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Submit to your cuckold desire

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Desire is like energy. It can’t ever be destroyed, merely moved from one thing to another. Erotic desire is our fantasies come to life. Though we may choose to acknowledge them out loud, or keep them nestled and hidden within the closet of our minds. Erotic desire is what we’re here about. Singles have desires for themselves as well for others, married couples, too, have desires not just for themselves or for each other, but as well of togetherness.

Desire never dies. It might wan, but never does it extinguish like a light. Matter of fact, there’s stuff we do on a daily basis, whether conscious or unconscious, that seems to awaken it. Brings it out of the closet to the forefront of our minds. It’ll be best understood to illustrate this by using couples.

The way a husband admires his wife tends to fade over the years. Especially as they’ve entered their middle-age years and beyond, with the kids all grown up and gone. That is usually the fermenting period where most husbands’ closet-hidden desires and fantasies tend to want to break free from their cells. For most husbands, they tend to become confused, wondering whatever might have instigated such happenings. They can’t imagine that such desires have for years and years been percolating in the back of their minds, unaware of how strong such desires have gotten to be. It begs them to wonder that years before, they could actually stash away such thoughts with ease . . . but this time, it’s becoming far stronger. More like a tough wrestling opponent who’s somehow figured how to break down their defense walls and move to grasp the jugular of their minds.

The effect of such desires, once they begin to take hold of the husband’s mind, is interesting. For one, the hubby takes on the role of a third-person and starts imagining/pretending that he isn’t actually married to his wife. That instead, she belongs to someone else. Someone who’s more than capable to handle her in bed, stimulate her erotic senses in ways her real husband can’t. The image only makes a change when the man finishes with the wife and then returns her back to her husband as if for safe-keeping till whenever he decides to show up next time.

Once this first effect had taken shape, a second effect comes about which is Withdrawal: the husband starts having less sex with the wife, preferring more the inclination to perform foreplay on her instead. He starts giving her as much bed space as he can, carrying the idea that her actual lover would be dropping by any minute.


The third effect that comes to play is Deference: The husband takes a subtle step backward from the wife, and allows her to defer toward whatever choices that enthuse her emotions and wants. Rather than raise a cautious finger, he assumes the mode of ‘Yes, Dear’, to her wants. For some wives, this trend isn’t as noticeable as they might presume. Especially when it comes to her husband acting like a love-struck puppy when in the bedroom.

The fourth and most important effect comes as a further inclination of the husband’s desires wanting to break the shackles of their mind prison. The need for the husband to get Caught: As much as a husband might stash his porn collection, or even work hard remembering to erase his browsing history of the numerous cuckold porn sites he frequents, he as well carries the desire of wanting to be found out by the wife. He harbors the thought of being confronted by the wife, that way he won’t need to suffer anymore the burden of carrying his desires all by himself.

All of these effects — Withdrawal, Deference and Caught — add up to what’s most inherent in most white husband’s minds: the need to submit themselves to their fearsome desires of wanting to give their wives to a Black lover while they stand by the sidelines and watch . . . or even become part of the submission process.

Most would want to argue over and over when did this string of desire actually grasped their minds. How come they’ve become unworthy prisoners to their fantasies without ever being aware. What most husbands don’t realize until afterwards when it’s been made known to them, is how much these desires have long been a part of their lives going back to even their teens. What’s this desire I’m referring to? I’m talking about their desire to submit not just themselves, but even the ones close to them, to the hands of another man. They want not being the man taking control of the wheel anymore. For once, they want to luxuriate in their backseat of life and watch as a well ennobled man takes over.

This desire stays with them till they’re way past middle-age, when the desire becomes like a blinking red light he can’t ignore. He browses through a cornucopia of stimulating erotic sites which merely strive to enhance his desires. Eventually he seeks out someone in the ether who might explain to him the reason(s) behind his malady, and what to do about them.

For such husbands who’ve written to me in the past, as well those who’re going to write to me in the future, the answer still remains the same: stop fighting back the urge of thinking that this isn’t meant for you. Quit from thinking that this is all nothing but a dream. The desire to submit is as much a fervent attraction you’ve labored in your mind for months, if not years. That you’ve found such desires coming to the forefront of your imagination should tell you that it’s about time you switched gear from being a passive fellow to taking prompt action of submitting yourself and your wives toward assuming the reality of your desires.

The same goes with the wives, too. Not just married wives, but as well single women. For those who got disappointed by the ’50 Shades of Grey’ type of sex but require something bigger and better . . . now’s the time to acknowledge your yearning sexual urges and let yourselves go!

Posted : 29/11/2022 6:45 pm