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The Restaurant

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Here’s a new one I call “The Restaurant.”

My wonderful older Wife Karin and I were having a late dinner at a nearby restaurant. We had arrived shortly before closing time, when only a handful of tables were occupied.

The waiter was a tall young man in his early 20s. He had dark hair and olive skin, and looked to be possibly of Italian, Greek or other Mediterranean heritage. He introduced himself as Dominic.

Karin had immediately noticed the waiter’s youthful good looks and begun flirting with him, smiling and winking and applying Her lipstick, all while watching his reaction. He was responsive to Her flirting and seemed to find Her attractive as well.

We ordered our meals and a glass of wine for each of us. Karin immediately sipped some of Her wine after he poured it, so the waiter would see the marks on the wine glass left behind by Her freshly applied lipstick. As we were the final table of the evening, Dominic was able to be more attentive than usual.


As Karin took the last sip of Her first glass of wine, Dominic had been watching Her, and arrived at the table with the bottle. “More wine, Ma’am?” he asked.

“Don’t call me Ma’am. That’s what my husband is for,” Karin said, winking, as She gestured toward me, teasing me as She continued flirting with the waiter. “You can call me Karin for now.”

“More wine, Karin?” asked the young waiter, not reacting to Her using the word “husband.”

“Yes, please, Dominic,” Karin replied. “But no more wine for my husband, he’s driving.”

By the time our meals were brought to the table, Karin was about halfway through Her fourth glass of wine, and I was only about halfway through my first. Knowing that I’d have drive home after dinner, I made my glass last for a long time.

Karin and I ate slowly. I had Dominic bring me black coffee, twice. Karin was up to Her sixth glass of wine. Gradually, most of the restaurant staff left for the night, until only Dominic and the owner remained. In the distance, Karin and I saw the owner hand Dominic the keys before exiting out the back door.

It was now just the three of us alone in the restaurant.

Dominic arrived at the table. “Would either of you like any dessert?” he asked.

I silently looked over at Karin.

“I definitely want some dessert,” Karin said. “What do you have, Dominic?”

“The chef has left for the night, so we have cheesecake available, as well as gelato,” he replied.

“I’m in the mood for something hot,” Karin said, re-applying Her bright red lipstick. “Hot, tall, and young.” She stood up from Her chair and stepped closer to the young waiter, looking up longingly into his deep brown eyes. Even though She was wearing Her four-inch heels, Dominic stood at least four inches taller than Karin.

“But, Karin, your husb-” Dominic started.

Karin held a finger to his lips, gently shushing the waiter. “He likes to watch,” She said, wrapping Her arms loosely around his waist. “And I like to let him watch.”

I remained silent and nodded in agreement.

Karin slowly unbuckled Dominic’s belt, and removed it. “Put your hands behind your back,” She said.

Still sitting in my chair at the table, I put my hands behind my back, replying with a “Yes, Ma’am.”

Dominic put his hands behind his back as well, not knowing Karin’s request was for me, or that She had plans to restrain me.

Karin used Dominic’s belt to tie my hands behind my back and also secure me to the chair. “That’s a good hubby. I can’t have you touching yourself while you watch us,” Karin said. “I’ll be taking care of you when we get home. Now relax and enjoy,” She added.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied to Karin. Karin always had my full support in these endeavors; watching Her seduce and bed a man half Her age or less was always a tremendously arousing experience for me.

“Does your husband always do as you tell him?” Dominic asked, not aware of the female-led nature of our marriage.

“He is a wonderfully obedient husband. He knows what’s good for him,” Karin replied. “Tell me, Dominic, how young are you?” Karin asked the young waiter.

“I’m 21, Karin,” Dominic replied.

“Good, you’re younger than my husband, but still old enough to share the wine with me,” Karin said.

She poured the remaining wine from the bottle into Her glass, gently raised it to Dominic’s lips and tilted it slightly. After he drank from the lipstick-marked glass, he held the glass to Karin’s lips and She drank from it in the same way, exchanging sips of wine until it was all gone.

After sharing the wine, Karin pulled Her chair directly in front of Dominic and sat down. I knew exactly what She planned to do first, and was perfectly positioned to watch Karin having fun with Her new boy toy. My erection was getting started even before She got started.

Karin unbuttoned and unzipped Dominic’s black pants. They fell to his ankles, revealing a pair of briefs, containing his bulge of arousal inside. She pulled his briefs down as well.

Dominic’s cock was semi-erect in anticipation, awaiting the warmth of Karin’s mouth to envelop it. Dominic began to stroke it slowly, but Karin gently slapped his hand away. Again, he took his hand to his cock, but Karin slapped his hand harder this time.

“Dominic, don’t make me tie you up the way I did my husband,” Karin admonished. “We’re going to do this at my pace. That means it’s hands-off for you.”

Dominic put his hands behind his back. “Yes, Karin,” he said.

Karin gently took his cock in Her right hand, gently running one of Her perfectly-manicured fingernails back and forth along the bottom of his shaft, causing his cock to twitch in anticipation. She repeated with every one of Her fingernails. Dominic kept his hands behind his back obediently.

After a minute or two of teasing him with Her fingernails, She wrapped a hand around his now fully-erect manhood, and stroked it gently. Karin licked Her lips lightly to wet them. She gently licked the underside of Dominic’s head, then cradled the head of his shaft on Her warm, rolled tongue.

Watching Karin slowly build up to giving Dominic head had my own cock throbbing. I wanted to unzip my pants, so that Karin could alternate between pleasuring Dominic’s cock and mine. But that’s not what She wanted right now. She wanted our waiter all to Herself without any distractions from me, so I continued to watch in silence.

I could see that Dominic was desperately wanting to thrust his shaft into Karin’s mouth, but he instead went along with Her slow pace.

Karin extended Her tongue, and pulled Dominic’s rod upward. She touched Her tongue to the base of his shaft, just above the sac, and slowly ran Her tongue along the full length of his erection. Finally, my Wife took Her mouth and placed it over the head, pausing briefly before letting Her lovely wet, red lips slide down toward the base of his manhood, stopping about two inches from the base, then slowly sliding back up the shaft, completely removing it from Her mouth. As the head of his cock slid from from Her mouth, She made a “pop” sound with Her lips. She left traces of Her lipstick smeared along about three-quarters of the length of his throbbing boner.

Karin again took most of Dominic’s shaft into Her mouth, and withdrew Her mouth slowly, again making the popping sound as She removed Her lips from it. She repeated this a few times, as She felt his arousal growing, then stopped, waiting nearly a minute before returning Her mouth to his manhood. This time around, after pausing at the insertion point where She had stopped before, She relaxed Her throat, and took the entire length of Dominic’s cock into Her mouth, without any sign of gagging or choking. She left Her mouth at the base of his shaft for several seconds, his glans nestled in Her throat, before again slowly sliding Her lovely red lips all the way back up its length, before making another, more exaggerated “pop” as his manhood exited Her mouth.

I watched intently, as my beautiful Wife used Her wonderful mouth to pleasure our waiter. Watching Her slowly work him to arousal had me just as excited, my cock dribbling pre-cum in my underwear. I was unable to give myself any release due to being tied to the chair. Even if my hands had been free, however, I knew better than to touch myself without Her permission.

Karin reached into Her purse and retrieved Her lipstick, applying another thick coat before resuming Her oral pleasuring of Dominic’s cock, still at a slow and deliberate pace to ensure he wouldn’t cum right now. Karin continued pleasuring Dominic with Her mouth, slowly building up Her intensity until he began to moan with pleasure, then abruptly stopped before he could cum.

“Karin, please don’t stop,” Dominic begged. “I was almost ready to cum.”

“I want you inside me instead,” Karin replied, pulling a condom from Her purse and handing it to him. “Put this on. I’d bet you won’t even last three minutes.”

“I can go fifteen with my girlfriend,” Dominic replied.

“I’m not your girlfriend,” Karin said. “But you’re welcome to prove me wrong, Dominic,” She continued, freshening Her lipstick again.

Karin pulled up Her skirt, revealing a lovely pair of damp pink lace panties. She took the panties off, and stuffed them into Dominic’s mouth. “Don’t speak,” She instructed him.

As Karin had stuffed Her panties into my mouth before, I knew both how Dominic felt, and how wonderful the taste would be for him, and thought maybe if I had talked instead of remaining silent, Her panties would be in my mouth right now.

Karin was still wearing Her clothes from the waist up as well as Her glasses and high heels. She had Her skirt pulled above Her waist. Moving some plates around to make room, She climbed onto the table where we had been eating, lying flat on Her back, and put Her legs up into the air.

I now had a perfect view of my Wife’s wonderful body, literally inches from my, lying across the table where we had just eaten our late dinner.

Dominic, still panty-gagged and silent, put the condom on his lipstick-smeared manhood, initially being gentle as he inserted his shaft deep into my Wife. It slid into Her wet womanhood easily, and Dominic began to thrust vigorously. Karin moaned with lustful delight as Dominic pounded Her rapidly. This is what She wanted as soon as She saw him, and Karin always gets what She wants.

Dominic, standing to my left next to the table, grabbed Her buttocks and pulled Her body further onto his cock, forcefully thrusting himself into my Wife as I watched the enjoyment on Her face. Karin sat up on the edge of the table, looking into his eyes. She wrapped Her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately as he continued to rapidly thrust his youthful manhood into Her.

But just as Karin had predicted, Dominic came in less than three minutes.

“Well, you said you can last fifteen minutes with your girlfriend, but just barely made three minutes with me. I guess that means I’m five times as hot as your girlfriend?” Karin said to him, teasingly.

Dominic, somewhat flustered, had to remove the panties from his mouth. “Oh my God, Karin, you are so much hotter than my girlfriend!” he exclaimed. He paused a moment before continuing. “I’m sorry, Karin, I got carried away,” Dominic apologized, trying to hand the panties back to Karin.

“Keep the panties, they’re yours now,” Karin said. “If you eat your jizz out of that condom, I’ll let you take me a second time.”

Dominic put Karin’s panties into his pocket, then slid the condom off of his cock. He sniffed at it, apparently turned off from the smell of his own cum. He closed his eyes, put the open end to his mouth, tilted his head back, and milked the warm, gooey liquid into his mouth, and made a face that looked like he had tasted his own vomit, or something nearly as vile.

“Swallow,” Karin told him.

Dominic swallowed, nearly gagging on his own semen. It was clear he didn’t enjoy the taste, texture, or the overall experience, but had enjoyed being with my Wife enough that swallowing his own was worth another time with Her.

Karin pulled a fresh condom from Her purse and handed it to Dominic. She always carried several condoms in Her purse, for situations just like this.

“Before you put that condom on to do me again, I want you to eat me for at least fifteen minutes,” Karin said, lying back down on the table.

Dominic sat in the same chair Karin had used when She orally pleasured him, bending toward the table and Karin’s soaking wet lady parts, and began to go down on my Wife. Karin moaned loudly as he orally pleasured Her, having three orgasms while his face was buried in Her crotch, his tongue lapping at Her clit. With every orgasm, Karin pulled his hair tightly, ensuring he didn’t move his head away from that perfect spot as She experienced Her pleasure.

Watching my Wife cum had me leaking like a defective faucet. I had dribbled so much pre-cum, that I had a two-inch wet spot visible on my pants, never mind what must have been in my underwear. I hoped Karin wouldn’t notice.

Relaxed and ready for sex again, Dominic stood and started to open the second condom. Karin took it from him, and stood at the edge of the table, re-applying Her red lipstick before kneeling in front of Dominic again. She opened the condom, took it from the wrapper and put it onto him using Her mouth, leaving lipstick smudges on the condom.

My beautiful Wife stood up and kissed Dominic passionately, then put one of Her slender legs around his body, and then the other, gently placing Her body onto his erection. With him standing, and Her legs wrapped around him, She began to ride him while he was still standing. This time around, She was controlling the pace, preventing him from coming too quickly.

“On your back, on the table,” Karin said, and Dominic was only too happy to comply. He sat on the edge of the table, Karin’s lovely legs still wrapped around his waist. He then leaned back on the table in the same position Karin had been previously, as She took control, straddling his body with Her knees on the table, using Her hips and thighs to bounce up and down slowly on Dominic’s manhood.

“Do you like it when I’m in control?” Karin asked him, still riding slowly.

“I love it, Karin, it is amazing,” Dominic responded.

“Call me Ma’am now,” Karin ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am, I love it, it is amazing,” Dominic corrected himself.

My Wife continued to ride Dominic slowly, occasionally bending down to kiss him. She came twice during Her slow ride, moaning loudly each time She came.

Finally, She wanted Dominic to cum. She bent down to kiss him one last time, probing his mouth with Her tongue, bouncing Her slender body rapidly on his cock. He grabbed the tablecloth and pulled it upward, wrapping it tightly around Her body. Pulling the tablecloth caused some of the plates and glasses that had been left on the table to fall to the floor and break. Karin ignored this, and continued to ride him passionately, even more quickly than before. He grunted loudly, pulling the tablecloth so tightly around Karin’s body that he tore it as he reached orgasm.

“Oooooh, yes, Ma’am!” Dominic exclaimed as he came. The empty wine bottle fell to the floor and shattered with a loud crash.

Karin and Dominic were both dripping sweat from their bodies. She sat upright, with Dominic still on his back on the table, waiting just to keep his cock inside Her a minute or two longer until his erection subsided, before climbing off him.

I was sweating and had nearly came in my pants just from watching. Despite her hair and makeup being in total disarray, Karin looked incredibly beautiful. She was absolutely glowing with pleasure and happiness. Seeing Her glow made me incredibly happy, and knowing She would be in bed with me when we returned home made me feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Dominic had a mess to clean up before leaving for the night, but he had just experienced the passion of an older woman, an encounter he certainly wouldn’t soon forget, if ever.

Karin removed the belt that She had used to tie me to the chair and gave it back to Dominic, who was putting his pants back on. She sat in my lap, facing me, as we looked deeply into each others’ eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes had a new sparkle that would last for months.

“Karin, I love you, beautiful Wife,” I said. We kissed passionately for a minute or three before standing. Karin pulled Her skirt back down, and we headed toward the door to leave.

Dominic met us at the door, with the keys ready to unlock it and lock it after we left. “Karin, thank you, Ma’am, you were amazing,” he said to my Wife.

“Dominic, thank you for showing my Wife a good time,” I said.

“Remember what you learned tonight the next time you’re with your girlfriend, and she’ll thank you,” Karin told Dominic.

Karin and I were halfway out the door, when She remembered something.

“I almost forgot to tip you,” Karin said. She reached into Her purse and pulled out a stack of twenty neatly folded $100 bills and handed them to Dominic.

“Thank you very much, Ma’am,” Dominic said.

“It was literally my pleasure,” Karin replied. “And yours. And my husband’s.,” she added with a wink.

When Karin and I arrived home, I carried Her from the front door all the way into the bedroom. She didn’t fix Her makeup or Her hair. She pegged me for about fifteen minutes before telling me to go down on Her for another fifteen, and then She had me make love to Her. Not only did She let me cum inside Her, but She told me She didn’t want me to clean Her up afterwards. We held each other and fell into a blissful sleep together.

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This is very erotic and sexy!! 
Every man will want his wife to do so....

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Glad you enjoyed it!

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