guys think?" Then with a naughty cock of his eyebrow he adds. "Where do college hotties hang out?"

I roll my eyes. "That's not really our scene. I don't know honestly."

He shrugs. "Huh. Thought I'd ask." He turns and casually walks back out again.

When I turn around Eesha's eyes locked on her plate but the blush is still very much coloring her cheeks. A pang of jealousy grips my chest. I clear my throat to break the silence. "Can you believe this guy?" I point back over my shoulder. She laughs nervously and the pair of us dig into our meals.

I was never so happy as to hear Arjun bid us good night then hear the door close behind him.

The evening passes. Some homework, a movie on Netflix, then we smoke a little weed and listen to music before turning in. Our new roommate wasn't even home yet as we turned out the light. I foolishly thought then that with him working early and partying late that we might barely notice he was here.

That night I am awoken by a nudge to my arm. I rub my eyes and open them. I could see it was still dark out. Looking to the clock I see it is just past two in the morning! I look over at Eesha, her face just visible from the glow of a streetlight outside.

"What?" I grumble. "What's wrong?"

She laughs and whispers very softly. "Arjun's home."

"Hm? So?"

She titters again. "He brought someone home. Listen."



I was wondering why she was being so quiet but as I listen it becomes clear. Since we had moved in to this place we hadn't once had company over in the other bedroom. What a time to learn that our apartment's interior walls had the sound proofing of a sheet of newspaper!

There are low hums and the rustling directly against the wall beside us. Arjun not only had brought someone home, he had her on his little cot just a foot away from us.

"Mmmm...nmmmm..." A woman's voice hums.

"Oh my god." I face palm. "I'll go ask him to keep it down."

"No!" Eesha whispers with another laugh. "No, let them be. He he he."

I look at her. Her big dark eyes twinkled in the dim light. She was enjoying this! I cannot help but smile. Lowering my voice to the level of hers I whisper back. "You little voyeur!"

She surprises me with a hard deep kiss. She was more than enjoying this, this was getting her excited. As we part I feel her hot breath on my face. "Shhhh. Don't make a sound."

We lay embraced in each other's arms and listen in to what was going on next door. My heart beat in my chest, I felt like a naughty child looking at porn on my parents computer or something. We snuggle together and stifle our giggles.

"Mmmmm...ohmmm..." The wall is so thin we can actually hear the smack of their lips between their long kisses. I imagine some heavy petting is going on as well. "Mmmmm."

Then comes an unfamiliar voice. A woman's voice, sounded like a white woman's voice but it was obviously impossible to tell. Her words were slurred and she spoke in the too loud tone of a drunk person trying to be quiet. "Ohhmm...oh Archie...mmmm!"

Eesha clamps a hand over her mouth to stop from guffawing out loud. "Archie?" She titters.

We hear Arjun's deep voice respond. "That's it Jennifer. Mmmm, fuck you got a nice body baby. Mmmmm."

Eesha's hand pulls at me as she sighs. "God this is hot!" Sliding that same hand around she reaches down she slips it into my boxer shorts!

"Eesha!" I gasp.

She had a huge smile on her face as starts to massage my package. "Shhhh."

Beside us we hear more activity. The creaky little cot sounded out their every shift and movement. "Come on baby, suck my cock." We hear Arjun say.

"Ohh!" Eesha sighs, her hand picks up speed in her arousal. I fill my hand with her breast and squeeze. My girlfriend arches her back.

There is more movement next door...then a moment of silence. We wait in breathless anticipation.

The next thing we hear is Jennifer's sudden gasp. "Oh! Holy shit! Holy shit Archie! You weren't kidding."

Eesha and I freeze and stare at each other, both of us wondering what that was about.

Arjun chuckles. "Less talking, more sucking."

"Mmmmrmmmm." The sound of this Jennifer with a mouth full of Arjun comes through the wall. For a time we just listen to the hums and slurps of an eager blowjob.

Taking her cue from what was happening just beside us my lovely Eesha starts kissing her way down my bare chest. Ohh! This was really getting interesting now! I lay on my back and let my girlfriend pull down my shorts. I stifle a moan as I feel her warm wet mouth encompass my already nearly hard member. It takes no time at all until I am at full mast. Eesha had a wonderful way of taking my 5.1 inch manhood all the way in then bat it back and forth with her tongue. Her right hand continues to massage my balls.

"Hahhhhhhhh!" I sigh as quietly as I can.

"GRRRMMMM!" Arjun's deep voice rumbles beside me as he enjoyed a very similar experience.

I was smiling. This was so naughty. This was so fun! My smile quickly fades however.

There is a fleshy pop and Jennifer lets out a gasp. "Oh my god you're big one! Are all you Indian boys hung like this?"

I hear Eesha take in a sharp breath through her nose. She stops what she was doing to listen more closely.

"He he he!" Arjun lets out a mischievous laugh. "Oh yeah. All of us."

"I can't even get my... JESUS!"

"Shhhh!" He shushes her. "Come on, climb aboard baby."

The squeak and rustle of Jennifer moving up to ride our roommate follows. There is a moment's hesitation before Eesha follows suit. I was starting to second guess this little game we were playing but she still seemed into it so I play along. Eesha wriggles out of her panties then straddles my thin body. Reaching down between her legs she guides me with a practiced hand into her hot slick sex.

"...ohhhhhhhh..." We both sigh in unison.

Next door. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...OHHHHHHHHH!"

More laughing from Arjun. "Shhhh!"

In a loud whisper Jennifer replies. "Oh my god! Oh my god! You're not even...all the way...unghhhhhhhhh!" There is moment of silence and then. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Holy shit...unghhhhh...don't move...don't move...unghhhhhh!"

Eesha sat on top of me but was momentarily still. We were staring at each other in stunned silence, curious what we would hear next.

Jennifer lets out a long breath. "Uhhhhh... Okay, okay. Go slow. God Archie! You're stretching me out! Holy fuck!"

"Arjun must be so big." Eesha whispers the obvious. "Oh my! How big do you think...?" She lets the question fade.

I grumble but keep my voice down. "She's just stroking his ego."

I see Eesha's grin light up in the near dark. "You think so?"

"For sure."

"Huh." She didn't seem convinced.

Leaning down onto me she begins to ride me, slow and easy as her heavy breasts brush over my chest. My hands explore up and down her soft body. She felt every bit as good as ever and we settle into a nice steady rhythm.

"Mmmmm." I hum quietly. Eesha is silent and seemed intent on listening.

Beside us things were just picking up. "Unghhhh...nghhhhh..." Jennifer moans in what sounds like mixture of pleasure and pain. "...GNGHHH!!!"

Arjun's smug, almost patronizing, voice can just be heard. "You took it all, good girl!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh shit Archie. Guhhhh...ouch...gnghhhh...owww!" There is a sudden rustle of movement and a gasp of relief. "Ohhh shit baby, sorry. I can't go that deep."

There is the sound of a kiss then Arjun's voice. "It's alright, I'm used to it."

Eesha was looking toward the wall as she continued to slowly ride me. "Wow, he must have hit her cervix." She whispers. The way she said it I wasn't sure if it was to me or herself.

We hear Jennifer giggle. "Whoo, you sure can fill a girl up!"

"We fucking or are we talking?" Arjun grumbles. "I have work tomorrow. If we're fucking, let's fuck."

It is hard not to notice Eesha's downward thrusts become just a bit faster and just a bit harder. Was that in response to the way he spoke just then? One thing was for sure, she was far more interested on what was happening across the wall than under her. I suddenly felt like a human dildo.

There are a series of more giggles, moans, groans, and creaking springs before we hear our roommate and this girl he picked up settle into a rhythm of their own. From the little comments we could tell she was still riding him just like Eesha was with me. It is not long before the previously strained and pained sighs of Jennifer transform into ones of bliss.

"Ohhhhh! OHHH! Ohhhhhh Archie!"

Eesha's fingers dig into my shoulders and we are both breathing heavy and struggling to keep our voices down. She was wetter than I could ever remember, quite obviously getting off on what was happening. I held her soft curved hips and tried to establish my will but she was having none of it. She matching the pace set by the creaking cot stroke for stroke.

Ohhh fuck...ohhh fuck...this was feeling good. Real good. The kinkiness of our voyeuristic little game giving the sex an extra kick of spice. I blink my eyes and clench my jaw and try to focus on tamping down my fast rising passion. I set the goal in my mind then...I wouldn't let Mr perfect body get the better of me. It sounded like he was big, but I would show Eesha I could at least outlast him!

"Auhhhhhh! Unhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Every thrust next door elicited a throaty moan from the bar star Arjun had brought home no matter how many times he tried to shush her. "Ohhhmmmm! Uhhhhnnnngggg!"

As Jennifer sped up so too did Eesha. My girlfriend was letting out little grunts and snorts I was unaccustomed to hearing. Almost feral sounding. I could just make her wide wild eyes as she rode me like never before.

"Ohhh...shit...slow down Eesha..." I grunt as quietly as I could. She ignores me.

I grip her sides, I try to shift, I try to do anything I could to slow her down, but she keeps on riding and grinding and ramming her weight down onto me in perfect rhythm our lustful neighbors.

"Gaohhhhh! Ohhhh Jesus! Sooo big...soo deeeep! Oh God! Aohhhhhhhh!" Jennifer was already on the verge of cumming...and so was I!

Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!

I am desperate. "Slow down...nmmmmmmmmmm!" My muscles are tensing as I try to hold off the inevitable.

"AAAOOHHHHHHHHH!!!" Jennifer climaxes like a banshee!

"Slow down!" I plead, my voice covered by Jennifer's cries of release. "Slow down! Eesha! Fuckin...I can't...GUNGHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!"

It hits me like a lightning bolt from the clear blue sky. Something about all of this just set me off beyond my control. I buck and groan as I empty my balls inside my girlfriend's wet warm snatch. "MMMMMMMMM!" It was a big one, one of those nuts that curled your toes! in every single other time before this...what would happen is that Eesha would gradually slow down and we would fall straight into a round of gentle cuddles. This was anything but normal. Eesha actually seemed...frustrated! Her nails dig into my shoulders and she continues to ride me hard.

" yet...come on!" I hear her grunting under her breath as she grinds into me with unfulfilled desperation.

"Gnnnghhhhh!" I groan, pleasure had become discomfort as I entered the ultra sensitive refractory period. "Unghh...stop...ahhhhh...stop baby. Unnnnhhh!"

She gives it up and I watch her shoulders sag. "Whoooo...I was so close. You were quick tonight." She whispers in transparent annoyance. Rising up she squeezes my five and a bit spent inches from her creamy pussy with a wet flop. She slides down to lie down beside me. I go to move to try to keep our passion going. I could finger her or even eat her out if I absolutely had to, though the thought of my seed being there now turned my stomach, but she stopped me and cuddled up against me in our usual post coitus snuggle. While her arms were around me her attention was still very much focused on the wall beside us.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHHHH!" Jennifer let out moans of continued ecstasy. She'd come down the other side of her climax and Arjun was still going strong. Hell, if anything, he was picking up the pace!

"Sorry about that..." I begin to whisper.

She quickly shushes me. "Shhhh!" She cuddles in closer. "Listen to them go! Wow!"

My cheeks burn with humiliation as we lay there in silence and listen to our well endowed roommate fuck climax after climax out of his one night stand.

Eesha's occasional comments make it all the worse. "He must be very big." "He is strong, listen to how hard they are going." "Arjun's still going! That's amazing." "Arjun is a very manly lover." "He he he, listen to that! Poor Jennifer." And other such observations. She didn't have a cruel tone yet each word of praise toward Arjun felt like a double edged dig of belittlement toward myself.

"They're obviously faking it." I grumble when I could stand no more.


"I don't know why but he put this woman up to it and..."

"He he he." Eesha buries her face into my chest. "You're jealous! He he he! You're actually jealous! Faking it? That's ridiculous, listen to them."

"HOAHHHHHHHHH!!!" As if on cue Jennifer moans with a wild passion.

My body tenses up I turn my head from Eesha. She chuckles and strokes my cheek. "You ARE jealous! Oh Mohan, don't be like that."

"Mrrmm." I grumble.

"You silly silly boy." She hugs me tighter. "You have nothing to be jealous of. You men and your fragile egos."

I felt a modicum better until...

"So Arjun is an excellent lover, how does that affect us in any way? Don't be so insecure."


We both fall quiet as the thumping and squeaking beside us hit a fever pitch.

Whump! Whump! Whump!

The rickety cot we'd set out for our roommate slams into the wall in a hard steady beat.

"OHHHHH! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH!!!" Jennifer's lewd unbridled caterwauling had to have been heard in the suites all around ours.

"RRRR! RRRRRR!! RRRRRRRR!!!" Arjun's own baritone growls now could be heard as well as he built up to the moment of release.

"Oh my goodness!" Eesha gasps in something approaching awe.

"UNGHHHHHHHH!!!" Arjun's masculine groan punctuates a sudden stop of the pounding.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer moans. "Ohhhh fuuuuuuck!"

The place goes quiet for a time before we hear our roomie let out a very satisfied hum. "Mmmmmm. Oh yeah. That was great babe."

"...ohhhhhhhh..." Jennifer whines her response. "Ohhh myyyy god! That was...was...ohhhhhhhhhh!"

"Shit we were loud." He then speaks up, obviously addressing us. "Sorry guys!"

I am stunned at the sudden attention but Eesha calls right back. "He he he! It's okay Arjun!"

Jennifer, Eesha, and Arjun all start laughing as I continue to blush. So much for any hope of just pretending that didn't happen.

As we hear Jennifer and Arjun quiet down to whisper post coital sweet nothings to one another Eesha is still giggling. "He's so funny."

"Yeah..." I quip humorlessly. "...hilarious."

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