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RE: Gynarchy isn't new for me. Pt2 Death of a giant

My Grandmother just died last weekend, the one I briefly mentioned in the above post. It hit me hard in a few ways. End of an era, she was 97, and my ...

1 year ago
RE: Chastity is dangerous!

Once you realize that you are not out of control, that your libido is managed by the cage, the dissapointment of your failures only magnify when you f...

3 years ago
RE: Vasectomy and chastity?

Chastity does not negate reasons for vasectomy, nor the other way around. I suppose if your locked 100% permanent chastity, then vasectomy is a lil re...

3 years ago
RE: The End Goal

by accepting chastity, the idea of his penis not being his main focus opens him up to other ideas. bluntly, is he interested in receiving anal? Are yo...

5 years ago
RE: How long have you been locked up?

My main reasons for locking up is so I can be online without fapping, so I average 3 hrs a day. But I've moved from cb6000s, to holy trainer, to panty...


5 years ago
RE: Damage from chastity?

ed is actually a relief after chastity. I must admit frustration with my lil monster, he'd get hard like I was a teen, no reason, look a tree?.. but w...

5 years ago
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