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A bit late to this post, but did a very mini version of this in March when my Queen and I went to Caliente in Land-O-Lakes FL to meet another couple we met on CM.  It was fun.  The vast majority of people around were swingers or just slightly wild nudists and we were the only 2 couples overtly into Chastity but I called ahead to be assured that it was very welcome and appropriate, and it was.  A lot of cage questions, of course, but from an understanding/interested audience.  Very diverse and amazingly friendly crowd I must say.

Caliente is a lifestyle+clothing optional club with bars and several pools and activities.  It is a nice place, a bit higher priced if you are not there on an intro special and a lot of rules in order to maintain excellent order.  There are several other clubs in the area that are also clothing+lifestyle optional so it does not have to be Caliente.  Our friends recommended Paradise Lakes nearby.  I am sure one of the clubs would be willing to do some sort of group offer, maybe some meet up activities, etc.

We would love a repeat next year with some more couples.  I bet there is enough interest to get more than one of these going (east and west?), the only problem is that everyone says they want to go but by the time you actually book vacation and book tickets a bunch drop out.  But that's to be expected.

Pro tip:  MEN, if you are wearing a stainless steel chastity cage, sit in the shade or close to the pool!!

Posted : 03/05/2022 10:02 pm
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Ms. K. and I just returned from a 6 day stay at an amazing beachside resort near Cancun.  We were there to attend a wedding large enough to have rented out the entire resort.  The setting was amazing and beautiful and although the place was inhabited by many family and close friends, I couldn't but wonder what it would be like if we were surrounded by like-minded EYM denizens, all there to meet and greet each other.  I imagined things like a sign on the beach that required all men to be naked as well as aq rule that required all men to be caged at all times while outside of their villa, unless of course their wife/gf had granted them permission otherwise.  It was fun to be there and imagine it happening.


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Posted : 12/05/2022 9:58 am
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Sounds like a great time, the one you shared with Ms. K and the one in your imagination. It would be really fun to be out with like minded folks.

Posted : 12/05/2022 10:52 am
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