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Ladies - You can have it your way

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Ladies - I know most (or all) of you here respect the men you are with, and want the best for them, but please don't lose site of the fact that in a FLR, YOUR wishes take priority over his. One of the most important posts I read here was from Asha below:

"My husband found chastity extremely difficult to get used to. His emotions used to begin with polite requests for release, burning resentment, whining to angry outbursts. I was steadfast and firm that he would remain locked till I decide, and the date and time is entirely at my discretion and with no prior notice to him. His mood swings would culminate in crying and begging me on his knees . I used to then cuddle and caress him allowing him to nurse at my breasts telling him that he must learn to remain locked till I decide otherwise. Over time he has learned that no matter how and what he says or does, "I decide"

Longer chastity periods for your male counterpart, pegging or cuckolding can all be yours if you wish it, if you follow a few simple ideas: 1. Gradual changes. 2. Respectful communication. 3. A firm intention on your part. Examples below:

Longer chastity periods - Explain to him how much his behavior has changed for the better now that he's been locked up, for (example) 8 day periods, and you feel 10 days would be more appropriate. Tell him he'll be unlocked on day 11 for a nice orgasm if he behaves. Be respectful, but tell him...don't ask. Follow this example for the next extension as well, until you get what you want. The same can be done if you want to vary the chaste periods.  

Pegging - Tell him you want to try a different form of intimacy (or words to that effect) communicate your desires, allow questions or comments, but when the bedroom, peg him - just a little at first, to overcome his fear of pain, and to get him used to the experience. Over the next few weeks you can increase the frequency and length of your dildo. Hint: This works best if he's already locked in a chastity cage.    


Cuckolding - Many women want this but are afraid to take the first step. please remember ladies---if you hold the key to your mans locked chastity cage, he's already psychologically "under your thumb" Wait until you know he's been locked for awhile and sexually frustrated, then sit him down and explain how much he means to you, but tell him that you want to satisfy your sexual urges with another man. Let this sink in for awhile. Observe his response, if he resists, then drop the subject, and let him think about it, but don't hesitate to bring it up again and again. After awhile most men will relent and submit to your wishes.    

In the vast majority of cases men will submit to a women's wishes if they are introduced gradually, respectfully, but with firm intentions. You can be respectful ladies - but you can have it your way!


Posted : 12/05/2021 9:35 am
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Chastity is hard to get used to. Only a few years ago, I was having 10+ orgasms a week (mostly PIV), every week, and now I'm at maybe 1. That's pure headfuckery, not to mention physically difficult, to start with. I was also the unquestioned ruler of my domain. And a nice domain it was.

Now I live to please my wife. I fulfill her wishes and desires, and obey her every instruction. And not only do I not mind, but I actually have "learned" to enjoy it. (Hard to find the right word here. She has made me enjoy it. But it didn't really take much work on her part. She just got me completely addicted to her, and now I'm done. Kaput. Folded my hand. Enslaved at her feet.)

So let me rewrite that: Now I happily live to eagerly please my gorgeous, intelligent, and thoughtful wife. I gladly fulfill her every wish and desire, and I can't wait to receive and obey her every instruction. And I could not possibly be happier.

Even this morning, I was laying on top of her, and thinking, "this is weird, isn't it?"

Yeah, it's weird. But I'm happily addicted. And hopelessly lost.

Posted : 13/05/2021 5:54 am
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