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The neighborhood cuckold

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When our neighbour Sally caught her husband, Geoff and my wife Ann having sex in their new conservatory all hell broke loose.

She went crazy and soon everyone knew about the affair; her 19 year old teenage daughter Chelsea, our daughters: 18 year old Alice and 20 year old Rosie, not to mention everyone who lives in our close and the adjacent streets.

She threw Geoff out, chucked his clothes on the pavement and shouted that she never wanted to see him again.

As soon as he'd disappeared in a taxi to go and stay at his mother's she was round at our house, banging on the windows and knocking on our door, shouting over the side fence for Ann to come outside and calling her all sorts of names: dirty slut, old slag. When she got no response from Ann she started banging on the door of our garage where I was hiding telling me to man up and sort out "your cheating whore of a wife".

I didn't know whether she expected me to make Ann leave our family home or enact some more physical punishment. Either was completely out of the question. I couldn't make Ann do anything she didn't want to do and I certainly wouldn't be able to chuck her out of the house. And the idea that she might let me punish her is unthinkable. I simply wouldn't dare.


Besides, their affair wasn't a shock to me. I'd known that they'd been fucking for a while.

I'd come in early from work one afternoon, almost a year ago now. I could hear them even before I let myself into the kitchen by the back door. That's how loud they were. The neighbours must have been able to hear everything. I stood at the bottom of the stairs listening them fucking, our double bed creaking and banging; Ann moaning and screaming loudly in orgasm and Geoff calling her names. I unzipped my flies and had a quick wank there in the hallway and left while they were still at it. After that day I did the same whenever I could get out of work early.

I even managed to watch them when I realised that their lovemaking was so noisy that I would be able to creep upstairs without them hearing me. I could usually get a good view of them through the half opened bedroom door. I would stand there with my trousers round my ankles and my little dick in my hands wanking while they fucked on our marital super king size.

Ann made no great secret of the affair. She didn't think it was any of my business who she fucked but neither would she go to any great effort to conceal it from me.

Ann has always had other men, since before we got married. She doesn't hide it. In fact, she taunts me about her lovers; teases me and makes cruel comparisons between their big cocks and my small penis.

She says it's my fault that she has to get other men to fuck her because I have a pathetic little dick, I cum too quickly and I'm submissive.

A couple of hours later Sally rang me and invited me to come over to her house. I was reluctant to go but she was very insistent. When I got there she let me in and immediately became very sexual and tactile with me. I could see she'd been drinking. She was dressed in a very revealing blouse and a short skirt and she was wearing a lot of make up. She kissed me and made me sit down on the sofa while she made us strong gin and tonics. Then she sat very close to me so our large bottom was pressed against my hip. She wanted to talk about the affair between Geoff and Ann. She expected me to be angry and go and do something decisive and when I couldn't she looked very disappointed and told me I was too nice and kind and soft.

She became tearful and asked me to hold her in my arms and comfort her which I did but she wouldn't stop at a hug and one thing very quickly led to another and before I knew what was happening she had taken her top off, my hands were on her breasts and we were kissing. She grabbed one of my hands, placed it on her thigh and pushed it up her skirt so far that my fingertips pushed at the gusset of her knickers. It was all too much for me and I managed to free myself from her embrace for a sip of my gin.

She suggested that we should have an affair to get even with 'those two cheating bastards'. I tried to sound enthusiastic as I didn't want to make her feel rejected when she'd only just discovered her husband's infidelity. I found her hard to resist - partly because she is a very attractive woman but mainly due to how very assertive she was behaving. I am naturally inclined to obey dominant women.

We kissed again and soon Sally had my shirt off and was undoing the belt and zip on my trousers. Then she put her hand down the front of my underpants.

I saw a look of confusion come over her face. She pulled down my pants to reveal my small erect penis. All 3 inches of it.

She gasped: "Oh my god Dave. That's so tiny. I've never seen a dick as small as that. It's like a little boy's willy." She laughed scornfully then became angry with me. "That's pathetic. Poor Ann. Now I know why she was fucking my Geoff. I can't blame her."

I became more aroused as she made fun of me. I tried to kiss her again but her mood had changed. She pushed me away and told me to go home.

Earlier, when Sally had been shouting and banging on our door, calling Ann names our teenage daughters Alice and Rosie had been upset and asked their mother what was going on. Ann admitted the affair and told them she had nothing to be ashamed of. She blamed me, their father, but wouldn't say why except that I was pathetic and useless. The girls took their mother's side as usual.

I got home from being ejected by Sally to find Ann sitting in the lounge deep in conversation with Alice and Rosie. They had been laughing together but when they saw me they frowned.

"Where have you been dad? You look flustered. And why are your trousers undone?" said Alice.

I apologised and they rolled their eyes and continued to talk.

I stood there not sure what to do. I was still somewhat agitated and excited by my encounter with Sally.

Ann turned and looked at me. "Why are you still here? Go away and do something useful." Alice and Rosie laughed at this and Rosie clapped her hands at me: "Go on dad. Off you pop."

I went upstairs to our bedroom for some privacy. I was just starting to jerk my stiff little dick when I heard our doorbell ring. I crept to the landing and peered through the bannister from the top of the stairs.

It was Sally, she was carrying a bottle of champagne and some champagne glasses. Her voice was slurry and loud as she shouted through the inside porch letterbox.

"Helloo Ann, I'm here to make amends. I come bearing gifts. I owe you an apology. I had no idea what you've had to put up with; till just now. You poor poor woman. I'm so sorry I lost my temper. Let me in so we can have a drink and be friends again? Please?"

Ann let her in. They went through to the lounge and soon I heard the pop of the bottle of sparkling wine being opened. Sally insisted that Alice and Rosie have a glass as well.

Sally's loud drunken voice carried up the stairs.

"Oh Ann, us girls have to stick together. Share and share alike that's what I always say. There's more than enough of my Geoff for the both of us; as you well know."

I heard them burst into fits of giggles.

"You girls know what I'm talking about don't you. Yes I thought so. Good girls. Come on have a refill."

I heard the rest of the fizz being poured out.

"But Ann I had no idea. I only just saw it, you know - what you've been having to put up with all this time. I'm still in shock. I've never seen one that small." I could hear more laughter. "Oh girls I'm sorry to have to tell you this but your dad has got the tiniest dick I've ever seen on a grown man. It's pathetic. Your poor mum. Where is little Dave anyway? Get him down here. I want to have another look at it."

Ann shouted for me to come downstairs.

I walked in to see the four of them drinking and chatting. When they saw me Ann, Alice and Rosie looked at me with scorn but Sally gave me a lovely smile.

"Oh there he is. My little neighbour. Ooh Dave, I've brought something for you." She fished in her handbag and pulled out a pair of very brief pink bikini bottoms.

"We're having a swimming pool party at ours tomorrow and I thought these should be just the right size for your little package. They used to be mine but I haven't been able to get into them for years. Go on. Try them on then."

I took them from her and turned to go upstairs but Ann told me stay and change down here where they could all see me. Sensing the mood of the room I did as I was told. They watched me in silence as I took my clothes off. I tried to cover my small erect willy but Sally told me to put my hands behind my back so she could have a proper look at it.

As I moved my hands away Alice and Rosie gasped in disbelief and then laughed. "Oh my god dad. That's smaller than any of the boys at school. No wonder mum has to fuck the neighbours."

Ann snorted. "It's not just the size of it. He also doesn't know what to do with it. Except play with it." They all laughed.

She continued: "Oh and Sally, he's so pathetic and submissive. Not like your Geoff. I hope you won't take offence when I say that your husband is wonderfully masterful in the bedroom. He makes you feel like a real woman if you know what I mean."

Sally patted her on the knee. "No offence taken. You're absolutely right. And when he fucks you you certainly know you're being fucked."

They laughed and Ann looked at me with disdain:

"You can hardly tell anything's happening at all with Dave. And he won't take the initiative. He just wants to be told what to do. He does anything you tell him to do. Look. I'll show you. Watch this."

She turned to me and commanded: "Dave; get down on the floor and kiss my feet."

I hesitated; nervous with my daughters there watching.

"Now." She barked angrily.

I dropped on all fours and kissed her feet.

The feeling of being submissive and obedient in public was intoxicating. I kissed Ann's feet devotedly and thanked her.

She kicked me away. "That's enough. Creep. What about your daughters and our guest? Don't you think you ought to show them the same respect?"

I looked nervously at Alice and Rosie. Alice was first. "Don't just lie there dad. Kiss my feet. Now." I did what she commanded. She looked at me with a haughty curl of her lip. When I had kissed all of their feet I was made to stand in front of them, still naked.

Sally finished her glass:

"Dave, we've run out of champagne. Go to my house and get two more bottles. And find Chelsea and tell her to come over here. She shouldn't miss this." Obediently I went to leave the house but Ann reminded me that I was completely naked and might get arrested for indecent exposure.

"Don't be so bloody silly Dave. You can put Sally's little bikini bottoms on for a start."

I put them on. My little hard on was very visible through the small triangle of stretched sheer fabric. Sally made me turn around and said it was a perfect fit. They all giggled.

Ann told me to wait and put something else on.

"Ooh I know. Since you're going to be serving drinks for us you need to wear the right costume. I know just the thing."

She went upstairs and came back with a black and white frilly maid's pinny.

"This is just perfect for a pathetic little dick submissive who has to serve and obey us. Put it on."

I squeezed into it. It had a lacy petticoat, the shape of the skirt and the feel of the satin and lace against my skin felt sensuous. I began to feel even more submissive.

I minced and curtsied but that just made them cross. They told me to stop showing off. I was sent across the close to get the drinks and Chelsea. On the way I saw our neighbours watching me but I just kept my eyes down and kept walking. I realised that I probably looked ridiculous but I still felt like a demure submissive maid. I felt a thrill of public humiliation.

When I got to the house I found Chelsea on her phone. She looked up at me and smiled: "Yes, he's here now. Okay. I will. Promise. See you in a bit mum." Then she giggled and turned to me with a sweet smile.

"Hello Mr Small. Wow. You do look lovely. I love that outfit. Give me a twirl then."

I blushed with her praise and did as she asked. I felt sexy and submissive.

"Mum was just telling me about you and your little willy. Come over here so I can have a look at it." I stepped toward her and she made me lift up my skirt so she could see the skimpy bikini bottoms and the tiny bulge of my erection. She let out the cooing noise that girls make when they see a cute little animal.

"Aaw, look at it. Sooo cute all snuggled up in mum's old bikini bottoms." Then she pulled the pants down and gasped with delight as my tiny erection sprang out.

"Oh my god. It's soooo little and tiny. Like my little finger." She looked up at me: "It looks stiff? Does that mean this is as big as it gets?" I nodded.

"Oh bless. So is it hard because you get turned on being teased aboutyour little your dick and being humiliated by women and wearing girl clothes?" I shrugged.

She addressed my dick as though it were a pet. "Oh poor little willy have those nasty women been horrible to you because you're so teeny weeny? What a shame. I think you're so sweet. I want to bite you off and eat you up"

She looked up at me again.

"Mr Small, can I touch it? Please." I nodded. She held it delicately between her forefinger and thumb. I almost came at the touch of her fingers. She squealed "Ooh it likes that. I felt it move a bit when I touched it. It is like a little wrinkly baby mouse. So cute."

She looked up at me once again.

"Mr Small, do you mind if I just kiss it? Please." I nodded breathlessly. She bent forward and kissed the little head of my dick. Then she pursed her lips and put her mouth right around it, sucking as though it were a lollipop. I was about to cum in her mouth when she took her lips away.

"I can get the whole of it in my mouth so easily."

She looked up and saw that I was looking down her blouse at her tits. She became cross.

"Mr Small. Were you looking down my top at my young titties? I don't remember giving you permission to look at my breasts. What gives you the right to perv at my boobs without even asking first?"

I stuttered an excuse but she wouldn't listen and I was marched back to our house and made to stand in front of everyone while Chelsea told them what I'd done.

Alice and Rosie were all for punishing me then and there but their mother told them to calm down.

"He will be punished but there's plenty of time for that later. Right now he's more useful to us serving us and pouring our drinks and administering to our needs like a proper submissive little dick maid."

They all agreed and I spent the rest of the afternoon at their beck and call while considering what punishment awaited me.

Posted : 29/11/2022 7:25 pm