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Why does he want to see me with another guy?

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When I talk to my husband about his fantasy about being with another guy I am amazed by the innosince and kindness behind the fantasy. He wants me to be satisfied and he wants me to open up sexually and feel like a woman. If more women would just sit back and TALK about the roots of where the fantasy comes from I think more women would be willing to consider exploring fantasies where another man is involved.

During our experience I held another man's cock in my hand while I looked at my husband. I saw in his eyes not jealousy but love, kindness and compression that Emma talks about. Compression is showing how much he loves you by giving up his own selfish want for sex and allowing me the freedom to experience my best and most sexual self. He knows I am a sexual being and the same old sex won't meet my needs. The same old thing makes me resentful and I want to have sex with him less and less because I dont feel sexually alive. I feel sexually kept and held. It makes me resentfull when he wants it from me and I dont want it from him. When he is happy with the same sex over and over I feel my desire to initate it just not being their! He tries to initiate it and I feel like he is being selfish by wanting something that I don't want.

In the last couple weeks since our experience I feel like I finally understand why he wants what he wants. I thought that he wanted to watch me have sex as a controlling way to make me have sex with someone like he was pimping me out and trying to control my body. I told him about this and we talked and it was not the case, he only wants to see me happy and I told myself things that wasnt true. He wants me to be the best me. I want him to be the best him. I want both of us to have our needs fulfilled and I think we found a way to make the best of both our needs which guess what are different but so much the same. 

I have learned so much from this site and from talking to him that I am absessed right now and posting too much on this site I know. Sorry. But I keep learning and I wish that I could just tell everyone what I learned. Don't be afraid to except your sexuality and dive in and embrace your sexuality. Allow yourself to be selfish and enjoy your sexual side. Maybe just maybe your husband just wants to see you sexually satisfied for once!

Posted : 13/04/2022 2:22 pm
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I really enjoyed reading about your experience together. Link for those who might have missed it. What you describe is a sincere partnership that is based on love, not lust. The two of your have a connection deeper than most and have taken steps to explore it together. Your communication seems wonderful and you both seem to be doing well after your experience together. I'd love to hear some of the follow-up conversations that you've had since your experience together.


Your excitement is contagious, I've been feeling down in the dumps since recovering from my surgery and subsequent infection and partial relapse. It is a whole mess but your energy is really boosting my spirits and reminding me why I started this site in the first place. Keep learning and don't ever lose that energy. I for one, really enjoy it!

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Posted : 14/04/2022 2:16 pm