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The day started like any other day. Vikki getting up at the crack of dawn, having her morning shower and blow drying her hair. Her long Lucius dark brown wavey hair falling into place as elegantly, beautifully and naturally as ever. Appearing stunning was just such an easy ask to this sassy, confident 28 year old. She got dressed, pulling up her thong between her perfect cheeks, fastening her bra over her perfectly formed 34 FF breasts. Breasts so perfect any man in the street could not walk past without having a double glance. She slid her black nylon tights up her smooth, silky legs. This was followed by a body hugging black pencil skirt and tight blouse. Off she went to work like any other day leaving her husband in bed as per usual. Her husband Ryan woke up an hour later unaware that his life was about to change from this day onwards.

Ryan lay in their shared bed slowly awakening to silence in the house as per usual. Feeling like a lazy lie in sort of day he simply rolled over as if about to go back to sleep. Just as he began to drift off he received a text. He could see it was from his wife but couldn't see the body of the message. He opened it up to read a simple message:

'Morning, what are you up to? Just a reminder with you working from home today I've wrote a list of things that need doing around the house. I know you will be doing your workout etc as well at some point but make sure you don't forget about the jobs. I want them all done when home so I can relax tonight. Thanks babe x'

Ryan simply replied with 'no bother x'. He then put the tv on in bed and began relaxing. He knew he didn't have to log on to do his work for an hour or so. Finally after an hour of relaxing in bed he got up, logged on his laptop and began doing his work and getting on with his normal day.

The day continued as any other with Ryan completing some chores here and there from the list left by vikki, working out and doing bits of work on laptop in between. The tv went back on in living room as he now relaxed and settled down for the afternoon when all of a sudden his two dogs started barking furiously. This could only mean one thing. The postman was at the door. Same daily routine everytime there was a knock at the door. He got up and answered the door and signed for the two parcels which was under Vikki's name.


'Parcels came for you babe. I've left it on table for you x' messaged Ryan to vikki. He received a message back within minutes saying, 'Good I was hoping they would come today. Was worth paying for next day delivery. Take the square box upstairs now and put it on and send me a photo. Leave the other one on the bed. I want to see it in the next 5 mins x'

Ryan's heart dropped as he read the message. What was in the box? What excuse could he make? Before he even had time to think he received another text simply saying, 'you have 4 mins left!!!'

Ryan took the box and walked upstairs to the bedroom. He took a small knife and cut the tape on the box opening it up. What appeared before him was a bright pink chastity cage and 2 keys. The cage was only about 2.5inch long. He knew instantly he could never get hard in that, he could barely fit into it when flaccid. Anyhow without any further hesitation he stripped naked, placed the base over his testicles and cock. He then took the next part placed on his cock, connected them together and locked it with the keys. He had no idea what to do now but took the photo and sent it to vikki. He was uncomfortable in the cage but felt more uncomfortable as he began to get turned on from it and swell in this tiny pink cage.

Vikki responded quickly and said, your cock is cute. Now open the second box and put it on. You have two minutes. Ryan quickly picked the second box up from the bed and opened it. There were a pair of womens panties in the box. Crotchless womens panties. Ryan examined the panties for a moment before putting them on. The crotchless section fit nice and neatly around his pink cage and he proceeded to snap a photo for vicki but made sure to tell her that he wasn't in to crossdressing.

Vicki didn't respond immediatley this time, he waited almost five minutes before she responded. She said ok Ryan, now that we've got that sorted video chat me. Ryan started his video chat with his camera aimed low to show his caged and pantied member. When vikki answered she corrected him and said ryan I don't want to see your useless cock, I want to see your face. Move the camera up. Ryan complied and moved the camera to show his face. Now listen carefully. You've taken the first steps toward becoming my cuckold. You seemed very concerned that you were a cross dresser. Wearing cute panties doesn't make you a cross dresser, it shows your acceptance of the submissive role inherent to becoming a cuckold. Our culture does not allow for a husband to be permissive, let alone supportive of his wife inviting other men inside her. To accept and welcome such behavior is to be humbled or even humiliated as a man. The same dynamic is true for other aspects of humiliation. It isn't the desire to be humiliated that causes the cuckold's penis to become hard but the submission that has to take place for a man to accept such humiliation to his wife.

The genitals are key to a male's self confidence and male-identity, they provide physical, mental and emotional means of expression of dominant and submissive roles. Even when a wife isn’t an active hotwife, the act of diminishing the stature of her husband’s penis through forms of denial such as panties or a cage can provide many of the same emotional and physical experiences of cuckolding. Cuckolding your husband simply makes an active program of planned and practiced denial much more intense. One of the simplest methods to demote your the cuckold penis is with panties. We all ‘get’ how feminine panties are and how counter to the male ego they are – this is also what makes them a perfect opportunity to demote your status by covering your penis with feminine panties. Now put your pants back on and get back to work, you've chores to do, my pantied cuckold. They need to be done by the time I return home Ryan nodded in understanding, his jaw dropped but accepting that he needed to work quickly as he told her that he loved her. She reciprocated the pleasantry but told him that he was to refer to her as Mistress Vicki for the remainder of the night. Ryan put sweatpants on over his caged and pantied penis and got to task. Vicki worked about an hour from home and did not say how long she would be but Ryan knew he had at least an hour to complete his chores and work. It wasn't twenty five minutes before Vicki opened the front door and announced her arrival, startling Ryan. She told him that she had met a friend for coffee at the starbucks down the street and had taken their call from there. Some of Ryan's tasks were still left incomplete and Vicki brought it to his attention almost immediately and following the scolding by reprimanding Ryan for covering his pantied penis with sweatpants.

Ryan stripped down once more, revealing his pantied and caged cock. Vicki smiled from ear to ear. She loved seeing not only the humiliation on Ryan's face but his agony of being locked in his small pink cage. She ran her fingers up and down his tummy as she asked him to rotate for her pleasure. Vicki complimented his body which was actually quite attractive in panties. She had selected a size that fit him incredibly well and she applauded herself for her selection. The pink and black accented the milkish white tones of his body nicely. Vicki was aroused. She wasn't aroused by his panties but by the power she felt over this man, her husband. She felt his sexuality as putty in her fingers. When you control the sexuality, you control the man and she loved control. Vicki's job as a high powered account executive made control part of her daily job. Home was no different, she wanted to feel power and sexual energy in her veins and this was doing a wonderful job of giving her those feelings. She was high on power as she told Ryan to fetch her phone. Her pantied man walked to the table and pulled her phone from atop her purse. Vicki held her phone in her hand and asked Ryan to sit down, the folds and lace parted from around his cage as he seated himself beside her. She smiled at the sexuality of it all and he caught her lustful glare while she began speaking.

We've talked about cuckolding and I've dismissed it but I think we might be ready to try it. Are you certain that you are ready? Ryan looked her in the eyes and started to mutter a question. Vicki put her finger to his lips and said a simple yes or no, that's what I ask. Ryan said yes mistress vicki.

Vicki smiled as she received the exact response that she wanted. She nodded in approval and reminded Ryan that they can stop at any time but she was very excited to experience this with him. She gave him a huge hug, a kiss on the lips and opened her phone, selected a contact that clearly said Justin Bull. Vicki pressed dial and greeted a man who answered. Vicki put her phone on speakerphone and handed her phone to Ryan and told him to invite this man over. Ryan accepted Vicki's phone from her outstretched hand and told the man on the other end that he would like him to come over.

The man asked "are you dressed properly"? Ryan looked at Vicki with pleading eyes and studdered a yes as she nodded in approval. The man responded and said well let's facetime so you can show me. Ryan pressed the button to turn on facetime and saw a handsome man with a chiseled jawline and a smirk on his face. I'm Justin, the man said. Now let me see those panties. Ryan pointed the phone down by his waits as he said oh the pink one, good choice Vicki! Vicki giggled in the background with a smirk on her face. Ryan wasn't sure what was going on but it was clear that Vicki and Justin knew each other very well. What Justin asked next made Ryan's heart stop for a moment. Ryan are sure that you are ready for me to come over and fuck your wife in front of your cute little pantied ass? As quickly as Ryan said yes, Justin said ok and ended the call.

Ryan sat on the bed, looking at Vicki in disbelief. They had talked about a cuckold fantasy before but Vicki had obviously taken some steps to make it happen. Ryan asked who Justin was and Vicki said that she met him through work and they had flirted after a work function one night and her marital status came up and after some sexually charged conversation Vicki admitted that they've had some cuckold fantasies. Justin smiled and told her that he was a practicing bull and would love to teach them how to explore cuckolding together. Vicki readily agreed to Justin's proposition and thought it was just flirtatious banter. They exchanged phone numbers and they began meeting for coffee once a week to discuss the matter at hand. Ryan raised an eyebrow and said you, you've been cheating on me? Vicki said oh shut up and stop acting like such a pussy. No I haven't been cheating on you, I've been trying to make your fantasy a reality so we can grow closer together. If I wanted to cheat on you, I wouldn't have gone through all of the theatrics of making you dress in panties with a pretty little cock cage now would I. Watching you submit to Justin and I will be far more pleasure than simply cheating on you.

It wasn't five minutes later before Justin showed up, he didn't knock on the door he simply entered our home. I looked at Vicki and she smiled and said get used to it as she saw the surprise on my face. Justin looked Ryan up and down with a smirk on his face and said he is actually kind of sexy before he smacked Ryan's pantied ass with a loud smack noise. Vicki didn't waste any time and pointed Ryan to the couch as she placed her lips on Justin's lips for a deep kiss. Justin was a tall man, certainly over six foot and the chiseled good looks that Ryan saw over facetime were indicative of the rest of him. Well built muscular body with strong arms and defined torso. This was in contrast to Ryan's lean, pantied frame with subdued facial featured. Both men were good looking but Justin was very handsome. As Ryan looked at his wife kissing this man, his mind raced but his cage became very uncomfortable as his penis grew inside its confines. A couple moments later and Vicki eagerly motioned both Justin and Ryan to the bedroom. Ryan sat on the side of the bed and Justin and Vicki sat beside him. Justin laughed as he told Ryan. Nice try, cuck. sit on the floor. Ryan looked to Vicki and she sternly said, do what my bull says or you will be sitting outside the room. Being allowed in here is a privilige and don't forget it. Yes Mistress Vicki, he muttered as he moved from their marriage bed to the floor.

Vicki unbuttoned Justin's pants and removed his belt his pants fell to the floor with a thud. He wasn't wearing any underwear and Ryan saw a partially erect uncircumsized penis that was much larger than his own. Vicki and Justin caught her husband's stare and the both smiled as they saw his envy at the larger member. Justin asked if Ryan would like a closer look and Ryan didn't say anything, Justin proceeded to move closer to Ryan until the large penis was nearly in his face. Suck it and get it ready for me to fuck your beautiful wife, cuck. Ryan hadn't sucked a cock before and clearly didn't know what to do with it. He propped it up from beneath and wiped off a drip of pre-cum as he delicately put the tip in his mouth. Justin put his hand on the back of Ryan's head and thrust his cock into his mouth, causing Ryan to gag. Vicki giggled as she watched her pantied husband suck another man's cock. Her giggle made both men look at her, Ryan's eyes were almost a plea for help while Justin had a grin on his face as he fucked her husband's mouth. A few moments more and Justin told Ryan to get on the bed, Ryan complied and sat on the bed. Turn over Justin commanded with a stern authority in his tone. Ryan turned over, laying on his caged penis with his pantied bum in the air. Justin smiled at Vicki and said are you sure? She handed him a condom as if to answer his question. He put the condom on his large cock and covered it with some lube from the small bottle in Vicki's outstretched hand. Vicki moved forward and grasped Ryan's hand and simultaneously placed her other hand on the small of his back just above his panty line. She said, you are so sexy. Watching him fuck you is such a turn on to me. Thank you for being such an obedient cuck. With that, Justin pulled Ryan's panties to the side and placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to Ryan's bottom and pushed himself inside with a gentle thrust. Ryan clenched his entire body as he felt another man penetrate him. He let out a groan as he accepted this man into him. Vicki said just relax my love, let him in. Ryan laid there motionless as Justin had his way with him moving in and out, groaning as he complimented the tightness of Ryan's bottom. Justin grabbed Ryan by the sides of his hips and pulled him toward him. The forceful thrusts continued for several minutes before Justin pulled out, tore the condom off and furiously stroked his large cock. Vicki opened her mouth and caught all of Justin's load as he emptied his large balls into her mouth.

Ryan rolled to the side and muttered something, both Vicki and Justin smiled at him. Vicki said that it was hot watching her cuck husband get fucked by her bull but now it is her turn. Justin laughed and said that he needed a minute or two. Vicki smiled impatiently as she said Cuck get back in your place. Ryan looked at the fire in her eyes and scrambled to the spot that he had previously occupied on the floor. His bottom sore and his mind in some sort of haze of disbelief. A small drizzle of lube still trickling down his bottom and on his panties. He sat there for minutes which turned to nearly an hour, in some sort of disbeleiving stupor as he watched this man fuck his wife again and again. She craved her bull with eager lustful presence about her as she looked deep into his eyes. Ryan remembered when those eyes were for him and his wife craved him like she craved this man but the intensity, he had never seen this sort of intensely sexual behavior from her. His heart was crushed but equallty excited and aroused as he watched his wife satisfied again and again by a bigger, better, stronger man. At one point it was too much and Ryan closed his eyes for what seemed like just a moment. Justin barked at him saying open your eyes cuck and watch your wife enjoy sex for once.

Ryan was hurting and nearly in tears. Between his freshly fucked asshole and the emotional torment of watching his wife fucked in front of his very eyes. Justin and Vicki were resting, having completed what must have been their tenth round and Vicki said good cuck. Ryan looked up at her with pleading eyes, a visible tear welling up. She stood beside him and held his head to her leg and simply repeated, good cuck, good cuck, good cuck.

Posted : 29/11/2022 2:47 pm