Cuckold Last Words

Cuckolding: One more chat before we go through with it.

I really want to talk to you one last time before we finally do it. I don’t want a single doubt about what is going to happen. First of all I love you. I need you to know that I want to do this fantasy together. I want to cuck you. Cucking you is the whole point. I don’t just want to get fucked by a hot guy with a big dick. That is part of our fantasy together but it isn’t the man reason. I want to do this with you and I want to do this to you. I want no secrets and I want you to feel the emotions of me doing the things with another man that I’ve only done with you, my husband. I want you to value my pussy in a way that you never have because my body has always been available to you. Giving myself freely to another man while denying you, is the greatest power and the greatest tease and denial. I need you to reassure me. I need you to remind me that it will be ok and you want me to take my body from you. There is no great empowerment than to take from you what you think you deserve as my husband. You don’t deserve anything, you don’t own anything and my body is mine to give or take freely and my sexuality is a token of my autonomy.

The desire for communication and clarity in the midst of contemplating a significant nonconventional step within a relationship is a crucial aspect to consider. In the scenario above wife expresses a profound sentiment of wanting to engage in a cuckold fantasy with their partner, emphasizing the importance of open communication, understanding, and consent. An essential dialogue exploring themes of love, trust, power dynamics, and female sexual ownership within intimate relationships.

The declaration of love sets the tone for the discussion, indicating the underlying emotional connection that underpins the desire to explore fantasies together. Love serves as a foundation upon which trust and mutual understanding can flourish, creating a safe space for open dialogue and vulnerability. It signifies the willingness to navigate uncharted territories within the relationship with a sense of unity and shared purpose.


The notion of engaging in a shared fantasy, specifically the desire to engage in cuckolding, highlights the importance of mutual consent and understanding of each other’s desires and boundaries. The speaker articulates a desire to explore this fantasy not solely for personal gratification but as a shared experience that strengthens their bond as a couple. The emphasis on transparency and the absence of secrets underscores the significance of honesty and authenticity in fostering trust and intimacy.

The concept of power dynamics within the context of the fantasy is elucidated, with the speaker expressing a desire to assert autonomy over their own body while challenging traditional notions of ownership and entitlement within marriage. The act of engaging in cuckolding is a form of empowerment, wherein ownership of sexuality and agency over desire. This renegotiation of power dynamics serves to redefine the boundaries of the relationship and reinforces the notion of mutual respect and consent.


Reassurance and validation from their partner, highlighting the importance of emotional support and understanding in navigating sensitive topics within the relationship. The acknowledgment of vulnerability and the need for affirmation underscores the significance of empathy and communication in emotional intimacy and strengthening the bond between partners. By exploring desires and boundaries with honesty and empathy, couples can deepen their connection and create a space where mutual exploration and growth can thrive.



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You can accomplish all the things you speak of here if you: 1. Lock your husband in a chastity cage. 2. Tease, edge, and deny him for days before the event. 3. Tie him to a chair (chastity cage securely locked) and make him watch. 4. Leave him locked for at least 2 days afterward while he’s required to listen respectfully and attentively as you tell him how fulfilling and superior your lover was, and you can’t wait to do it again. If he breaks down and cries due to sexual frustration or jealously Do Not unlock him. Make him suck on your breasts – it’s what mothers do when their babies cry or become fussy. You’ll be surprised how accepting and submissive he can be when he’s spent days being teased, denied and dominated. 🙂

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