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About Evolving Your Man

I started this blog in 2018 after receiving inspiration from the somewhat short-lived FLR101 blog by YogaGirl. Despite her methods being more forceful than what I could see for my own relationship, she was on to something and I was hooked on her blog. Her answers created so many questions I learned more about myself, my partner and human sexuality. This site is a window into my journey to learn more about my sexuality and the sexual relationship dynamic.

This site is a blog about topics that put it somewhere between an FLR blog, a relationship blog and a self help blog. I am not qualified to speak as an expert on any of these topics but I do like to spur good conversation with an amazing community that we’ve been lucky enough to attract. I do try and quote my sources when possible so you can draw your own conclusions from the articles and concepts that I bring up. I encourage respectful discourse even and perhaps especially when they contradict my own thoughts.

Elements of this site discuss female led relationships or female led partnerships as I prefer to call them. While I don’t believe in female superiority or anything of that nature, I do believe that women are generally more suited for a leadership role in many relationships. I also advocate relationship equality through the use of pegging and male orgasm control. The site is not about fetishes but about using those tools to gain a deeper awareness of self, sexuality and intimacy. Sex is an amazing road to emotional happiness and a road that is often jaded in shame due to limitations imposed by our society.


My blogs are mostly written from my perspective and directed to a female audience but everyone is welcome. Introduce yourself on the forum and stay a while, we are happy that you are here.

Want to contribute a guest blog? I am more than happy to publish guest blogs, promote your book or podcast at no charge if you have an interesting experience or viewpoint to share. Send me a note on my contact form so we can set it up!