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I am in a wonderful, formal FLR that is perfect for me because my wife enthusiastic control over our sex life and personal life liberates me from the "alpha male" role I play at work. I love her and trust her and am at total peace when I am in her space.

When I was in my 20s I think I naturally thought I was supposed to be the alpha all the time. For several years I was in a serious relationship with a wonderful, smart, beatutiful, sexy woman, and she would literally do anything for me, inside or outside the bedroom. She was endlessly kind, compassionate, and giving. She was even fantastically rich. I don't mean upper-middle class, comfortable rich. I mean, "Let's fly to Paris for brunch" rich. She even told me that if we got married, her father would galdly pay off my three years of private law school debt.

And, everything was about me. She would fly across the country to suprise me on a dull business trip. After one meeiting, on a whim, we rented a convertable Jaguar to drive US 1 up the California coast to Napa Valley where we staying in a B&B and toured wine country for a week. When I would come to pick her up at the airport, she would blow me in the car on the way home. She was so turned on by me, I actaully gave her an orgasm once just by playing with her breasts. But, everything we did had to be exactly what I wanted. Even if I couldn't care less about what we did, or where we went, we still had to do whatever I decided.

It was so awful, I actually broke up with her. For years, I would ask myself what the hell I was thinking. Beautiful, brilliant (MBA), horny, rich, into me, giving, loved my family (and was loved back). Did I need to have my head examined?

It has only been recently, more than 30 years later, that I realized somewhere in the back of my brain I knew that she wasn't what I needed. It is only now that I am deleriously happy in an FLR, that I have finally figured it out. It was exhausting being in charge of everything. Even then, all day everyday was high-pressure to keep everything in control. There was no liberation in letting go of all that when I stepped in to my personal life or the bedroom.


At the same time, there was no challenge. If I wanted to fuck in the bathroom of a jetliner flying at 30,000 feet, her answer would be, "Let's go" and she would call me a genius for thinking of it. One time, we were walking hand in hand on a beautiful deserted beach in the Bahamas (where her parents had a place) and I mentioned how romantic it was. She pulled off her top, lay down on the sand and let me screw her right there on the beach in broad daylight. When I told her I wanted to see her masturbate for me in public at the busiest shopping center in Washington, D.C., she found a way to do it as I stood there and watched her make herself cum in front 20 people within 50 feet of her.

I was obviously in a Male Led Relationship. I didn't think of it a such at the time, and it never occurred to me that what I needed was a Female Led Relationship. It took years of experience to figure that out. Although, I do think it is ironic that the thing that drives me to needing an FLR, being an alpha by day, is what attracted a woman who assumed I was like that all day long and would have been happy to be my sub.

Posted : 15/01/2023 5:05 pm
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My wife and I got to reconnect yesterday.  She has been burning the candle and both ends for weeks due to her brother’s surgery and the expansion of our business.  We have not been able to spend more than one night together a week this month.

We got married a month ago, and there are many things we needed to make final decisions about, like where we were going to live.  There is no need to go through the litany of worries she has been facing recently.  Suffice it to say, she is not used to having a partner who is hard-wired to work together to address challenges.  It still surprises her, to a certain extent, that I really mean it when I say that putting her happiness first is my greatest priority.

Last night was the first night we have spent together at her house since we got married before Christmas.  Yesterday, we made the final decision that I will be moving to her house until the real estate market settles out.  We went through her place room by room to see what we could do to make space for the things will need to bring over.  We both felt great about the decision and how we were able to assuage her feeling of anxiety.

Each time we are forced to spend some time apart, her inhibitions tend to reassert themselves a little bit.  She loves our FLR and being the one in control inside and outside the bedroom.  But, she is loving and compassionate, and it seems that she needs reassurance from me, after we have been apart for a while, I really do prefer being her submissive.

We woke up together this morning and she was very gentle in asserting her control.  For example, after saying good morning to each other, I asked her if she wanted her morning coffee (I prepared the coffee maker last night before we went to bed).

She said, “Yes, I do.  You stay here.  I’ll go make it.”

I immediately put my hand on her and said, “Please don’t.  That is my job.  I want to do it.”  Then I popped out of bed and took my stiff erection down to the kitchen to make the coffee.  I don’t think she really wanted to go make the coffee.  I think it was a gentle test to see if I was really still prepared to get up and make her coffee every day now that we are married.

After our first cup, she took another gentle step by asking me to do some things for her, not telling me.  “Will you get me a Kleenex, get me another pillow, and take off your shirt?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied. 

Once we were both naked and kissing, I could tell that she was very aroused.  But instead of instructing me on what to do to bring her pleasure, she asked me, “What way do you like most to give me pleasure?”

We have had the conversation that I enjoy putting her first and giving her what she wants, when she wants it, dozens of times.  I know she was testing again, but I answered in a different way this time.

“You know I like it all and that I like putting you and your pleasure first.  But, honestly, if you are asking me what gives me the most pleasure, it is having you use me for your pleasure like a sex-object.  Of course, I enjoy giving you pleasure.  But what turns me on the most is when you take total control and use me like a sex toy.”

Almost immediately, she pushed me onto my back and started stroking me.  “You are not to come!” she told me.  It was not long before I warned her that I was getting close to orgasm.  She took turns pausing and bringing me to the edge four or five times.  Then she let go and rolled onto her back.

She spread her legs and said, “Now, my turn.”  She supervised me as she had me bring her to two successive earth-shattering orgasms with my fingers.

She turned toward me again and said, “OK, now some pleasure for you.”

I have been wanting to introduce her to something new for us, and this seemed like the chance.  I said, “You know what I would enjoy?  Have you ever heard of soaking?  I’d like to get inside of you.  I promise I won’t cum.  But I’d like to just be inside you and give you the pleasure of me filling you up.”

She replied, “OK,” and she lay back on the bed.  I climbed on top of her and entered her.  I didn’t make any particular motions.  I just kissed her gently while my penis swelled inside of her.

She loved it.  Eventually, she started moving in very gentle and subtle motions. I could tell she was close to orgasm.  I didn’t do anything more than reciprocate her gentle motions and encouraged her to cum.  She had six consecutive orgasms with me inside her doing nothing more than gently rolling my hips.  She dug her fingernails into my back deeper with each successive orgasm.

Each orgasm was stronger than the last until finally, she collapsed in my arms.  I withdrew, rolled beside her, and held her in my arms while she came down.  She slipped into a twilight state, not quite asleep, but not fully awake.  I held her in my arms with a bear hug, kissing her ear, neck, and shoulder.  After almost 15 minutes, she told me her toes were still tingling and that tiny waves of pleasure were still rolling over her body.

I touched her again with my fingers.  She quickly came and screamed as another orgasm overtook her.

After that orgasm, she returned to edging me.  Finally, she gave me permission to cum and gave me an incredible release with her hand.  I came so much that my neck, chest, and belly were covered with semen.  She gave me a minute or two to recover and then had me go get her more coffee.

We snuggled and talked in bed while we finished our second cups of coffee.  Before we got up to start the day, she took my flaccid penis back in her hand and said, “I am going to tease you and deny you, so you are thinking about me until we are together again tomorrow night.”

She was as good as her word.  She brought me to the edge four more times and had me begging to be allowed to give her more orgasms.  Finally, I begged for permission to cum again.  She told me, “No,” and gave my balls a firm squeeze. “Time for a shower,” she said.

It seems that she has accepted that teasing and denying me is not “mean,” and I find it as pleasurable as she does.  After several stressful weeks, it feels like we have fallen into the groove again.

Posted : 29/01/2023 1:37 pm
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January by the numbers.

About 10 months ago, back when we were just girlfriend and boyfriend and starting to refer to our relationship as a female-led relationship openly, I started keeping track of our sexual activity.  I thought keeping accurate data would help me be sure she was taking control and asserting her dominance because she preferred it and wanted things that way, and not because she was trying to make me happy.

That is not a question to worry about anymore.  We got engaged over the summer and the terms of the proposal (a formal FLR with her in complete charge of our private and sex lives) were set out in writing.  Our relationship only improved and became more intimate.  We got married in December with me in my Mature Metal rings of commitment and the celebrant making explicit reference to the terms from my proposal.  My wife knows I record our activity and was blown away by a chart I made for her comparing the number of our respective orgasms.

I have continued to keep track for two reasons.  First, it is a way of channeling my sexual energy now that I am permitted dramatically fewer orgasms than I used to enjoy.  Second, it keeps me focused on our commitment that our sex is solely for her pleasure.

There is always plenty of interesting information in the data at the end of each month.  But there are two main takeaways from the numbers for January 2023.

My focus continues to be consistent with the ratio between our orgasms continuing to be strong with her having 5 for everyone that I have.  PIV releases for me continue to be rare.  I was allowed to cum inside her twice last month and both times were at her specific direction. Nothing new in these stats.

What is exciting to me is that her comfort in asserting her dominance continues to grow.  January is the first time there has been parity between instances of her teasing and denying me or ruining my orgasm, on the one hand, and permitting me a full orgasm, on the other hand (no pun intended).  I am expecting (hoping) that I will be permitted a release tomorrow, a full seven days since my last release.  But she has enjoyed two different tease and denial sessions with me in the meantime, with multiple edges and a ruined orgasm. 

The heightened arousal feels like electricity coursing through my veins.

Posted : 04/02/2023 11:34 am
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My wife has had too much stress this month. We both looked forward to Valentine’s Day because it required her to set some time aside for the two of us. I was determined to give her an evening where all the focus was on her so she could relax and be herself.

Because we have a formal FLR, she didn’t hesitate to tell me what she wanted for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. She told me several days in advance that she wanted me to serve her dinner in our Jacuzzi tub. I planned a simple meal of steamed shrimp, chilled champagne, and fresh strawberries. I set the mood by lighting the room with candles and playing soft jazz on the stereo.

While the tub was filling, we disrobed and slow danced naked to the romantic voice of Nat King Cole. By the time the song came to an end, the water was just right. We climbed in and lingered in the tub for over an hour while we nibbled and finished two bottles of champagne. Because we sat facing each other, I was able to rub and kiss her feet while we soaked.

Once the water started to cool, I climbed out of the Jacuzzi and retrieved her bath sheet from the towel warmer. After toweling her dry, she led me by the hand to our king-size bed. We lay side by side and kissed passionately. Gradually she rolled me onto my back and took the superior position over me to continue making out.

She eventually climbed up to my shoulders, straddled my face, and queened me. Her taste was divine, and I loved being pinned beneath her pussy. When she had enough she moved between my legs and took me into her mouth. She wasn’t trying to get me off. She was simply making sure that I was sufficiently hard for her to mount me.

She gave herself two orgasms while riding me. Then she told me she wanted to try something. She took me by the hand and pulled me out of bed. She led me to a sturdy chair and sat on my lap with me inside her. She controlled the motion, but I was able to reach around her waist and give her three orgasms with my fingers.

Next, we returned to the bed and she reclined on her back. She pulled my face between her legs, and I eagerly ate her through three more orgasms. The climaxes wore her out and she gently drifted into a slumber in my arms while I kissed her face, neck, and shoulders.

After about 15 minutes, she woke up and began leisurely running her fingers through the hair on my chest. I generally wait for her to initiate all sexual activity, but I was so horny I asked for permission to masturbate while I looked at her sexy naked body. Of course, I promised not to cum.

She gave me her permission and gently pinched my nipples while I stroked myself. When she heard my breathing change, she began supervising my masturbation telling me how fast to stroke myself and when to stop. She watched me intently and told me my jerking off for her was making her hot.

She instructed me to stop masturbating and turn my attention back to her. So, I held her close with my left arm while I brought her to another orgasm with my right hand.

After she came down, she instructed me to resume jerking off for her. She reminded me that I was not allowed to cum without her permission. I brought myself to the edge half a dozen times and was instructed to stop each time.

With each edge, I had to take deeper and deeper breaths to calm myself down. When the precum was finally dripping down over the head of my penis and my thumb, she replaced my hand with hers and took direct control.

While she slowly continued to edge me masterfully, she stopped giving me instructions and started talking to me in a conversational tone. She told me she was torn. “On the one hand,” she said, “I love the feeling I get by making you cum. But on the other hand,” she continued, “I get a really wicked pleasure from denying you permission to cum after I have edged you repeatedly. I love the idea of you thinking about me constantly and the power I have over you.” She said, “I am really not sure what to do.”

I reminded her that under the rules of our FLR, sex is for her pleasure and that when and if I get to cum should be determined solely by what gives her the most pleasure. I told her, “I want to cum desperately, but I can wait if it would give you more pleasure to deny me.”

She hesitated while she was thinking and edged me several more times while she talked about not being sure which option she would enjoy most.

Finally, she decided that she would enjoy bringing me to orgasm more than denying me because it was Valentine’s Day. She resumed stroking in earnest and admonished me to ask for permission if I wanted to cum. She said “no” a few more times, but eventually, she said “yes.” The orgasm she gave me was so explosive orgasm that my cum splashed across my face.

As I tried to catch my breath, she kissed me on the lips, put her head back on my shoulder, and promptly fell back to sleep.

Posted : 17/02/2023 5:23 pm
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This has got to be one of the hottest threads on this site! Thanks for sharing.

Posted : 19/02/2023 5:15 am
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Our FLR is so natural now, it is basically automatic.
My wife and I were married two days before Christmas, and we have decided that we are going to combine homes and live at her house until the real estate market settles down. There will have to be quite a bit of downsizing to fit the lives of two sixty-year-old people into a single house.
Yesterday, after I had two truckloads of unnecessary junk hauled away, I took the first load of valuables to her house so that they would not have to be handled by the movers. As I was driving back to my house today, I thought through the last day we spent together and marvel at how our lives have changed (for the better) since we agreed to live a female-led lifestyle.
When I arrived at her house yesterday evening, she was busy making us a new Italian dish that she heard about from her oldest daughter. She was in the kitchen sipping champagne and forming meatballs when I came into the house. After kissing her hello and complimenting her on the wonderful smells coming from her creation, I told her I was going to start unloading the SUV. It took a while for me to move six or seven loads into the foyer of her house. About the time I finished, she came to check on me.
“Dinner is in the oven. It will be ready in about half an hour,” she said. She looked at the massive pile I had placed in her front hall and said, “I am going to kick back in the family room with another glass of champagne and listen to some jazz until it is ready. You know where all of this goes, right? Tell me if you think there is room for your heavy-duty shelves in my storage room.”
“I will. That would be great if they would fit into your basement,” I replied as she turned and headed to the family room.
After I had moved everything to where it belonged, I found her with her feet up and her eyes closed listening to the mellow music. I said, “I am going to take my bag up to the bedroom and put on some comfortable clothes for the evening.”
“O.K.,” she said. “I’ll let you know when it is time to eat.”
When I got up to her bedroom, I found all of her clean laundry piled on her bed. After I had changed, I dove into folding her laundry. When dinner was ready, my wife came to get me. She found me folding her panties at the side of her bed. 
“Oh, thank you, Honey,” she said. “Hurry up and finish that and come back down. Dinner is ready.”
The meal was wonderful. As we finished, she said to me, “I am going to go upstairs and get into bed while you do the dishes. Don’t forget to serve the dessert I put in the refrigerator and bring it up with you when you come.”
When I got to the bedroom she was curled up beneath the blankets watching a movie on her iPad. I offered her dessert and told her I was going to prepare the coffee pot for the morning and put the dog out one last time for the evening. After I finished closing up the house, I climbed into bed. She immediately snuggled up to my shoulder and put her iPad on my stomach where we could both see it. She never asked me what I wanted to watch or if I would rather read my book. She just shared her iPad with me.
I will admit that I was hoping she would want some sexual attention since we had been apart since Valentine’s Day, but I got the answer to my question when I heard her snoring gently into my ear. Once I knew she was soundly asleep, I carefully turned off her iPad and put it away without waking her.
We woke up at about the same time this morning. She picked up her phone to send a text message to her brother who is in rehab after having had several surgeries. I told her I’d be back with the coffee and went off to put the dog out.
I returned to serve her coffee in bed. She sipped the hot Java and talked about my grand piano being delivered to her house tomorrow morning. We kissed a bit, I could tell from her conversation she was anxious to get started on her long list of things to accomplish for the day. I was just about to offer to pleasure her so she could start off the day right when she said, “I am going to tease you.”
She handed me her coffee cup to put on the bedside table and she pulled the covers back from my body. She started stroking me and brought me to a full erection.
Then she stopped.  “You do it while I enjoy watching,” she said.
“Of course,” I responded. After I was fully aroused, I told her I felt I was getting close.
She moved my hand and took over stroking my penis for herself. She said, “Tell me when you are about to cum, and don’t forget to ask for permission.”
I said, “Your hand feels wonderful, but please don’t make me cum. I really don’t feel right having an orgasm and you don’t cum first.”
She stroked me to the edge several times. Each time I got close, I begged her to allow me to lick her pussy or make her cum any way she wanted.
She just said, “No” and continued edging me.  She brought me right to the brink and stopped. I thought that would be it, but she started one more time.
This time she took me even closer to the edge. The precum was freely flowing from the tip of my penis and my breathing had become irregular.
This time she stopped completely and took her hand away. “I don’t like odd numbers. I had to bring you to the edge one more time before denying you to make things even." Then she rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. Over her shoulder she said, “Bring me another cup of coffee, would you?”
This life feels so right.
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Posted by: @spinpole2001

This has got to be one of the hottest threads on this site! Thanks for sharing.

I am glad you enjoy the thread.  Writing about our journey has really helped me get my head around, and embrace, the meaning of our FLR desires.


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It was another tough month for my wife because of stress and personal obligations. She is the primary advocate for her quadriplegic brother who had five major spinal surgeries in a four-week period from mid-January to mid-February. She did not have time to play. She didn’t even have time for me to give her a pedicure or a message on her new message table.

The good news is that the FLR worked as it should with pretty much zero conscious effort by either of us. She got lots of support and pampering as far as time would allow. It is obvious that she truly embraces our FLR. Her expectation have been firmly set and I am proud to say those expectations were met.

On the bedroom, she was on the mood for sex fewer times than in a normal month. But pattern was true to form. I was permitted to give her many more orgasms that I was permitted to have myself. Her favorite way for me to pleasure her was with my mouth and tongue followed by my fingers and PIV sex.

I was permitted six orgasms during the month and only one of those times was I given the now-rare pleasure of cumming inside her. Once each week she either teased and denied me or gave me ruined orgasm.

We will be moving in together in March. I cannot help but wonder if being together every night will result in a change in her desires. I will post an update and let everyone know.

Posted : 28/02/2023 7:58 pm
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Posted by: @allabouther

"I was permitted six orgasms during the month ...."

My goodness.  You little slut.  Congratulations.  ? 

Change the word 'month' to year and that is usually what I am allowed, and loving every minute of it.


Posted : 02/03/2023 5:59 am
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Yesterday my wife and I had a great day at work and she got good news that her brother was doing very well in his rehab. We went out for Mediterranean food for dinner to celebrate. We came back to my place and started getting ready for bed. She noticed that my tape measure what out on the counter in my bathroom.
“What did you need your tape measure for?” she asked.
“I think I found what may explain what makes it so natural for me to be submissive to you and any I love being under your control,” I said. 
“OK. What is that?” she said.
I told her that I had seen a notice looking for volunteers who actively live in a Dominant/submissive relationship to participate in a study of 2D:4D ratios. “What is a 2D:4D ratio?” she asked. I showed her an article I found online about how research has shown that men with index fingers that are short in comparison to their ring fingers (low ratio) tend to be very inclined to be of service to women and court them passionately while men with high 2D:4D ratios tend to be the opposite. It apparently has something to do with the amount of testosterone that you are exposed to in the womb before you are born. I told her that the scientist is looking for subjects to study to see if that correlation extends beyond being kind and giving to being submissive.
I showed her that my ratio is extremely low. It is fascinating research, really.
I guess this got her thinking about the data that I keep in my Nice App. She asked me if I was still keeping up. I told her I was and I opened the App to show her. The month of February was displayed with different symbols representing the things that we engaged in shown on the various days.
“I forgot what those symbols stand for,” she said
I explained, “The exclamation points are for the times you teased and denied me. The hand is for the times you gave me a release with your hand. And the symbol that looks like a vagina is for the time you gave me permission to cum inside of you.”
She opened some of the entries and saw that each had multiple activities listed. “We do lots of different things. How does the symbol get chosen?” she asked.
“I always go with the symbol for how we finished the love-making session,” I said.
When she was finished browsing, she said “Let’s make out.” I was more than happy to oblige. It had been six full days since I was last allowed a release, with only an extended tease and denial in between, so I was ready for some intimacy. And I was instantly hard as a rock.
My wife loves kissing and we began slowly while holding each other close. After 5 or 10 minutes, she rolled me onto my back and took a superior position over me. Her kisses became more passionate. She began making audible sounds of pleasure as we were kissing.
I got proof that that brain is the biggest human sex organ, as she started having rolling orgasms just from our kissing. She caught her breath and she said to me, “You say I am in control – but look what you can do to me without even touching me. Feel how wet I am.” Her juices were running down her legs. “Do you have a bottle of Champagne?” 
“Of course,” I said. “I’ll get you some.” 
“No, not right now. I’ll tell you when. I have other things in mind,” she told me. “What do you want most right now.” 
“No question. I want to lick your pussy,” I answered.
“Exactly,” she said. “Well, get going!” 
I moved between her legs and I started gently licking her lips. “No,” she interrupted me. “Get right to it,” she said as she grabbed my head and pulled it forcefully into her vulva. I wasted no time and went straight for her clit with my tongue. She intertwined her fingers in my hair to get a better grip and ground my face into her pussy. Her smell and taste were intoxicating.
After three more orgasms, the last of which had her loudly calling out my name, I pulled away to give her a moment to recover. “More,” she growled and forcefully pulled my face back into her wet pussy.
Finally, after two more orgasms, she said “Now, just kiss it.” I gently kissed her pussy as she relaxed her legs. But she kept her hands in my hair. Eventually she called me up to her side.
She lay back against her pillows, spent. “I’d like that Rosato Spritz now. Lots of ice.” 
“You’ve got it,” I smiled. I got up and went downstairs naked with my hardon bobbing in front of me. I returned shortly with her drink and held her in my arms while she sipped her champagne cocktail.
Out of nowhere she said, “Oh” as if an idea suddenly came to her. She fished a large ice cube from her drink and took my erect penis into her hand. She started running the wet cube over the head and underside of my cock. “How does that feel?” she asked. “It actually feels good,” I said. She toyed with the ice on my penis for several minutes then suddenly stopped as if she had changed her mind. She said, “Well, I really don’t want you to lose your erection.” 
She then started to tell me how interesting and unique the human penis was. I replied, “But a woman’s pussy is truly extraordinary.” 
She wanted to prove her point, “It can be soft or hard.” 
“Your clit is the same way,” I responded.
“Your penis doubles in size when it gets hard,” she said while gently stroking my erection. 
“So does your clit,” I said. 
She leaned over and took me into her mouth. “It is perfect for me to swirl my tongue around.”
“Again, so is your clit,” was my response.
“Your penis tickles the back of my throat when I take you all the way in my mouth,” she said.
“Well, your clit cannot do that,” I admitted. 
She then took me all the way into her mouth until her lips reached my ball sack. This was the first time she has ever deep throated me. The feeling of having my entire shaft surrounded while her lips tickled my balls was extraordinary. I moaned out load.
She continued for a minute or so, then released me from her mouth and lay down at my side. “Jerk off for me,” she instructed. I silently obliged, staring into her eyes while I stroked myself. She supervised my masturbation telling me when to stop and asked several times if I was close to coming. “No coming without permission,” she reminded me of our standing rule. 
After I brought myself to the edge a handful of times. She took over teasing me directly. “Do you want to cum tonight or do you want me to deny you?” she asked.
In my heart, I was desperate to cum, but know my place so I told her truthfully, “I’d like whichever would give you the most pleasure. I know you like to make me cum, but I also know you get a wicked pleasure from bringing me to the edge and denying me.”
“I’m asking which one you want,” she said. 
I answered, “Honestly, Lover, what I like most is not know which you are going to choose.”
She nodded. “Tell me when you are getting close.” 
She continued with the teasing until the precum was flowing from the tip of my penis. She had me begging for permission to cum but each time I asked she said, “No.” Finally, I was teetering on the edge. Her teasing never fails to drive me into deeper submission. She knows I am putty in her hands when I stop asking for permission to cum and start begging for permission to lick her pussy. 
When she gets me to this place, I feel totally consumed with passion, but I also feel totally free and totally vulnerable as I openly proclaim my submission. I don’t find it humiliating in the least. I feel absolutely loved and accepted for who I really am. I feel totally safe and at peace.
Each time I begged for permission to lick her, she said “No, I am enjoying playing with you now. Do you want to cum for me?” she asked. 
“Desperately,” was my reply. 
“OK, you can try.” And with that she stopped stroking just as I came to the edge of coming and she gently held my twitching penis in her finger tips.
“Aaahhh,” I groaned as my orgasm was ruined and a slow stream of semen flowed from the tip of my penis onto my belly. She held me like that until my breathing was back under control.
“Tell me what that felt like,” she said. For ten minutes, we lay there with her hand holding my penis as I explained the feelings that come with an ejaculation that is separated from an orgasm. “So, you don’t feel any pleasurable sensation associated with the ejaculation?” she asked. 
“No,” I answered. “I can feel the semen flowing and everything down there is totally aroused. But no feeling of pleasure at all like you get with an orgasmic release.” 
She then had me explain how if she stops at just the right time, but early enough, she makes the cum flow but I get no sensation of orgasm even for a fraction of a second. 
“When you do that, I am as ready to go as I was one minute before even though I have ejaculated. I could continue on indefinitely. But if you go just a little bit farther before you stop, it triggers an orgasm but it stops the instant you stop stroking or let go. It’s like the rug gets pulled out from under me. One second the orgasm is right there, and the next second it is gone. When that happens my body will reset and I couldn’t come again no matter what you did to me. At the same time, I am as horny and wound up as I was one second before orgasm, but I know the orgasm is gone forever. I can’t get it back no matter what.”
She was fascinated by the idea of separating my orgasms from my ejaculations. “I can make you ejaculate without giving you an orgasm. Do you think you could have an orgasm without having an ejaculation?” she asked.
“I have read about men who were able to do that practicing tantra. But I have never experienced that,” I answered. 
“I wonder what it would take to give you multiple orgasms without any ejaculations?” 
With that she released my penis, gave me one more kiss, and put her head on my shoulder to go to sleep.
Posted : 03/03/2023 12:50 am
nevertoolate reacted
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@allabouther Please let me know if you need help with becoming multi orgasmic.

Posted : 03/03/2023 4:53 am
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@loved I’d love to learn more.  May I send you a DM?

Posted : 03/03/2023 11:46 pm
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Posted : 04/03/2023 5:55 pm
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@loved Hey, can I get in on this too?

Posted : 05/03/2023 6:23 am
Mr Pickle
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I do this. (or more accurately my wife/KH does this to me).

It takes lots and lots of front kegal strengthening. In my case it's all about tensing the muscle you use to stop pee flowing. Tensing exercises daily until its strong enough to hold the cum back. Then building stamina up.

being able to hold this muscle while in an orgasm takes a quite a bit out of you.

C gave me an edging session like this last week and it left me totally exhausted. I hardly had the energy to lock back up afterwards. 

I'm no coach so not offering advice on this, I'm just confirming yes it's a real thing. 

I got my info from multi orgasmic man, but I belive there is better info/programs out there. 

Good luck! 


Posted : 06/03/2023 2:10 am
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