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The Beach Vacation

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After twenty-three years of marriage, this trip marked the first time Jackie and I had vacationed without kids since our honeymoon. Now that our youngest child had left for college, we were suddenly empty nesters.

We had been planning a trip with a couple close to us for several months. Though we have been friends with Greg and Nancy since before we married, this was the first time we've vacationed together. Greg owns a very successful and lucrative business, and Nancy does not work, so they tend to go on extravagant vacations that are more than we afford. On this trip, we all stayed at the Galley Bay Resort and Spa on Antigua island in the Caribbean. It is an all-inclusive resort that is within our budget. Of course, Greg and Nancy stayed in the most expensive suite offered while we were in a standard room.

Greg and Nancy arrived at the resort a week ahead of us. We had just gotten into our room when they knocked on the door beckoning us to dinner. It would be fun catching up with them. We live reasonably close, but our work schedules limit our opportunities to spend time together.

At dinner, Greg was being his usual playfully-arrogant self. He was bragging about all the connections he had made the previous week. He boasted that he had made friends with the concierge, and now he "has a guy" who can help us with anything we need.

He flirted with Jackie throughout the dinner. He asked her if she brought bikinis or one-pieces. She ignored the question. Then he told us he had found a nude beach nearby and told Jackie it didn't matter if she had brought one or two-piece bathing suits if we went there. Jackie brightly exclaimed, "Wouldn't you love that!" her long nipples protruding from her b-cup breasts and poking through her sundress, exposing her excitement.


Jackie excused herself to the lady's room, and Nancy joined her. Greg and I watched them as they sashayed away.

Jackie's 5'7" slender frame swayed as her long slim legs took significant strides, causing her thigh-length sundress and long brunette hair to swing side-to-side in unison. She looked good for 55, and most would guess she was in her early forties.

Walking beside her, Nancy had to speed up her gate to keep up. At 5'4" tall, Nancy's legs were not as long as Jackie's. I have always considered Nancy attractive, though she did not resemble the type of woman I usually matched with. In her early forties, she has long sandy blonde hair that generally drapes atop her natural d-cup breasts. Like Greg, she is a gym rat and has a very athletic figure. Her legs were very muscular, and her calves flexed as she raced to keep up with Jackie.

After dinner at the restaurant, we migrated to the adjacent lounge for drinks and entertainment. Bars and lounges are Greg's playgrounds, as he often takes potential business partners out to schmooze them.

Tonight featured a limbo competition. They were giving away prizes, and anyone could compete. True to form, Greg pulled Nancy and Jackie by the wrists to join him in the competitor line. He tried to wave me over, but I signaled to him that I would hold our table and guard our drinks and the ladies' purses.

The limbo bar was placed so high in the first round that it was almost pointless for most contestants. As one of the shortest, Nancy could walk under without a single body contortion needed to clear the bar. Jackie only needed to tilt her head back. However, at 6'3" tall, Greg was one of the few that had to bend backward to clear the bar. In each round, Nancy would go first, Jackie would go second, and Greg would follow closely behind her. After successfully passing under the bar, they would all three stop by our table and take a gulp of their drinks before circling back in line.

Each round continued the same routine. When it was their turn, Nancy, then Jackie, then Greg would pass under the bar, take a drink at the table and resume their place in line. With each round, while in line, I could see Greg riding his lean muscular body up closer and closer to Jackie until there was no space between them. Greg's hands were on Jackie's hips, pressing his groin to her plump backside.

Eventually, the limbo bar was so low that the line had thinned, and Nancy, Jackie, and Greg were among the few still in the competition. After knocking the bar off, Nancy smiled, shrugged, and jogged to our table. Distracted by her bouncing breasts, I did not see behind her that Greg, who tried to go under the limbo stick at the same time as Jackie, caused her to fall back into his arms. Jackie's yelp caught my attention as I witnessed the two fall to the ground, Greg's arms wrapped around her thin frame, and his hands firmly grasped her breasts. They lay on the ground in that position laughing for a moment longer than needed. Greg smiled and looked around as he continued to grope my wife's tits in front of the crowd. He released his grip on Jackie's chest, and she sat up with her ass on his groin, putting them in a position resembling reverse cowgirl. Greg grabbed her hips to hold her there and yelled, "Oh yeah!"

I watched in awe as my friend and wife faux-fucked in front of everyone. Nancy turned around to see them, then flipped back to see my expression. She tried to suppress her smile, but I noticed.

Laughing and hanging on each other, Greg and Jackie limped back to the table. After a few minutes, they recovered. Since they had all been eliminated from the competition and we had finished our drinks, we decided to call it a night.

Back in our room, Jackie was all over me. She was drunk and horny. We ripped our clothes off and pushed onto the bed. Kissing and groping each other, I pushed my way down between her legs and began licking her inner thighs. I could smell her sex. Her lips were glistening with moisture. I licked my way to her folds and parted them with my tongue. Licking upward, I flicked her engorged clitoris. With every swipe, she bucked like I sent jolts of electricity through my tongue. Jackie placed her hands on the back of my head and scratched my scalp with her nails. I continued lapping at her clit until she squeezed my head with her thighs and climaxed.

After two minutes or so, Jackie swung her leg over my head and crawled to her side of the bed. Lying on her side, with her back to me, she drifted off to sleep.

Having thoroughly enjoyed licking her to orgasm, I didn't want to risk ruining the night by waking her to ask for her to take care of me, so I reached down and started pulling on my penis. I visualized Greg holding Jackie's tits and then her sitting up on his dick like she was riding him. I could feel my penis build toward a climax as I was about to splooge.

I jumped when Jackie demanded, "What are you doing?" I released my grip on my penis, trying to delay my ejaculation, but it was too late; it spurted uncontrollably, and semen went all over my stomach and chest.

After waiting for my breathing to slow, she whispered, "What were you thinking about?"

I didn't expect this or know how to respond, so I said, "I don't know."

"Were you thinking about how Greg had his hands all over me at the bar?" she pressed.

My face felt flush, my stomach tightened, and I froze. I wasn't sure how to answer the question, so I lay there in silence, hoping she wouldn't press further.

Giving up, she bid me good night, rolled back over, and went to sleep.


After breakfast, Jackie and I decided to visit the pool. This pool was not your typical hotel pool; it was massive, with several floating islands equipped with lounges for sunbathing and a swim-up bar.

Jackie did not want to be rushed getting ready and told me to go on ahead of her. I texted Greg to inform him and Nancy that I was heading to the pool. He immediately replied, providing directions to where they were located.

Greg and Nancy had secured one of the small islands in the pool. These islands had underwater steps leading up to them. On the top stair, just breaking the water's surface, were eight lounges resembling queen-sized beds with built-in pillows. They were arranged in four pairs, with two pairs opposing the other. Greg and Nancy occupied one pair, and I swam up to the pair next to them to claim it for Jackie and me.

Greg and Nancy have a pool at home and have tanned bodies from spending a lot of time poolside. Nancy was wearing a yellow two-piece bathing suit with a high-hipped bikini and a top that struggled to contain her large breasts. As I ascended the stairs to the island, I looked directly at her and smiled, and she returned with a smile. My eyes followed her hair which was wet from the ears down and draped atop her cleavage, down to her erect nipples that were visibly poking through the thin material of her top. She was stunning, and I could feel my penis growing inside my board shorts. I plopped onto the lounge next to her, attempting to hide my pending erection. I let them know that Jackie was still getting ready and she would be along shortly.

After some time, Greg announced that he would swim over to get refills on our drinks. Taking our orders, he swam off toward the bar. Nancy and I didn't say much after he left. She turned her head toward the sky, closed her eyes underneath her sunglasses, let out a sigh of tranquility, and relaxed. I tried to do the same, but I could not help but be distracted by the silhouette of her giant chest out of the corner of my eye. I kept my knees raised so my semi-erect penis would not tent my shorts.

Twenty minutes had passed, and Greg had not yet returned. "Where is Greg with our drinks?" Nancy asked, breaking the silence. Sitting up, I looked around and saw Greg wading through the water with a drink in each hand, followed by Jackie with a cup in each of her two hands.

"Here he comes, and Jackie is with him," I answered, sitting the rest of the way up. As they walked up the stairs to our lounges, Jackie emerged from the water first, and I immediately saw she was wearing a white bikini bathing suit. Amazed since I had not seen her wear one since we were dating, I was drawn to the sheerness of the white material. I could see her eraser-sized nipples poke through, and I could identify the rings of her areolas. My eyes followed from her stomach to her bikini, and I could see an unmistakable dark patch of pubic hair fighting to show through the soaked white material.

"Look what I found," Greg commented as he followed after her. He wore a swimsuit that closely resembled a pair of boxer briefs and left little to the imagination. I could see that his large penis was shifted over to his left leg. My eyes wandered up his muscular torso to his eyes which were firmly aimed at Jackie's ass in front of him.

The four of us conversed for some time. Greg discussed his views on our economy. He was so passionate about this topic that he preached like a minister. Topics flowed. We discussed movies we'd recently seen, workout routines, and nutrition tips until Nancy pondered what we should do next. Without hesitation, Greg suggested we visit the nude beach he'd discovered. I was very intrigued by this suggestion, but Jackie and Nancy groaned in dismay.

"Why must everything always be about sex?" Jackie complained with a little laugh.

"Because it's human nature," Greg responded quickly. "Are you telling me you wore that practically seethrough bikini and didn't want anyone to see?"

"Leave her alone," Nancy admonished. "If she doesn't want to go, she doesn't have to. Don't try to guilt her into it. You and I can go later if that makes you happy."

"I didn't say I didn't want to go," Jackie corrected. "We can go," she said, trailing off. Jackie had just agreed to go to a nude beach without consulting or considering my opinion. Of course, this didn't bother me as I was excited to see Nancy in the nude finally.

Greg informed us that Eden Beach was the clothing-optional beach he had found, and it was near our resort. We all agreed, finished our drinks, and left for the beach.


There were scattered collections of people at the beach. Some wore bathing suits or sheer coverups. Others were completely nude. Greg led the way, and we followed. My head was on a pivot as I scanned around, drinking in all the nakedness.

Greg found a spot away from everyone else that gave us some privacy. We stopped and dropped our bags. Before setting up our blankets and umbrellas, Greg darted toward the clear blue water and yelled over his shoulder for us to follow. We all ran behind him and into the water. We waded in until we were deep enough to dive in.

I swam a few strokes under before surfacing. The water was over my belly, just under my chest, when I came up. We were all standing in an ad hoc circle facing each other when Greg announced, "It's that time!" and reached deep into the water and came up with his swimsuit in his hand.

Not wanting to miss Nancy and Jackie's disrobing, I started pulling down my boardshorts slow enough to keep my eyes trained on the girls.

The water was almost up to Nancy's neck. She wasted no time, and within seconds she held up her yellow top in her hand for us to see. I could not see her breasts all that well, but you could see the tops of them float along with the water's current.

Greg smiled as he looked at Jackie. She had also shed her top, but being three inches or so taller than Nancy, her breasts were above the water and fully visible. I could see her nipples darting straight out. She looked so sexy.

Once it was clear no one was waiting for me to show evidence of my disrobing, I slowly pulled my shorts up back in place. Being on the smaller side, I was in no hurry to expose myself for all to see.

We splashed around for a few minutes and started wading back to the shore. Greg and Jackie were ahead of Nancy, who was in front of me. Once they were almost out of the water, I could see Jackie walking with her head facing toward Greg's crotch. She was not just checking out his junk; she was staring at it.

As she tried to catch up to Greg and Jackie, Nancy was lunging, holding her arms out over the water's surface. I could see the sides of her breasts under her arms as they swayed in and out of view in rhythm with her lunges. I was glad I decided to keep my shorts on because I was becoming more erect with every step.

The three of them reached our area well ahead of me. I was in no hurry to get there as I was not looking forward to the ridicule I was sure to receive for not removing my shorts. They pulled out their blankets and laid them out. Greg was putting up the umbrellas when he noticed me walking up.

"Dude? What's up with the shorts?" he chastised. This caught the attention of both women, and they rose to their elbows to look.

"Nothing's up. I just... I..." I stuttered, paused, and then walked over and picked up my towel, which was now partially covered in sand. I walked past Nancy and tried not to stare as I saw her magnificent breasts for the first time. I walked to claim a spot on the other side of Jackie. She watched as I walked by and then lowered her head back onto the beach blanket.

Facing away from everyone, I snapped my towel several times to rid it of sand. I turned and began spreading it out next to Jackie. I had not noticed that Greg had snuck up behind me. He grabbed my boardshorts by the waistband and yanked them down to my ankles. Shocked and in reaction mode, I bent over to retrieve my shorts but instead fell over onto my towel, allowing Greg to pull my shorts the rest of the way off. He shuffled off, laughing, shorts in hand and his giant wanger swinging side to side.

Both girls erupted in laughter. I lay on my side with my face buried in my towel until the laughter subsided.

"Are you ok, honey?" Jackie asked consolingly. "We weren't laughing at you; we were laughing because pantsing is funny."

"I'm alright," I submitted. "It just surprised me." Feeling a bit better, I accepted that we were at a nude beach, and I rolled over onto my back, exposing myself. Even though my penis was no longer erect, it stuck straight in the air.

Nancy propped herself up on one elbow to turn to me. She started to say something to me but stopped as her eye caught sight of my penis. She just stared at it with her mouth agape. Her seeing my penis for the first time aroused me. In a matter of seconds, my penis had grown to its full length.

Trying to suppress laughter, she said, "Oh my gawd. It's so small." She abruptly gathered herself and adjusted her tone, "I mean, not that it's small. It's just... it's smaller than what I'm used to. That's all. I'm sorry." she covered her mouth with her hand to hide her smile.

"Well, of course, it's smaller than what you're used to," Jackie chimed in, "look at that monster cock he has over there!" she said, pointing at Greg and then looking back at my erect penis and then back to Greg's long thick flaccid penis, she continued, "It's way bigger than Spencer's stiffie over here, and it's not even hard."

I closed my eyes, trying to block out the reality of what was happening. My wife had just announced to the couple, our closest friends, that his cock is bigger when soft than mine is when erect, and instead of being insulted and firing back, I just laid there with a hard-on.

Since the seal of the penis size topic had been broken, Jackie didn't feel much remorse when she asked, "So how big does it get?"

It was out there. The question wasn't directed at Greg or Nancy, and there was silence long enough to feel broken when Greg cleared his throat. "Ahem. Just a smidge over eight inches," he answered proudly.

"Ha!" Jackie shot back, "Spencer's is just a smidge under four!" She and Nancy burst into laughter again.

All the talk of penises must have gotten Greg's mind reeling because his cock started to wake up. I noticed first. When Jackie saw, she fell silent. That got Nancy's attention. There was a hush among us as everyone focused on Greg's growing member. Slowly it started to swell. As it elongated, it began to bounce slightly until it sprang up and pointed to the sky. Seeing us staring at it, Greg casually grasped his rigid cock with his right hand and began to stroke it slowly.

In addition to being long, his penis was thick. It was wide at the base and widened as it went up toward the head and tapered back in slightly before the ridge of his head. His cock wasn't covered in veins like many big ones you see online, but his bulb was enormous. It looked like someone had carved out a pipe on the underside of his cock that reached to the swollen head that rested atop the giant piece of meat.

"Do you want to hold it?" Nancy asked Jackie, breaking her trance. Jackie looked over at me, which caused Nancy to say, "Spencer looks like he wants you to hold it. Hell, he looks like he wants to hold it. Go ahead. Greg won't mind." She pulled Jackie by her wrist toward Greg. Jackie stood up, stepped over Nancy, and knelt in front of Greg without saying a word. She reached her hands out and put both around his magnificent cock.

She smiled back at Nancy and said, "I only need two or three fingers to jack Spencer off. I can use both hands on Greg's, and I would still have room to suck it."

Sensing I may be uncomfortable, Nancy crossed over and laid beside me, placing me between her and the sexual dance between Greg and my wife. She pushed her plump breasts into my back, reached over, and replaced my hand on my penis with hers. She began pulling on my penis, only using two fingers and a thumb.

She leaned in and whispered into my ear, "She was right. I only need three fingers to jack you off." She continued, "Don't be upset that she is turned on by his cock. It's normal for women to be entranced by big cocks." She pulled slowly on my penis to match Jackie's speed on Greg's.

"Look at her. See how she keeps lowering her head to be closer to his cock. She is trying to resist it, but she's slowly giving in to the urge to put it in her mouth."

To that comment, I reacted and tried to pull away, but Nancy tightened her grip on my penis and held me there. When I relaxed, she resumed jerking me and quickened her pace.

"There she goes." Nancy continued in an excited whisper. I watched as Jackie planted her tongue flatly on the underside of Greg's cock and licked upward until she reached the top and then took the head of his cock into her mouth. She lowered her head, trying to take as much of him as possible, but she could barely get all of its head into her mouth.

Nancy slowed her pacing of my handjob and whispered, "Don't come too soon." Jackie had abandoned all inhibitions and was now sucking while simultaneously stroking Greg's cock. She had been right; she could stack both hands on his cock and still have enough room to suck it.

Nancy continued to whisper appeasements in my ear as he worked her fingers on my penis. "You are so hard right now. Do you like seeing Jackie with a huge cock in her mouth?"

Stuttering, I responded, "Uh. Uh-huh,". I was in a trance; those were the only sounds I could muster.

"Imagine how a cock like that would do to her pussy. Imagine how full she would feel. Imagine how much different it would feel having a huge cock stretch your wife's pussy in ways your little penis cannot."

I could feel the pressure building inside me. I looked to see Greg resting his hands on Jackie's head. He gently held her head in place as he neared the point of no return. Nancy saw this and continued to control her rhythm, trying to time my climax with his.

Then it happened. Greg stiffened his body and locked his arms in position to keep Jackie's head on his cock. I could see his dick pulsate as it began to pump his semen into her mouth. She could not hold it all in as some escaped her lips and seeped down the sides of his throbbing penis.

Nancy sped up her fingers on my penis, and I was overcome with pleasure as I spurted out two little ropes of sperm onto the sand beside my blanket.

"That's a good boy," she whispered in my ear.


Back in our room, Jackie kissed me full on the lips, then looked at me with puppy dog eyes and asked me if I was doing ok. Not sure, but not wanting to discuss it further, I nodded.

A few minutes passed, and I desperately wanted to ask her, but I found it difficult to speak. Taking a deep breath and gathering the courage, I asked, "Do you think I have a small penis?"

Jackie paused and carefully considered the question. She answered, "Your penis is smaller than Greg's cock, but don't worry about that because size doesn't matter to me. His cock is like an exhibit at the fair. People want to see it because it is not something they've seen before."

"You don't think his penis would feel different than mine in your pussy?" I asked.

"I'm sure it would feel different, but it would not feel better. I don't even think I could take all of his cock. It's too big. I like the size of your penis." she rebutted.

I noticed that when Jackie referred to Greg's manhood, she called it a "cock" and when referencing mine, she called it a "penis." I decided not to point this out to her. Then it dawned on me that she probably has never had a cock as big as Greg's. How would she know it would not feel better?

"Have you ever been with someone as big as Greg?" I asked with a subdued voice, trying to avoid sounding accusing.

"No!" she shot back. The question agitated her.

"I believe you," I responded carefully with a soothing voice. "I am just wondering how you could know it wouldn't feel better."

She didn't respond, and I didn't push it. It had gotten late. We were both tired, so we climbed into bed and turned on the television. Jackie had the remote and was quickly flipping through stations. She stopped channel surfing and asked, looking ahead at the TV, "What are you suggesting?"

I didn't know how to answer. I wasn't sure I had suggested something.

A knot in my stomach began to form, and I had butterflies in my gut that radiated throughout my torso. I was so nervous about what I was about to say I had to concentrate on keeping my voice from quivering.

I managed to say, "Maybe we should find out."

"Find out what?"

Drumming up more courage, I answered more explicitly, "Maybe you should find out if Greg's big cock feels better than my little penis."

"Hmmph." was her only response. She placed the remote between us and rolled over on her side with her back to me. Taking my cue, I turned off the television and extinguished the lights.

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