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The humbled cuckold

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She just told me she had a surprise for me and to strip and get on my hands and knees.  She placed the familiar blindfold over my eyes and slapped my cheek gently, watching to see if I would try and dodge her hand. I didn’t and this sufficiently proved to her that my vision was blocked. Over the years Ive spent many an hour with my balls tied tightly, and many times have felt that probing tip of a plug being slowly pushed into my ass, only to be followed by increasing pressure and then relief as my ass closed in around the narrow section.

In other words, my wife ordering me to strip and get on my hands and knees was not something new in our relationship.  It hadnt happened for a few weeks, to be sure, our lives had been busy so I was filled with fearful anticipation when she told me that she had a kinky surprise for me tonight. I felt a real thrill and anticipated a fun, kinky, Saturday afternoon. My reminiscing of the day’s events were interrupted as I felt her tug sharply on my balls. Ouch!

But instead of the familiar tug of rope or twine, as I expected, I felt my balls being pulled through a hole and then suddenly a squeeze around my scrotum.  Then I heard the distinct click of a lock, and my sentence was served.  Just like that, with a simple request and a $50 worth of wood around my balls, the dainty soccer mom had put me, the big bad man of the house under complete control.  I didnt know it yet, but Id been investigated, tried, and convicted and had just been arrested.

I couldn’t tell what I had been locked in but she explained that she had locked me in a humbler.  Id seen pictures on the internet, but was genuinely surprised to see the wooden clamp around my scrotum with extensions behind my thighs and restrains to my ankles.  The device pulled my balls back and stretched between my thighs and any attempt to straighten my legs would make it pull even harder.  My cock instantly got hard, though.  I loved the rare times she just took control, and the surprise was a huge turn on!

When did you get this? I asked. Well, let me tell you a story, she began, slowly walking around in front of me, I saw some stuff online that suddenly got me interested in controlling your balls.  Actually, She turned around sharply and sternly said that she wanted to hurt my balls tonight. I cringed and Huh? was my lame reply.


She said that’s about enough out of you and she stuffed something into my mouth which turned out to be a ball gag, with quite a large ball on it.  I was confused and tried to look back at her but I couldn’t see anything. She slapped the back of my head and told me to keep my head straight.

My wife told me that she posted an ad on craigs list. Bull wanted for Cuckold couple  - wm4m 38 (Seattle)

Attractive couple seeking a bull to pleasure the wife while the hubby watches.  This is big turn on for both of them, as he likes to play the pathetic wimp while a real man shows his wife a good time.  We are both 38, she is 54 120# with nice tits and loves to suck cock.  If you are bi and want to use him too, that is negotiable.

It went on with some other details, but I put two and two together.  A humph? came out of the ball gag as with perfect timing the doorbell rang.

Oh, that will be Tony!  She said sweetly. Then her tone dropped again, he is our guest for tonight.

I tried to stand, but that fucking humbler!  Arrrgh!

She pushed me gently aside and then turned and slowly walked out of the room I can only imagine the back of her heels and stockings and her thong clad ass as she walked out. I could hear her greet Tony followed by sounds that I quickly identified as kissing.

After only a few minutes the two of them entered the bedroom, Tony laughed as he saw me tied up in the humbler. She had arranged me on my hands and knees on the floor facing the bed and made sure she and Tony could look at me while he fucked her.  I assume they had arranged the script because he kept yelling at me how great it was to fuck my wife and how she needed a real man.  Then suddenly, her eyes got big, an expression I knew well, and she went over the edge into a pummeling orgasm, and he roared as he went over the edge. Oh, do you like that, wimpy boy? Tony laughed, noticing my hard on.  Answer the man! she said. Mmmph is all that could be heard from the gag and they laughed.

Too bad pussies like you dont get any!  Tony said, still laughing as he pulled out of my wife and stood up.  But, you can get a good taste of what pussy is like.  Without hesitating, he flipped the ball gag from my mouth to my neck and shoved his still hard cock, dripping with both of their fluids into my mouth.  Clean it bitch!  she hissed at me.

Next he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to the bed where she was now laying on her back, her legs hanging over the side.  Finish your job, cuck! and rammed my face into her cum dripping pussy and held it there.  They hadn’t used a condom and my wife’s pussy was full of the unmistakable flavor of this man’s cum.

Later as I still sat on my hands and knees, still humbled, still hard as a rock, and still tasting the salty sweetness, I watched her dry off after her shower.  She hummed to herself as she put another pair of stockings on and returned my look of confusion as she put her heels on again with a coy smile. She didnt speak at all until the doorbell rang again.  She leaned down and whispered ever so sweetly into my ear That will be Barry, and he IS bi. Over her shoulder, as she breezed out of the room, Then Eric at 9, and Peter at 10:30.  He seemed to REALLY like your picture was what I heard as she walked out of the room to greet him.

Posted : 29/11/2022 7:49 pm