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The fetish club

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You went to a fetish club with your wife and chatted to a guy who was a regular. He talked about how much some women loved the pain of hot wax dripped on their bodies while he fucked then and made them cum. Your wife was getting visibly turned on so the three of you went to a private room. Inside the room she almost immediately dropped to her knees to suck you both hard before she said to the guy to show her what he’d talked about. You tied her hands and restrained her legs open so you could get to her now wet pussy. You went down on her as the guy very slowly let a couple of drops of hot waz drip onto her body. She winced at the pain but moaned louder at the same time. Your cock was hard and aching so you moved to her mouth so she could suck it again. More drops of hot wax dropped onto her breasts so she twitches and moaned with each one. She broke her mouth away and looked at the guy...”do it....fuck me...”. His cock was large and knew she would love it. He managed to push into her wet pussy with a few thrusts, coating his cock with her juices. “Go on...” she he started to fuck her harder... with each thrust in he dropped more hot wax onto her...she cried out but said “yes...more....”. You pushed your cock into her mouth and she sucked hard....stifling her cries as scalding wax sent shocks of pain through her body at the same time. You could see her pussy visibly clenching each time...gripping the guy’s cock as he pushes hard into her. He was moaning too because she was gripping so tight. He pulled out and nodded to you so you replaced his cock with yours. You started fucking her even harder and rubbed her swollen clit to start her orgasm. The guy poured more wax on her nipples and she cried out as she also started to cum. As she got closer he poured more onto her nipples until she came screaming...her pussy clenching on your cock as you unloaded your cum into her at the same time. The guy pushed his twitching cock into her mouth and came quickly as she sucked hard....his cum dripping down her face as her orgasm subsided. “I’ve never cum so hard..” she said...and you knew it wouldn’t be the last time.

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Posted : 31/03/2021 6:16 pm