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Why so few women here?

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About 95% of the posts here are from men, as well as the vast majority of members. Why do so few women participate? Are women not interested in "Evolving Their Men?"


Posted : 24/05/2023 7:53 am
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Good question. I would also add, "Why aren't there more LGBT people represented as well?" As a bisexual man, I would like to hear a great deal more.

Posted : 24/05/2023 11:26 am
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It wasn't always that way and I think I am to blame for the shift in viewers. I did a few things that I said I would never do and that made it scary to those newly learning about some of the concepts that I preach. 

  1. I have ads that are adult in nature to help offset the costs of running the site.
  2. I've come to embrace and explore some things that are more fetishy as Kev and I have developed our relationship.
  3. Non-monogamy. This spits in the face of most women because it is scary and it threatens the concept of marriage. 
  4. Twitter - I've gotten active on twitter and repost all sorts of fetishy stuff. With almost 36k followers, many of our visitors come from twitter. Elon are you out there? I'd like a purple tesla please.

I've intentionally chosen to go down this path even though it isn't what I set out to do, it more authentically represents where Kev and I are with our relationship. I won't find inspiration to write unless it is about my life and our experiences together. I've embraced many of the fetishes that initially repulsed me from the idea of male chastity and pegging. Does that mean male chastity and pegging are a slippery slope to other things like cuckolding or non-monogamy? I don't think so. As an example @subhubphx and his lovely wife maintain a hard line on this and they've been at it far longer than Kev and I. In any case, I am solely responsible for the shift in users from a female dominated and more emotionally/self-help sort of content to a site that reflects my more sex-positive mindset. Is this wrong? I don't know but it is authentic and all I have at the end of the day is my own authenticity. I've considered a spin off of this site to post some of the more vanilla blogs without advertisements and I still might but I haven't seen much demand. Several people have reached out and told me that some of the ads are disgusting/repulsing and I acknowledge that. I do have the ability to remove individual ads so I encourage you to let me know and screenshot any that you don't like. I'm looking into some more permanent sponsors to help with the site adoption. Lock the cock for example has been a wonderful partner and I highly encourage you to purchase any male chastity devices from them using the evolve10 coupon code. They have wonderful products and service and even if you don't want to support me on patreon, it is a great way to support the site with each of your purchases. I've been thinking about this often as of late @williamportor so I really appreciate you bringing this up.

Posted : 24/05/2023 11:26 am
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I should also add that I'm very appreciative of all of my Patreon supporters, I receive $72 per month currently from eleven people and I greatly, greatly appreciate it. As the site had almost 150k pages viewed last month the website server isn't cheap so this greatly helps cover the cost. Thanks to everyone. No doubt this is a hobby and I come and go as I need the mental catharsis of writing. I won't write for the sake of writing and some months you will only get one blog while others you will get several. If I commit myself to a certain amount I find that I feel obligated and get burned out. Anyway thanks all for being understanding and for those who provide support I appreciate you. For those who don't provide support I understand your situation and don't judge or beg at all. Just click on a banner or buy something from lockthecock. I love you all! 😍 


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Posted : 24/05/2023 11:36 am
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@evolvingyourman_ivcr4j   Thanks so much for the delightful mention Emma.  We're honored.

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Posted : 25/05/2023 6:06 am
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Posted by: @evolvingyourman_ivcr4j

  1. I have ads that are adult in nature to help offset the costs of running the site.

There is one ad I see frequently that is XXX in nature. While it's not on my screen at the moment, it is an animated gif of a man anally penetrating a woman. That might be something that some women don't care to see, especially on a site that is IMO otherwise pro-woman.


Posted : 26/05/2023 3:57 am
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@mickg93 I just found and removed that one, thanks so much. Happy Sunday!!!

Posted : 28/05/2023 8:46 am
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New Mistress Here, happy to add to the lack of women in the forum  🙂

Posted : 31/05/2023 1:43 pm
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My uneducated guess is the male chastity appeals more to men than women (from Emma's writings say that men, by far, are the ones to present male chastity to their relationship) and therefore more men are interested in the contents of this site.

Also, while I have been following, I've noticed several women who come on explaining how male chastity was just presented to them. From my perspective, it seems they read lots of articles, interact some on the forum, and then branch off to enjoy their new relationship dynamic. 

Emma seems to have a good pulse on what is going on and is very active in participating with her site. I trust her judgement.

Posted : 31/05/2023 1:59 pm
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@evolvingyourman_ivcr4j How much does it cost to host the site each month? With 150,000 hits or whatever?

Posted : 10/06/2023 8:41 am