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FLR Dynamics differences

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Dynamic differences?

Question for all those who think they know the difference between the two dynamics of Slave and Submissive?

It is my understanding that a submissive does so because he or she chooses to. That the submissive has an agreement with another, to be submissive to them. Giving the other the opportunity and or responsibilities of being the dominate, the leader, decision maker of their relationship. A relationship in which either party could walk away with out any restrictions.

While a slave is just that, a slave. He or she is the property of another, with no rights, opinions of their own. The slave may or may not be submissive personally, but is so because of fear of retribution or punishment. The slave has no choice of objection to what happens to him or his surroundings, and most importantly, can not just up and leave. The slave has right to quit being a slave, unless freed by their master or another party.

So why is it, that almost every time this submissive is talking with or engaging with a possible suitable match for a female led relationship, they openly expect slave servitude and even refer to myself as slave. In wich this submissive, has to stop everything and explain the difference between the two dynamics? 


If I choose to be a submissive to her, It is because we have an understanding, an agreement based on mutual respect for each others needs and wants. But if for whatever reason being a living breathing person, this sub could walk away from the arrangement. As could the dominate party.

Is the difference between the two dynamics taught correctly out there though out society? Are these so called training academies going over this topic?

This sub will be 100 percent submissive to the Mistress I might serve, but to no other. With the exception of being talked about and agreed apon with my Mistress.

Please tell me what you think about this, this sub is interested to know if this is a automatic condition?


terry o'flaherty



Posted : 19/03/2024 2:21 pm
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