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Some people might say it was my own fault.

My name is Roger, and I’m a successful stockbroker, and I had worked long hours to give my wife and myself a comfortable, even luxurious life. A large house in a gated neighborhood, with an in-ground heated pool and a four-car garage. She had her own Mercedes SLK, while I made do with my Lexus, and we had a Grand Cherokee for more strenuous travel. Meredith seldom paid less than $350 for a blouse or skirt, $75 for a bit of lingerie, or $100 for her weekly hair appointment.

Meredith was born beautiful, and she learned very early how to capitalize on her looks and her charm. She was a Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, Junior Class Vice-President and Senior Class President in High School. She always dated the most desireable boy – the JV Football Team Captain, the Varsity Quarterback who was two years ahead of her, the star Basketball Forward, who went on to a great college career, and even several academic types if they received honors and acclamation.

She went on to State College where she won several beauty contests and just about every other honor available to pretty girls, and during her Junior and Senior years, she was the star of the cheerleading team. That’s when I first saw her.

I had gone to a basketball game with a client, who had seats right behind the timer and the P.A. announcer on the home side. Remember the scene in American Beauty, where the guy is captivated by one of the cheerleaders? Well, I was affected in just about the same way. Except I never got to meet the girl, and I didn’t even know her name until I saw her picture in the newspaper a few days later.


I even saved the picture.

Meredith was somewhere between petite and long-legged. Call her a leggy petite. 102 pounds since her seventeenth birthday, never more than a two pounds over or under. She was five foot four, and mostly legs. She also had a perfect little bottom and perfect not-quite-little firm breasts, with prominent nipples that seemed to stiffen when any male looked in her direction. Add in natural strawberry blonde hair, and the kind of creamy, flawless skin that most redheads can only dream of.

I was really surprised a couple years later, when an agency sent her to my office as a temp secretary while my regular secretary was out on maternity leave. When Anna decided she’d rather stay at home and raise her child, Meredith stayed on as my regular secretary.

She was a perfect secretary. She knew how to screen my calls and my visitors, without pissing off the ones who couldn’t get through. She seldom missed anything in dictation, and her typing was perfect! And she was more excited than me when I won over a new client.

Within a year, we were engaged. A thirty-eight-year-old stockbroker and his twenty-three-year-old secretary! I took some gentle, but envious, ribbing from colleagues and clients over my engagement, and we bought the house and I hired an older secretary to replace Meredith in the office.

The wedding was beautiful! We went to Rio for our honeymoon, and Meredith was not upstaged by any of the other beauties on the beach at Ipanima.

Meredith took to lovemaking as she had to secretarying. She was totally committed, completely uninhibited, wildly responsive, and eager to please me in any way she could.

I wish I had left things alone.

After two years, we only had two areas of difference: children and sex. I was working harder and longer than I ever had. It was making me very wealthy, but it was also making me very tired. Too tired, sometimes. Meredith wanted sex more often than I did.

I thought we should start a family, I suppose hoping that taking care of children would keep her busy. Meredith didn’t want children yet.

It started when I took on a client who made his money in porn movies, and I helped him make it grow. A lot. In appreciation, he gave me a box of his productions. I them home, thinking they might ignite more of my desire.

Meredith and I occasionally watched them while in bed. This did seem to bring us together more. We laughed at how the guy usually pulled out and came on the girl’s back or belly or breasts, and the girl pretended that made her cum. Of course, watching wild sex, even if staged, almost always led to more wild sex in our bed.

One scene that turned Meredith on, however, was where the guy pulled out and shot a huge load right into her spread, shaved pussy and then he went down and slurped it up. It may have been staged, but there were no cuts. The camera stayed on her crotch from when several voluminous spurts jetted from his cock to her pussy, and stayed there as his face came down and his tongue began lapping it up and swallowing it!

Actually, that scene turned me on as well, because that was one of my most private fantasies. One I had never admitted to anyone, and of course, I never let Meredith know what I was thinking. After cumming, the fantasy would dissolve; the last thing I wanted to do was lick it up!

At the end of that scene, we were at each other, and my fantasy kicked in and I came very quickly. Usually, I could last long enough to make Meredith cum, and sometimes I even held back until she came again. But this time, I couldn’t.

Meredith sighed in disappointment, and said she’d get me up again. She went down on my wet cock for a few minutes, and then scooted up over me and kissed me. On the mouth!

I was too surprised to object or refuse, and I tasted our fresh juices together. It really wasn’t as disgusting as I had feared. And I was instantly hard. She guided my cock into her tight little pussy and this time I lasted until her second orgasm.

No, I didn’t go down on her afterwards. That time.

A few nights later, we saw another tape where the same guy – this was probably his specialty – screwed a lovely Latina from behind, and did the same thing. Pulled out and shot his load into her cleft, and then knelt down and licked her.

Again I came too soon, and Meredith went down on me, but instead of sucking my cock immediately, she licked my balls and the sides of the shaft first. She made it last forever, and I was almost crying with the need to cum when she went to work sucking the head and pumping the shaft. I was ready to cum in her mouth, but she stopped.

She pulled me over on top of her and guided my cock in, and I fucked her through one orgasm and almost into another.

Go down on me, she hissed, Now!

My fantasy kicked in, and I felt my cock stiffen as I moved down to kiss her breasts, and by the time I reached her belly, I was completely hard!

Still, I wasn’t ready to gobble it all up. I licked her clitoris and drew it into my mouth to suckle it. She started cumming, and when she bucked her hips, I tasted more of my cum than I wanted. She came even stronger, and I licked and sucked her through a very long series of little orgasms. I went to sleep with a hardon.

The next night we watched a tape in which a white guy brings a black friend home, and the two of them fucked the white wife to oblivion. I did imagine us in the roles of the white couple, and I lasted through her first orgasm, but came just when she was ready for another. (In case you think I’m trying to sound like a real stud, I have to admit that Meredith doesn’t need a lot of time for the first orgasm, and much less for the second.)

I rolled my weight off her, and she slurped my cock into her mouth and quickly moved up and kissed me on the mouth. I felt my cock growing again, and then she laughed softly and scooted up to kneel astride my face. I know what you want, she said.

I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her wet pussy to my mouth and began searching in her cleft for that tight little opening. She came again while I cleaned her out with my tongue, and then she kissed me.

That was  the best ever! she exclaimed, Thank you, thank you! She scooted back and smiled down at me.

I’ve fantasized about doing that for years, I admitted, but I don’t really care for the taste. I told her that the only time I ever wanted to do it was before I came, not after

But was it so bad? she asked.

Well, no, I suppose it’s just one of those male hangups.

Sometimes I fantasize, she replied.And that scene, the white couple and the black guy

Do you want a threesome with a black guy? I asked.

She shook her head. No but the idea I guess it’s like yours. You can imagine it when you’re hot, but afterwards it’s the last thing you want to do.

I have imagined watching you with another guy. Or even with a woman.

Not a woman! she said with finality. Have you ever been in a threesome? she asked.

I grinned. Do you really want to know? I asked with a grin. I hadn’t, but I didn’t intend to tell her that. Some part of me wanted her to think I had been a real stud in my past, but I wasn’t going to lie about it.

No. I’d rather well, I’d want to be the woman.

The subject came up from time to time after that, and several weeks later, I suggested that we could try it one time. And it would have to be very discreet.

Only if I set it up, she insisted.

It took her three weeks.

We met him in a motel restaurant about forty-five minutes away. Meredith dressed conservatively, in a dark blue cocktail dress with just enough scoop in the neckline to show her collarbones. Nothing under it but garter belt and stockings.

His name was Frank. He was about six feet tall, lean and athletic.

And black.

I was nervous through the dinner, but Frank was interesting and cordial, and he didn’t drool over Meredith as I had feared. His suit was obviously expensive, and he wore a gold watch. He told us he was a cop. A detective.

You aren’t working right now, are you? I asked. I was suddenly concerned that this was some kind of sting operation.

He laughed. No. First of all, we aren’t, uh, even thinking of doing anything illegal. We’re simply friends, having a nice dinner together, and then we may He shrugged. Besides, I don’t work in this town.

I have a room upstairs, he told us. If you’d like to come up for a drink?

Meredith laughed, We thought you’d never ask!

I paid for dinner, and we went to his room.

Frank made drinks and we took off our jackets and ties. Frank and Meredith sat on the love seat and I took the chair.

He touched Meredith’s face and turned it toward his. You’re a very beautiful woman, he told her. And you, he said to me, are a very lucky man. He turned back to Meredith and kissed her on the mouth.

I just stared at my beautiful young wife respond to his kiss, and open her mouth to his tongue. And I watched his big hand on her breasts.

He grinned. We aren’t wearing all our underclothes, are we? He reached behind her, apparently finding the tab of her zipper. May I? he asked her.

I was out of the picture.

He unzipped the back of her dress and drew it down from her shoulders. Oh, yes, they are perfect! He fondled one breast and kissed the other, and then urged her to her feet.

She stood facing him and he pulled the dress down, over her hips and to the floor. She posed for him, in just her garterbelt, nylons and heels.

Then Meredith knelt in front of him and began undressing him. First the shirt, which she pulled out from his trousers, and then she started on his belt and trousers while he finished removing his shirt.

He was wearing bright blue low-rise briefs. He stood and Meredith rubbed her face in his crotch.

You’d probably be more comfortable if you stripped as well, he said to me.

It was almost an order, and I didn’t want to argue. Besides, he was right. I stood up and took off my shirt, my trousers, and my shoes and socks.

I’d rather you didn’t interfere, Roger, he told me.

I gulped and shook my head. No, I’ll just watch.

Just to make sure he came over to me and quickly but gently cuffed my wrists behind my back. This way, you can still participate. Why don’t you sit on the bed?

I didn’t like where this was going, but I was in no position to argue.

He pulled Meredith to him, his big hands cupping her beautiful buttocks, and kissed her again.

He sat her on the bed beside me and slowly pulled down his briefs, First baring the fringe of his pubic hair, then some more, and then the root of his cock. It looked thick. Then an inch of it, another inch � the end of the lump in his briefs seemed a long way beneath.

He kept going, and before he bared the head, he was showing as much cock as I have on my best day. Meredith reached out and pulled the briefs lower, and his cock sprung up and hit her face.

Wow, she said, and took the head in her mouth. MMMmmmm!

He helped her lean back and stretched out beside her, and began kissing her and fondling her breasts, and caressing her flat little belly, and then her pussy.

He looked at me. I gotta be sure you’re okay with this, Roger, he said. Why don’t you get down and lick that little pussy and make sure it’s ready? He moved her knees apart.

I had just about decided I wasn’t okay with this.

Yes, Meredith sighed, Make sure I’m very, very ready!

We’d gone beyond the point where I could call it off. Unhappily, I knelt between Meredith’s gorgeous thighs. I looked for a moment at her lovely pussy. She had apparently trimmed it that day, and had completely removed the hairs from her cuntlips, leaving just a small triangle of coppery curls above the slightly open cleft. Her clitoris just peeked out from the cleft.

I pressed my face to her and ran my tongue up from the bottom of her cleft. She was WET! She didn’t need any additional stimulation. I licked some more, and suckled on her clitoris, and as the tip of my tongue found her opening, I imagined her pussy dripping with cum.

That wasn’t what I wanted, but the idea made me aware of my raging hardon.

I’m wet enough now, Meredith panted. Frank, please fuck me!

He slid her farther on the wide bed, and knelt between her thighs. I was looking into her open pussy as he took position, and I saw the head of his cock bounce against it.

Meredith raised her knees and reached down between them, and guided the tip of his cock to her pussy.

And it disappeared into her. Slowly.

OOOooohhh! she sighed.

God it’s tight! Frank exclaimed, thrusting deeper, and then deeper.

Jesus! she cried, Yes!

I actually saw his heavy scrotum bounce against her buttocks.

No more! she whimpered.

You got it all, baby, Frank said. He began fucking her with long, slow strokes.

Meredith let out another long groan, and gasped, Already? I’m Oh My God! she cried out as she began cumming.

I had never seen her cum last so long as she did, and when her writhing and whimpering subsided, Frank stopped moving.

Oh, god, that was so fucking good! she gasped.

He kissed her face and soothed her while she regained control of her breathing and her heart rate slowed down.

Ready for another? he asked. He started moving again.

I don’t know why I was keeping score, but I thought ‘that’s two.’ or maybe more. As her orgasm began to subside, it started again. Three?

Frank seemed to know instinctively when to fuck deeper, when to slow down, when to pull almost out and drive in to her depths.

And finally, he came, a series of loud grunts and thrusts that looked brutal, and Meredith came with him. At least four distinct orgasms, maybe ten if you count the multiples individually.

When they were both breathing normally, she said to him, Bring that beauty up here.

Frank crawled up over her and she opened her mouth for his softening cock.

Her pussy looked different. A little swollen, and smeared and dripping with thick white semen.

Frank rolled off, and Meredith raised her head and grinned at me. Roger, come here, she said softly to me.

I moved up to lie beside her. Her lips were wet with Frank’s semen. She gently caressed my face, then put her hand behind my head and pulled my face to hers. Thank you for letting this happen, she said as she kissed me. Open mouth, tongue, and everything! I tasted another man’s cum for the first time in my life!

Meredith kissed me feverishly; she encouraged my tongue into her mouth to lick everywhere I could reach.

Did you really mind? she asked.

She looked too satisfied for me to say anything that would burst her bubble. No, I lied.

Then do the rest. She guided my head down her body, turning so I was at right angles to her.

As I began to kiss her lower belly, trying to figure out how to do this without getting any more of Frank’s cum in my mouth, she rolled toward me, raising her top leg, and suddenly my face was in a wet, slippery mush of pussy and semen. I was tasting more black African semen.

She turned more, so she was over me and I was looking up at her spread buttocks while I lapped Frank’s cum from her. She was pushing my briefs down, and I felt my cock waving in the air like the mast of a sailboat.

Then his hands were on her buttocks and his cock was prodding my face. And then it was in her pussy again.

She raised her hips and as he went deeper, she went down on my cock. His scrotum was bouncing against my eyebrows.

Christ, she’s still just as tight, Frank exclaimed. Lick my balls.

She took me full-length, into her mouth again, but she pulled away too soon to make me cum. Is he licking you? she asked.

No Frank complained.

I felt Meredith’s hand on my balls, slowly squeezing. Lick him! she ordered.

I gulped and then figured, I had already swallowed his cum. I licked. His scrotum was velvety-smooth. I drew one testicle into my mouth and gently tongued it, released it, and did the other.

Oh, Baby, he’s doin’ it! He’s sucking my nuts! Frank told her.

Now, Roger, lick him where he’s going in me! she ordered.

I didn’t have to lick. I just pressed my tongue against the underside of his shaft, and his thrusting turned the contact into an up and down lick.

Then they both came, and finally relaxed. Meredith had stopped sucking my cock, so I was still hard!

I could hardly breathe. Meredith’s pubes were tickling my chin and Frank’s balls were pressed over my nose. His cock was still buried in her! Every breath smelled of pussy and semen.

Frank withdrew slowly, and his cock dropped to my face. Clean me, he ordered, and then clean her!

I let him push his softening cock into my mouth and I licked the thick juices from it and swallowed. When he moved away, I began lapping her and swallowing.

She had my cock in her mouth again, and this time she sucked and licked and I came. Like a fire hose. It felt like I was going to shoot my balls out through my cock!

Meredith turned around and kissed me. When we opened our mouths, my load ran freely into my mouth.

I figured that Meredith had gotten off more than a dozen times, Frank twice, and me once, and I had swallowed three big loads of semen. Only one of them mine.

I really wanted to crawl into a corner and not have to look at either of them.

Frank dressed quickly. He didn’t grin, or act dominant or smug. He stopped at the door. It was fantastic! he said. I’ll never forget it.

And then he was gone.

We stayed the night, and in the morning Meredith was amorous. I fucked her, and I didn’t cum too quickly, but I did cum before she could. Finish me with your mouth, she cooed, and I did. I didn’t have any grounds for refusal.

It had been a strange experience, terrifying in some ways, degrading and humiliating in others, and wildly exciting at the same time. I had never seen her cum so much, and I was glad to have seen that, but I wished I had been the only one to make it happen.

When I got home from the office the following Friday, Meredith told me to hurry and get cleaned up, because we were going out for dinner.

Sounded good to me, until she had me drive to the same restaurant where we had met Frank. Why here? I asked.

She grinned. We’re having dinner with Frank, she explained.

My heart sank.

He had two friends with him. Benny was big and muscular, and Ernie was my height and slender.

And both were black. I suspected where this was headed, and I wanted to take Meredith and leave. But she was delighted to meet the other two, and she kept the conversation light and lively throughout dinner. I hardly ate half of mine.

Let’s go upstairs for dessert, Frank said. Again, I paid for dinner, and we went to Frank’s room. This one was bigger, and had two king-sized beds.

Frank kissed Meredith, deep and long, while he fondled her. He kept kissing her and pulled up her dress so he could hold her bare ass.

The other two removed their jackets and ties, and when Frank let go of Meredith, Ernie pulled her into his arms and kissed her. I saw him pull down the zipper of her dress. Then Benny pulled her dress down from her shoulders and kissed her, while Ernie tugged the dress down over her hips.

She was wearing only black stockings and a red garter belt, and fuck-me shoes.

Frank and Ernie were pulling off their clothes, and when Benny and Meredith broke their embrace, she said to me, Honey, aren’t you going to get more comfortable too?

I didn’t see that I had a choice. I couldn’t just leave her with three black men, even though my presence wouldn’t change anything that happened to her. And if I stayed, I’d have to participate. By the time I had stripped down to my briefs, Meredith was on the bed, with Ernie and Benny at either side, sucking her breast.

Roger, help me get ready, Meredith ordered.

So I knelt between her legs and began licking that beautiful little pussy. She was already wet enough for three women, but she clamped my face between her thighs and pulled my mouth harder into her cleft.

I moved aside when Ernie rolled over on top of her, and I started to get off the bed.

No, come up here, Meredith said, pulling at my hand.

Benny moved away and I moved up beside her. She kissed me and guided my mouth to her breasts.

I felt the bed shift. Benny was kneeling by her face across from me, with his cock out. It was Huge!

Meredith began licking along its bottom and sides, dipping down to lick his balls from time to time. She held it in her mouth while she came the first time. Ernie came in her pussy, and Meredith rolled over on top of me.

I thought she was going to take my cock next, but instead, she raised her hips and Frank began fucking her from behind.

Ernie was kneeling above us, and Meredith raised her head and slurped his wet, dripping cock into her mouth. MMMmmm, that’s so good! she exclaimed, and then she looked down at me and kissed me on the mouth. I got the taste of her juices and Ernie’s.

She came again, and Frank pulled out. Benny took his place, and Frank came up to kneel in front of her. He apparently hadn’t cum. His cock was still stiff as a board, and shiny wet.

Meredith sucked it into her mouth.

I felt her body being pushed. OOOooohhh! she groaned, God it’s BIG! She groaned more as Bernie shoved more cock into her. And then she began sucking Frank enthusiastically. She scooted back into Benny, and Frank’s balls were in my face.

Lick my nuts! he ordered.

So I laved his scrotum with my tongue while she sucked his cock and Benny fucked her. I was absolutely miserable, not as much for what I was doing, but for what I knew would be coming.

Sure enough, Frank began to groan and growl, and shot his load into her mouth. Some of Frank’s load ran from the corners of her lips and I could tell she wasn’t swallowing! She was saving it to give to me!

When Frank pulled back from her mouth, that’s exactly what she did. She kissed me on the mouth and her tongue forced my mouth open, and then I was swallowing his load! I hadn’t realized it the week before, but his load felt at least twice the volume of mine.

Meredith came a couple times with Benny, and then he came in her.

Come here for a cleanup, Benny, she said.

He knelt in front of her and she grinned at me. Your turn.

I had to suck Benny’s big cock clean.

Meredith rolled off me and Frank felt her pussy. Jesus, that’s sloppy! Clean her up for the next round.

Frank started fucking her again while I was still licking her. At least this time, he let me get out from beneath her. She pulled me so I was on my side with my cock near her face. She stroked it and licked my balls and I came on her breasts. Frank made me lick that up too.

I sort of lost track of things after that, except that some time later, I had to suck Ernie off and swallow his load. I also had to clean Meredith out with my tongue a couple more times.

Frank brought two additional guys and a slightly chubby black woman to our house the following week. Besides making me go down on the woman while two of the guys were fucking her, cleaning all their cocks, even after some of them fucked Meredith and the black woman in the ass, two of them fucked me in the ass.

Since that night, the parties are always at our house. They arrive Friday afternoon, drink my liquor, eat my food, fuck my wife, and I end up swallowing their cum, either from my wife’s pussy or her mouth, or directly from their cocks.

Now Meredith only sucks me or masturbates me several times a week – and makes me eat my own cum, but that’s it. I haven’t actually fucked her for the last three months.

And she is six weeks pregnant.

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