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Trying for a child

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We had been trying to have a baby for about two years, having sex about three times a week, without any luck, so we sought the advice of a fertility specialist. A very expensive fertility specialist. She said “In general, a fertile couple has a good chance of getting pregnant within a year, as out of 100 couples trying to conceive naturally: 20 will conceive within one month with 50 more conceiving within six months. 85% total will conceive within one year.” We were well outside that frame, so we did the costly workup.

Then we got the news were our problems were, my husband wasn’t making strong enough sperm.

For that, there’s not a lot you can do. We tried the loose boxers, and ice jocks, and all that, so then we talked to the expert about what our other options may be, when she suggested a sperm donor and artificial insemination. There was a fee for every attempt, and we would need to attempt every month during my ovulations until I got pregnant. We had already spent a fortune on the fertility evaluations up until this point, and the harsh reality was, even if this is what we wanted to do, we were broke and couldn’t afford it right now.

We talked about it a lot, and we came to the realization that if we were just looking for a sperm donor to get me pregnant, since that wouldn’t be my husband anyway, we didn’t need to pay an expensive doctor and a costly donor to get me pregnant, we could get me knocked up for free the old fashioned way.

We decided it wouldn’t be cheating any more or less than if a syringe injected that sperm in there instead of a dick, and my husband reassured me he wouldn’t be jealous since we made this decision together only because we wanted to raise a baby together.


After running some personal ads, and screening lots of candidates, we found the perfect guy; the kind of guy we would have been paying top dollar to the fertility clinic to get. Since the clinic had given us a copy of the health screening questions and tests they would run sperm donors through, we knew what we needed of our candidate, and he was willing to do these things at his own health clinic. He passed all the tests with flying colors, including that he was free of all testable STD’s, which was comforting to know. He was also young, fit, tall, very handsome, and a student at a very prestigious law school. In fact, since he was a law student, he even drew up a contract for us for free, essentially guaranteeing he was waiving all future paternity rights, and we were waiving him of all responsibilities, since he was, in effect, simply serving as a sperm donor to us.

The deal was, he would try as often as he could, ideally every day, to try and get me pregnant on an ongoing basis for an unspecified amount of time understanding that there was no way of knowing how long it may take. This is where it became a bargain for us, because otherwise we’d be paying those doctor fees EVERY SINGLE TIME we attempted to get me pregnant. With this deal, this willing guy just keeps trying until we succeed. When the time came that I was in fact pregnant, he then agreed to vanish out of our lives and leave us alone.

When the time came for us to actually try for the first time, boy were we all nervous. To begin, I didn’t want to use any artificial lubricants that might interfere with the sperm, so we started with just my husband and I in the bedroom. My husband’s job was to lick and kiss my pussy until I was sufficiently worked up and wet enough for sex. I was too nervous at this point to cum, but I did get plenty wet and swollen. Then we called for our stud, as he was. We had agreed that when we call for him, I didn’t want to see. I would be laying on top of my husband facing him, and our stud was to mount me from behind and try to get me pregnant.

That’s when it got a little awkward, because we didn’t plan on him being so well hung. When he climbed onto the bed and first mounted me, despite being as wet as I was, all he could get in was just the tip. My husband asked what was wrong, and not wanting to give my husband any more to be jealous about than he already has, I said it was nothing, just awkward since he was new to me. He kept pushing, and I kept pushing back as I felt my pussy being stretched to proportions I had never experienced before. I have to admit, it really hurt, like it did the first time I lost my virginity.

I felt the same tearing sting and stretching discomfort now as I did then. The further he pushed into me, the wider I felt my body stretched. Every time I was sure he was all the way in, he would push a little more, and I’d stretch again a little more, and I’d feel him reach still further more until I was sure I would split in two from my pelvis. The distention was tight up against my clitoris, which had never felt such strain and pressed upon. It sent electric sparks throughout my body. It was marvelous.

Then it occurred to me I was probably making faces my husband had never seen me make before, and my heart skipped a beat. Did my husband see in my expression how much I was enjoying the carnal pleasure of this stranger’s cock wrecking into my womb? I went in for a deep kiss, in part to reassure my husband that despite having lost myself for just a moment in the flesh it was him I loved, but mostly I went in for the kiss to hide the ecstasy I knew I must have had flushed all over my face.

Then our stud started to withdraw, leaving me feeling for that moment hollow and empty, and then he filled me back up again, again dragging my inflamed clitoris in along with him. The sensation was indescribable. I literally had no idea such euphoria was possible from simply letting such a manhood penetrate your body.

In and out he thrust, each pass of flesh bringing more agony more torturous than the last to hide from my husband’s awareness, until I could hide it no longer. I lost myself, and let go, giving in to the light that consumed me. I came, and came hard, and not just once. It was as if I thought it would never stop. My body was so sensitive, I didn’t think I could take any more pleasure, not one more stroke, but he didn’t relent. Our stud had no mercy, and was not gentle with his enormous size. He thrust it again and again into me, until I thought I could stand no more, he finally came, filling me with the seed we were here to receive.

When he at last withdrew, I was self conscious that I was gaping, distended beyond elasticity, and so I closed my legs to hide my shame. I rolled onto my back to put my legs up, and keep all his cum inside me, and then I saw his body. He was like a bulging muscle of flesh, not a mere penis or cock, but a thick, long strong muscle of manhood. And I took all of that inside me?

My husband wanted to mount me then as well, but I couldn’t. Not just to avoid the comparison, but also, and truthfully so, so that we wouldn’t dilute our stud’s sperm. Our stud asked when next we should try again, and without hesitation, I said “Tomorrow.” We should continue to try everyday until we succeed. It makes sense, not just for our plans of getting me pregnant, but to my new found lust to feel that euphoria again, and soon.

The next day came, and again it was my husband’s job to prepare me, only this time I wasn’t so shy. We let the stud into the bedroom from the outset, watching as my husband knelt between my legs licking a pussy that was already wet before he started. Now, I wasn’t nervous, I was anxious, impatient to feel that burning stretch again. I let my husband lick me to my first orgasm of the night, not just so he could play a part in my pleasure, but because then I would already be beyond sensitive when our stud stretches his manhood into my tight ring of sex.

From the first thrust my toes wanted to curl in and save me from my fall. Again our stud took me from behind, and again my husband was there to comfort me in my anguish as I cried my joy into his shoulder.

Again, when we were done, and as I lay on my back with my legs in the air to keep all our stud’s seed inside of me, my husband wanted his share, and again I had to refuse him. “So we’re not going to be having sex anymore, you and I, until you’re pregnant?”

“I guess that’s true.” We hadn’t thought about it until now, but it was true. Sex with my husband would just dilute our stud’s seed in my womb, and it was his seed we were doing this for.

He suggested then that maybe we could enjoy each other’s bodies in other ways while we’re trying to get me pregnant, but I didn’t want that. “I don’t want to consider that you are getting off with even the very idea that another man is making love to your wife. I want to keep our love separate and pure from the procreative loveless sex I’m having to get pregnant.” That, and our magnificent stud exhausts every drop of sex my soul could possibly weep each time he fucks me, but I couldn’t say that to my husband. I kept that part to myself.

It wasn’t but a couple weeks of this amazing sex when I did my first pregnancy test, and found myself anxious and nervous to find out the result. As the test matured sitting on the bathroom counter, I tried with sheer will of mind to make it produce the result my heart so desperately wanted out of it at that moment. And as the result revealed itself to me, I was overcome with joy to know that gratefully I wasn’t yet pregnant, thank God.

It was then that I realized that the joy of that sex, being ripped asunder from the thighs up, was overpowering, and I secretly went and got myself on the pill.

Day in and day out, my husband would eat me to the first orgasm of the day, and in that fire our stud would plunge his blade, and quench me of all the shudders and trembling my body could hold together. And day after day my husband would be denied the same, dutiful yet wanting, I never let him cum.

Days would come when I’d be on my period, and my husband would plead, “Surely these days you couldn’t possibly be ovulating. You couldn’t possibly get pregnant. Surely at least on these days, I could be with my wife again.“

But even here my husband was wrong. Again, from the fertility expert, sperm can live inside you for 2, 3 and up to 5 days. You could have sex towards the end of your bleeding and then actually conceive 4 or 5 days later with an early ovulation. The probabilities of getting pregnant while on your period are lower, but the possibilities are still there. If we are to maximize our chances of my getting pregnant, then not a day should go to waste.

My poor husband. He was horny, lonely, and frustrated. His only sexual outlet being to eat my pussy to ready it for another man to cum in. His denial was especially true ever since that day I had caught him masturbating, and chastised him about being so baseless and disrespectful to me, his wife. If I am having to suffer another man in our marriage, the least he could do is suffer alongside me and wait. I made him promise then not to cum again until he can share that with me, when we are ready. Being the loyal dutiful husband I know him to be, that was the last he has cum. He now waits, horny and frustrated, while he himself ensures his wife is wet enough to cum again and again on another man’s glorious cock.

The days and weeks became months, and eventually more than a year. More than a year had passed with my husband willfully preparing my pussy to cuckold him to a cock that gave his wife pleasure like she never imagined could exist here on Earth. More than a year since my own husband knew those same joys, whether it be either with me or alone, he was denied. And then that day came, when my period didn’t. And again I found myself trying to will that test negative, but at last it betrayed me, and betrayed my pill, and was positive.

My heart sank. Even if I kept this pregnancy a secret, which I did, it would eventually declare itself to be true over time. My days with my stud’s cock were limited. At some point, several months later, while my husband was undressing me, I saw my reflection in the mirror. There was no denying it. I had a baby-bump.

I became so insecure that either my husband or my stud was going to point this out, but neither ever did. My husband, once he had me naked, simply laid me back, and parted my legs to prepare me for my daily fucking. Both men were hard as usual, one hard in anticipation of fucking my well-prepared pussy, and the other hard from the foreplay of preparation, even though always unrequited. My baby-bump eventually grew to the point that I couldn’t see over it to watch my husband eating me anymore, and in time I couldn’t even meet his eyes with mine either, his hiding behind my now swollen womb.

My husband continued to eat me out as he always did, and my stud continued to exhaust me with sex after as he always did. The only thing that changed in time was that my stud started to fuck me with me on my side so that I could be more comfortable, and when even that became uncomfortable, and I was too big to fuck anymore, I started to suck my stud off so that he wouldn’t have to go without. I would suck him off while my husband ate me out, so that my stud and I continued to cum together, and my husband continued his denial, ;hard, horny, and always leaking his own unspent precum from being turned on but going without.

Eventually the baby we always wanted came, and it was a joy to behold, but I never stopped sucking and fucking my stud, and never stopped denying my husband, and so our lives continued, each happily satisfied, or happily unsatisfied, each in our own ways.

Posted : 28/12/2020 11:30 pm
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Wow, what a story!

Posted : 30/12/2020 7:23 am