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Hi @Emma


It's been a long time since I first wrote here.

A lot of things have happened


Our sex life is scarce, mainly, because of tiredness, stress and kids.

I have tried my best to curb my urge to fuck and masturbate.



I will explain before I forget all the things that have happened to me in the last 53 days.


On June 30 my wife and I made love, that was the starting point of the whole story.


Then I had very intense days at work, plus we bought a house and the stress added to fatigue made me not to look for masturbation, I just wanted to sleep.

Two weeks passed and I started to be aware of how long I had not ejaculated, I started without asking or saying anything the honor system. I wouldn't ejaculate if she didn't want to and since she wasn't aware, it just didn't happen.

Sometimes I put on porn videos or images, started to masturbate, reached the limit and stopped, I did not want to ruin what was costing me so much, and the truth is that it is hard very hard.


All those days I told my wife that I wanted to try different things to get different results. I offered her massages and all kinds of attention, but I guess she thought that if she accepted them later we would have to have sex, so she told me no.

On July 18 she came to me to make love, she got on top (as usual) and came very fast, then she asked me "what do I do to you?". I noticed that she did not want to continue, but that she had to please me, I told her that it was enough, that it was not necessary to continue. We hugged and slept.

Two days later I saw her tired and I offered her a massage, she didn't want to, I thought she would ask for sex later, besides she always sleeps in her pajamas and I always sleep naked, I got excited very easily and I was already erect. In the end she said yes, I gave her the massage and I didn't touch anything I shouldn't have. She was pleased.


And now for the best part


July 23rd was her 40 birthday and we were able to leave the kids with the grandparents and go to the mountains for a night to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I asked her if besides clothes I could take anything else and she said whatever toys I wanted. We have a vibrating plug that we sometimes use on me, but it is very small and always comes out, I also took a double harness with rough for the clitoris, although we had NEVER used it. (I bought it 4 years ago)

We made the trip with a lot of illusion to be so long being able to talk without interruptions of our things and as it did not come out the subject of sex. She told me that she was very happy for all the attention I was giving her in the last months, that something in me was changing, I told her that I was hiding the troglodyte that all of us men carry inside in a cave, that he was still growling there and that she should help me to keep him from escaping. I told her about this page and FLR, she said that the theory is all very well, but the important thing is the practice, to do what is said. I told her that I would try.

The day on the mountain was relaxing and in the evening we started to play, she wanted me to masturbate her with my fingers and asked to suck my cock since she loves it and it excites her, she came right away and we stopped there, I told her again that she was the priority, no need to continue. She said 1 - 0!

I told her that I wanted to be her submissive, that I would do whatever she asked me to do and then she asked me to shave her pussy, I hadn't done that since we were boyfriend and girlfriend 8 years ago. I did it delicately.

It was a weird night, with many changes to come, in all our relationship she has never let me suck her pussy and suddenly she let me do it, I was attentive to what she asked me and I made her a very good liking, she came to orgasm and told me 2-0!!!!

She was surprised to see the strap-on in the suitcase and looking mischievous wanted to use it. It is a double type and when he put it on and played a little with it he liked very much what it made him feel, then we tried it with me, he entered well, but with the movements his side came out and it was very difficult for him to use it naturally, in the end he took it off and used it on me only with his hand, until she allowed me to masturbate while she put the dildo from behind, I had the most intense and explosive orgasm of my life, also I had 53 without ejaculating !! 2 -1

We spent the rest of the day in the mountains very connected, her assuming more and more her dominant side and me my submissive side.

On the way back in the car, I was driving and we kept talking about sex, everything I am willing to accept in this new role. We talked about very racy situations until she told me she was too horny, she started touching me while driving and wanted me to take my penis out to stroke it, I stopped the car and she made me go to the back seat, we undressed and she sat on top of me, hard and wildly I came to orgasm right away and she ordered me to get dressed, finally she knows I am there to satisfy her, she does not have to do it with me, she does not feel the presure that I have to cum too, she is in charge, she has the control and I am simply happy.

Since first time we have sex without male orgasm I feel alive instead of frustated, full of energy by days, I’m very happy with the way we have just started to walk, for the momento we will keep on the honor system. Now she feel happy without the presure of sex and my frustation about it has gone


Soy for my English, I’m tired and using an automatic traslator


Thanks a lot everyone that please to read me and leave a comment.


By the way, could someone recommend us a doublé strapon? She definetively want to try again but has to be confortable and of course with her physical pleasure

Posted : 25/07/2021 1:51 am
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Love this !

Posted : 25/07/2021 7:37 am