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My name is Thomas, I am a German man, born in 1967, married for the second time. I've been BDSM oriented since my youth, but never hardcore. The first woman had cheated on me several times with an male acquaintance. That's how I discovered my cuckold inclination (or wurde forced to do?) and as a result also the chastity and FLR topic. But my ex wife wasn't interested in none of that. She cheated because our marriage wasn't going well, not to make me a cuckold. The marriage ended in divorce. That was in 2004.
I told my second wife from the start what I was into: chastity, humiliation, cuckolding, FLR, SPH, various BDSM practices. But none of it hardcore. I prefer it all somewhat milder and more real, but therefore in a more permanent, serious form. Everything has to have a reason. Extreme things, done because you expect them to be, is not for us.
What we both don't like at all is feminization and gay things. We don't hate gays or trans, we just don't care and we prefer to have peace and quiet from these things. There is one gay act I would do: I would suck a cock at the behest of my lady, purely for my humiliation. This is part of our dirty talk from time to time. But that's all I would do.

We have been living in an FLR for many years now. Following the many, many different demands of life, sometimes deeper, sometimes not.
The central point was always doing housework, strict monitoring and control, chastity, corporal punishment, humiliation, SPH, rarely PIV (almost never in), her sexual satisfaction and also cuckolding. The latter only as dirty talk, because my wife is nort amused having a bull.
She's a switcher and if she had a bull he would have to be dominant. On the one hand she dreams being dominated, being forced to gangbang, on the other hand this would not suit her own dominant streak. She also fears that a dominant bull would interfere too deeply in our relationship, which is going very well. We have decided to live the cuckold thing privately only with dirty talk.
Money management was never an issue in our FLR, nor does it have to be. It works very well for us the way it is: I earn the money, she takes care of it 🙂
Sexual things left our FLR Years ago because of many things, one of it was the menopause of my wife.
In the moment I try to reanime those missing links in our FLR chain. I am very courious how this will work.






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