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Submissive beta males - not a bad thing

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The internet is loaded with many tips on how submissive "beta" males can become dominant Alpha types, attracting women, success, etc. JMHO - This is unrealistic and unnecessary.

Submissive males were born were either that way, or made that way through years of systematic domination by mothers, aunts, teachers etc. Some end up in relationships with dominant women, locked in chastity cages, pegged, spanked, and sometimes cuckolded-

- This is not a bad thing.

Were it not for these relationships, these males would lead unproductive lives, become addicted to porn, masturbation, junk food, and on rare occasion, become sexual deviants. Thanks to Dominant women (and securely locked chastity cages)  these "beta" males lead more productive lives, have more energy, focus on pleasing their ladies, are more productive at work, more respectful to others, and spend far less time (if any) with porn and masturbation. In addition, if every male in the world were a strong Alpha type, we would have had world War 3 a long time ago. 

So, let us hope more females see the advantage in taking the lead in a relationship, find a beta male partner, lock him securely in a chastity cage, train him to serve her, and in the process, improve his life as well...    



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Posted : 11/07/2021 9:34 am
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It sort of all ties in to the same theme/narrative. Symbiotic relationships work the best. Ying and yang, dominant and submissive. It is just a transition period away from the idea that all women should be submissive and all men should be dominant. 

Posted : 12/07/2021 7:45 am