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Importance and Uniqueness of Language

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Hello all, I came across the following article and although it is not about chastity it highlighted for me that language (words) around sexuality can have different meanings depending on an individual's experiences and mental model.  For example, many of the comments on this site align chastity as a form of control for when a man can't control his sexual urge to cum.  Others may be like My Love and I who see chastity as a tool to use to increase our intimacy energy (like tantra or meditation or weekly dinner dates).  So, as we read all the wonderful perspectives posted on this great site, know that it is OK to be different .... chastity is not a one size fits all (OK, pun intended ? ).

FYI, a little more on our approach to chastity:  I have the will power to not orgasm, but I don't know when I should allow myself.  If it were left up to me I might never orgasm as I would default to that which keeps our intimacy energy high (it often declines for a day or two after orgasm for all the reasons so eloquently stated by others).  So I took that choice away and gave it to My Love, who bases my permission to cum on her need to see or feel that energy release from me.

Posted : 02/12/2019 5:19 pm
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That is a great article. I like this one in particular

The feeling I’m experiencing is sexual arousal over my partner’s sexuality and my acceptance of that sexuality. She reciprocates and we fall into a virtuous arousal cycle.


Posted : 02/01/2020 3:41 pm