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"In the meantime, do you have suggestions for how the woman in an FLR can get past the deep seeded (cultural I believe) duty of always looking to pleasure/satisfy the man without much regard to ourselves?"

I know you didn't ask me, but that's never stopped me before.  *wink  All I have to offer is what Mistress K. and I have experienced throughout our marriage.  Both the vanilla beginning and since we became an official WLM.

What you speak of has been the single most difficult thing for Mistress K. to grasp and feel comfortable with.  My Wife, like many other wives in the Dominant role, is a caring, sensitive, loving, giving, warm-hearted person.  She has always been that way and finds great pleasure in helping others if they have a problem, or even just making an already good experience better.  It's how she is wired.  

Intellectually, she fully understands the concept of me getting my main source of pleasure by being in service to her.  In practice, she feels bad when her instincts tell her I'm uncomfortable or that I deserve something (like an orgasm).  It was really hard for her to finally understand that her being selfish when it came to me, gave me a tremendous amount of pleasure.  She felt obligated as a nice person to reciprocate things.  Even small things.  She would subconsciously worry that treating me like her slave husband would cause me to be angry, disappointed, pouty, whatever, and even ultimately might cause me to fall out of love with her when in reality the opposite was true.  For example, and again, early on, in a moment of weakness, she would give in and allow me to orgasm because she felt like I was secretly resenting her for denying me after weeks, even months. She felt it was mean and even though I would beg and plead for an orgasm whenever we had sexy time, because, you know, the heat of passion, I only ever wanted for her to deny my orgasms.  I knew that if I were allowed an orgasm there would be a refractory period when it was very difficult for me to be the kind of attentive and loving slave husband we both want and expect me to be.  Once she began to discover the benefit of denying my orgasms, she no longer felt she was being selfish by denying me.  This ultimately led to me being caged 24/7/365 (mostly).  Permanently being then led to me no longer focusing my sexual desires around my cock.  Now, when I'm feeling randy and horny, the focus of that is now on, first and foremost, her having the orgasms and the type of sex exactly like she wants at any given moment, and secondly, on being penetrated by her cock.  These have now become my sexual desire focus.  If I'm lucky enough and able to orgasm from either of those activities, then it's a wonderful bonus.  

Now, she's somewhat past struggling with those feelings of guilt about being selfish.  She will now literally summon me from another room because her wine glass needs feeling, or she wants a blanket or the TV remote that is just a few feet from her grasp.  In other words, it takes time for things to be rewritten in our brains, but the time and effort are well worth the wait.  She has literally evolved her man


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@lovemypet - Did you mean to say something as a reply here?

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In another forum, She Makes the Rules, one of the moderators recently asked other contributors, “How do you express appreciation for your partner?”  By coincidence, on the same day I saw his post, my wife showed me a letter that I gave to her almost six years ago that she came across in her desk.  I immediately thought of the post on SMTR and realized that, for me, I probably show my appreciation through words. 

The coolest thing about the letter is that it foreshadows the female-led relationship that lay in our future.  When you read the letter you can see that I had already, back then, seen something in her that spoke to my desire to be led by a strong, confident, smart, and sexy woman.  It took another three and a half years for us to start gently exploring an informal, unspoken FLR.  Our confidence slowly built to the point where we were willing to be totally vulnerable with each other, and our FLR became formal about two years ago.  We got engaged eighteen months ago based on the written terms of our FLR contained in the proposal.  Finally, we married last December.  We are both “all-in” in our FLR and have never been happier.  But it is fun to see that there were clear signs that we were already headed in that direction by our first Valentine’s Day.

Here is the letter.  I have replaced her name with “Q” for my Queen:

February 14, 2018 


Dearest [Q],

“Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

  • Lou Gehrig 

Lou Gehrig, voted the best first baseman of all time, had both his professional baseball career and his life cut short by the horrible disease, ALS.   His diagnosis was made public when he was 35 years old.  The New York Yankees announced his retirement two days later.  It was at Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day at Yankee Stadium on July 4, 1939, that he made his famous statement to his fans.  He had played major league baseball since he was 18 years old, won 6 World Series, and was so successful he still holds 13 Major League Baseball records.  Within two years he was dead. 

He was wrong.  He was an incredible man and lived an incredible life.  But he still is not the luckiest man in the world.  I am. 

Today is February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day.  There are exactly 3,834,768,669 men on the face of the earth today (I know, I looked it up).  Of all these men, I am the only one who has the stunning, great good fortune to be in love with you, and even more, the incredible privilege and honor to be loved by you.

[Q], you are loving and lovable, gentle and stern, smart and silly, funny and serious, classy and sexy, and one hell of a kisser.  You have the amazing ability to understand me and bring out the best in me.  You have an uncanny ability to support me and lead me at the same time.  You make me feel nurtured, inspired, loved, and liked.  You make me feel so very, very special. 

I have no doubt that there are many lucky men on the face of the earth, but NONE is as lucky as I am today.

With all my love, 


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Saturday, December 23, was our first wedding anniversary.  In the days leading up to the big day, we did a lot of talking.  We shared our mutual feelings of incredible satisfaction with our marriage.  We both recalled the challenges of the first year of our respective first marriages; the adjustments, the compromises, and how reality differed from expectations.  But this time around, we have none of those feelings.  We both agree that we have never been happier in our lives.

Our first thought was that the reason this time is different is because we are more mature.  My wife suggested that we had both become more aware of who we were as individuals and what we each needed in a partner.   I agreed that what she said was undoubtedly true.  But, I said I thought there was one fundamental reason for our joy, peace, and success as a married couple:  Our FLR.  She agrees.

The conversation unfolded over several days as we had time off work and were spending almost all of it together.  Being completely honest and open with one another is standard operating procedure for us.  But, with our anniversary approaching, we began to plow new ground.  We not only reflected on how satisfying we both found our FLR to be, but we also began to look forward to the future and how it would continue to evolve.

The effect of these conversations was to enhance the intensity of our FLR.  My desire to submit and her desire to dominate both increased in equal measure.  In recognition of this further evolution in our relationship, she finally gave me permission to refer to her as “Mistress,” at least on a temporary basis.  The term had always conjured up visions of a whip-wielding sadist in her mind.  I explained that some people might use the terms in that sense, but for me, the term more accurately conveyed my desire to fully submit to her power and control over me.  She said she could be comfortable with that and agreed to “try it on for size” for a while.  I have been using the form of address exclusively in private (and when I can get away with it in public) for almost two weeks, and she hasn’t asked me to stop.  I do think that my addressing her in this manner is helping her be more comfortable in freely exercising her dominance over me.  We have fewer and fewer conversations about the inhibitions that follow from her traditional conditioning, and she accepts my pampering with fewer and fewer feelings of guilt.

On Wednesday morning, our last day of work before the holiday, she mercilessly teased me and denied me.  That night she permitted me to pleasure her while she totally indulged herself without reciprocating in any way.   My pleasure came from holding her as she fell asleep in my arms.  Far from feeling frustrated, the time I held her in my arms was exceedingly peaceful.  I reflected upon how satisfied I felt despite the fact that my rock-hard erection remained completely untouched across her hip. 

The next morning, she teased and denied me again.

On Friday morning, I was permitted to make love to her.   She lay back on her bed and had me bring her to five orgasms.  After her last climax, she slumbered in my arms again.  She woke up after about 20 minutes and felt my still-erect penis against her belly.  She took mercy on me and gave me permission to jerk off for her.  Only at the last second, after several refusals, did she say “yes” when I asked for permission to cum.

The next day was our anniversary.  She started the day off with another wonderful tease and denial.  We spent the day together making final preparations for the family visit on Christmas Day. 

As the sun went down, we headed out to a country inn for a gourmet dinner.  We spent most of the trip talking about our FLR and how it had made our first year of marriage so special. 

She told me that she loves the feelings that she gets when she relaxes on the couch in the evenings while I serve her dinner, clean the dishes and kitchen, serve her champagne, and prepare the coffee machine so I can have coffee ready for her as soon as she wants it in the morning.   She explained that she no longer feels guilty when I do this for her.  Quite the opposite, she said.  She told me that I have taught her that she is smart, self-confident, capable, compassionate, funny, strong, and worthy of being adored.  She says always felt this way about herself deep down inside, but that no person in the world other than me has ever treated her that way.

She has a much more global view of the “balance” of things than she used to.  She knows she is very valuable to me and my law firm.  She knows she runs our personal lives well.  My pampering and adoring her is simply accepted as my recognition of her worth.

We agreed during the next year she is going to try to “lean in” to her natural dominance and more consciously push herself to let go of her remaining inhibitions.  She confessed that despite my constant admonishment not to feel that way, there are still times when she feels the need to do what pleases me.  She says that while she loves being pampered and being in control, she loves me, too, and wants to give me pleasure. 

My response was that I know she loves me, and I have never felt more loved in my life.  She is the first person who has ever truly “gotten” me and accepted my submission.  I asked her if it had ever occurred to her that by not commanding me to do what she wants, and by forcing me to focus on my own pleasure, she is actually depriving me of the pleasure I want most in the world; the pleasure of serving her.  She admitted that she had never looked at it that way.  She said she thinks this will help her feel more comfortable fully coming into her own over the next year.

Our dinner was out of this world.  We enjoyed sturgeon caviar, escargot, and a tasting menu with carpaccio, hand-made pasta with black truffles, duck, scallops, and halibut, and two bottles of Winston Churchill’s favorite, Pol Roger champagne.  We finished with light desserts and French press coffee.  More talk about taking our FLR further spiced up the meal.

We held hands the entire way home while we talked more about our love.  The ancient Greeks had three words for love:  Agape, altruistic, spiritual love; Philia, platonic love; and Eros, romantic, passionate love.  We agreed that there really needed to be another word, at another level, to describe the way we feel.  Something deeper than “eros.”  Something that also conveys a total mutual trust and the ability to be completely vulnerable to the person you love.

I know, pretty mushy stuff.  Forgive me.  Just telling the story as it happened.

When we returned home, I went to the bedroom to turn down her side of the bed, light a few candles, and put Diana Krall on the stereo.  While she undressed and got herself under the covers, I went back downstairs to let the dog out, put away our coats, and prepare her coffee for the morning.

As I came back into the bedroom, she told me to take off my clothes and come kiss her.  We made out like teenagers for almost half an hour, snuggled, and talked about our date.  Then she asked me, “What did we do on our wedding night?”

“You denied me,” I replied.  “I remember it very well.”

“Well,” she said, “I guess it would be appropriate if that’s what happens on our anniversary too.  Maybe it will have to become a tradition.”

I thought I knew what that would mean, but instead of having me service her, she had her way with me.  She started with a teasing hand job, then got between my legs and gave me a blow job that took me to the edge.  “I want you to let go and enjoy this, but I don’t want you to cum,” she said. 

When she had had enough, she then climbed on top of me and rode me until she had two orgasms.  She rolled onto her back and had me had me mount her for another orgasm, but strictly prohibited me from cumming.  As she recovered from her climax, she had me snuggle up beside her and caress her.  After resting for a few minutes, she told me to use my fingers to give her a “big one.”  When she could take no more and her clitoris was too sensitive for me to touch it anymore, she rolled onto her side and took me back into her hand.  She repeatedly edged me, bringing me closer and closer to the brink.  I begged for permission to come as a thick thread of pre-cum formed between the tip of my cock and my belly.

She simply said, “No.”  She let go of my penis, kissed me, put her head on my shoulder, and put her arm around my chest in a full embrace.  By the time my breathing was back under control, she was gently snoozing on my chest.

I cannot wait to see where she takes us during the next year.

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In late December, when my wife and I passed our first wedding anniversary, I shared here that we took the opportunity to engage in some especially deep reflection on our relationship and the state of our FLR. We agreed that we were both satisfied beyond all expectations with the positive things that our FLR had brought to our relationship. The inhibitions that my wife was laboring under because of 60 years of “traditional” conditioning are fading away faster and faster. We agreed that we were both ready for her to start “leaning into” her role as my dominant in the next year.

I thought I report on how that has been going.

Those who have been following our story know that we agree that I am in charge at work where I am the owner of the law firm that employs us both and she is in charge everywhere else. You could break down “everywhere else” into inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom, my wife has become completely accustomed to a lifestyle that we summarize as “my goal is to make her life extraordinary.” She shows no sign of guilt at being pampered. It is obvious that the thought of doing the dishes, doing the laundry, or making the bed never crosses her mind any longer. She expects that I will make coffee for her every morning. Once or twice, I have forgotten to prepare to prepare the pot before we get into bed. She simply had to say, “Did you make the coffee?” to have me apologizing and popping out of bed to get it ready. She doesn’t offer even a pretense of objection when I suggest that we go to a five-star restaurant or that I give her a pedicure. While I know she is grateful for being able to live this way, much is just “normal” and “expected.” I always get a sincere “thank you” when we do nice things, it is as if my doing chores around the house is just seamless and goes unnoticed, or at least unremarked upon.

When I think of how she exercises her leadership in the bedroom, one phrase comes to mind: “Command and control.” I just went back to look over the notes I keep in our Nice sex tracker. In the last 28 entries, going back to early January, 17 of them have ended with her teasing and denying me, giving me a ruined orgasm, or increasingly frequent, just plain total denial after servicing her. Over those sessions, I was permitted to have an orgasm 11 times. Only one of those times was I allowed to cum inside of her during PIV (I have been allowed to enter her only 3 times in that period). She has given me permission to cum 4 times while giving me a hand job, but each time whether I would be granted a release was in question until the last second. Increasingly, she enjoys her “state of bliss” after I have serviced her. 9 times she has simply told me to jerk off for her while she relaxes. Six of those times she gave her approval when I begged for permission to cum. Three times she did not.

Two sessions, in particular, summarize the current state of our sex life. In the first session, kissing for 10 or 15 minutes she pushed me onto my back and took me into her mouth. I know enough not to expect that she intended to make cum in her mouth. One, she always cums first, and two, I have only been allowed to cum in her mouth once, and that was years before we adopted our FLR. She takes me in her mouth when she wants to enjoy the sensation and effects of taking me in her mouth. Once my erection was ready to burst and my breathing had changed to show that an orgasm was approaching, she let me go and rolled onto her back. She told me to touch her with my fingers. Then she instructed me to get between her legs and lick her. When she wanted no more orgasms, she pulled me up to her side and held my head to her shoulder as she recovered. After ten minutes or so, she told me to jerk off for her. As my arousal built, her instructions became more controlling. Eventually, she was leaning over me, micro-managing the way I beat off for her. As I was reaching the peak, she told me, “Look me in the eyes as you jerk off for me.” After refusing me permission to cum several times, she said yes, “But, look me straight in the eyes as you cum.” Very deep subspace with that one.

On Valentines Day, after I had been denied for 3 or 4 sessions in a row, she knew just how horny I was. I had given her a Magic Wand as one of her Valentine’s Day presents and she wanted to try it out. After making out for an unusually long time, probably half an hour, she told me to go down on her. After several orgasms, she tapped my head indicating that I should come out from between her legs and come up to her side. She told me to take out the Magic Wand. We had fun experimenting with the new toy. I encouraged her to take control of the device so I could see what she liked. She said she preferred for me to hold it while she gave me directions. The rolling orgasms she had while I was eating her out, and the strong orgasms she had from the Magic Wand had me about as horny and turned on as I have ever been. When she had had enough, she told me to take the toy away and leaned into my chest. I kissed her forehead, eyes, and cheek, hoping beyond hope that she would perk up and at least give me permission to jerk off for her. But it was not to be. The only thing she said was, “Thank you” as she lingered in her mellow twilight. She didn’t fall asleep for the longest time, probably more than 15 minutes. She just luxuriated in my arms as I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. This was a different kind of subspace where I had to get my breathing under control and consciously channel the hormones flooding my bloodstream from intense arousal to submissive contentment. God, I wanted to cum desperately that night. But, the next day, I explained the incredible sensation of submission she created for me and thanked her profusely for denying me.

We have grown closer in our work life as well. We are so synchronized in our thinking that I have promoted her to Practice Manager of the entire firm and the two affiliated businesses I own.

Life is good.

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Glad to see you around my friend.  It's good to see something here other than ads for pills from god knows who.

Posted by: @allabouther

As I was reaching the peak, she told me, “Look me in the eyes as you jerk off for me.” After refusing me permission to cum several times, she said yes, “But, look me straight in the eyes as you cum.” Very deep subspace with that one.

This is my very favorite way to be allowed to cum.  I'm rarely allowed to cum, but when I do, staring into her eyes is my favorite!

Posted by: @allabouther

When she had had enough, she told me to take the toy away and leaned into my chest. I kissed her forehead, eyes, and cheek, hoping beyond hope that she would perk up and at least give me permission to jerk off for her. But it was not to be

My second favorite way is to be denied, especially when I REALLY am desperate to cum.  Like you, I thank her the next morning for denying me.

Naked Orgasm Gif



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My wife’s New Year’s resolution was to start “leaning in” her dominance over me after we reflected on how wonderful our first year of marriage was thanks to our formal FLR. I recently posted that the New Year of Leaning In was off to a good start.

The week since that update has been even better and included a new “first.”

We had Monday off for the President’s Day holiday, but it was a busy day for us. We had to get a bunch of things wrapped up because on Tuesday we were driving from Northern Virginia to Baltimore to see Andrea Bocelli in concert. On Wednesday, after dropping her off at home, I was continuing straight on to a professional conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, and other personal business in Richmond, Virginia. I won’t get back home until tomorrow afternoon.

So, on Monday, I was doing some work from home and she was running errands. I was still working when she got back home. She announced that she had finished her errands and was going to go take a shower and start relaxing. She gave me a kiss and headed upstairs. About 10 minutes later, she called down. “Would you like to lick my pussy?”

As you might imagine, I was halfway up the stairs before my laptop hit the floor. “Would you like to kiss first, Mistress, or would you like me to get right to it?” I asked. She was lying on the bed wrapped in her bath sheet.

“I’d like you to kiss me first,” she said.

I did as she asked, and then worshiped her pussy for about 15 minutes. When she was finished we snuggled (I got to be the big spoon) for another 15 minutes. Then she said, “We’d better get dinner started or I will fall asleep for the night.” No reciprocity was offered. I simply thanked her for allowing me to lick her pussy.

The trip to Baltimore was originally planned as a surprise anniversary present from me to her. I had snagged front-row tickets for the concert originally scheduled for December 5. I had rented a nice suite, with a huge Jacuzzi tub, and planned to serve her champagne and a picnic while we lounged in the tub. But Bocelli was ill and had to reschedule the show at the last minute.

So, the surprise was spoiled because I had to explain all the food and wine that I had packed up for the trip. Plus, I couldn’t very well, have nothing for her on our anniversary. So, I told her about the show and we decided that we would turn the rescheduled concert into a Valentine’s Day date. We had the picnic and champagne in our own bedroom instead.

I rebooked the suite and planned on another champagne picnic for the rescheduled show last Tuesday. We packed up in the car and headed north. I told her that I had heard a podcast by a male Dom and his submissive where he talked about how he loves his Hitachi Magic Wand. Since I had given her one on Valentine’s Day proper, I asked she would like to listen to the podcast while we drove. The topic of the podcast was different tips for the new Dom (male or female), one of which included ideas for using the Magic Wand.

She really enjoyed the podcast and it took us all the way to the edge of the city. Even though she knew of the plans for the picnic and the concert, the beautiful suite and the huge soaker tub were still a surprise. When we settled into the room we still had almost 3 hours before we needed to leave for the show. I arranged candles around the bathroom as she unpacked the picnic. She told me to run down the hall to get ice to fill the champagne bucket. Before long we were naked in the tub, sipping Veuve Clicquot and eating caviar and shrimp by candlelight with soft music in the background.

It was very romantic, very relaxing, and very fun, too. My wife steered the conversation to our FLR and was seeking reassurance that I was fully satisfied with our D/s relationship. I told her that I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my life and, if anything, it has only gotten better since her New Year’s resolution to lean into her control. I told her how wonderful I felt when she called me up to the bedroom the day before to have me lick her pussy. I tried to explain the pleasure of subspace and told her that the only thing that would have made it more satisfying for me would have been if she had told me to come service her instead of asking me if I wanted to.

“I know you are just being polite,” I said. “But, it is a turn-on and really gets my submissive juices flowing when you just outright command me to do what you want me to do.” I reminded her how hard she made me cum the previous week when she ordered me to look into her eyes when I was under her control. I also brought up one of the tips from the podcast, that I thought was pretty good for a new, and somewhat hesitant, Dom. The podcaster suggested that when giving instructions, the Dom should think about the game Simon Says. “You don’t have to speak like a harsh sadist,” which my wife is definitely not, he said. “Just speak in a straight-forward, measured tone. Imagine saying, ‘Simon says get on your knees,’ or ‘Simon says lick my pussy.’ Just drop the Simon says. It comes across in a nice even, but commanding tone.”

She said she liked the idea and would give it a try. She said she loves being in control, but she wants to be loving too. What a wonderful problem to have!

We finished the second bottle of champagne and still had an hour and a half before we had to leave for the concert. We moved from the tub to the bedroom. I gave her a Valentine’s card and a couple of presents. The main present was a teddy bear wearing her main gift, a gold necklace. She loved the bear and the necklace. She wanted me to make love to her. After kissing and cuddling she told me, “Lick me now,” in a very direct manner.

After a series of rolling orgasms, she tapped my head in the way she does to indicate that she has had enough and wants me to hold her in my arms. I brought her to more orgasms with my fingers. After cuddling in her state of bliss for 10 or 15 minutes, she instructed me, “Jerk off for me.’ Like the last time, she specifically controlled how I performed for her, she reminded me, “No cumming without permission, and you have to ask me for permission.” We both know that I don’t have to be reminded of those rules. But, it gives her a wicked thrill to repeat them.

As the pressure built she told me, “I want you to cum for me.” I know that was not permission. It was just her way of telling me that she had decided the session would end with an orgasm for me.

“Oh, Mistress. I am getting close,” I said after a few minutes.

She said, “Look me in the eyes as you jerk off for me.”

“Yes, mistress. I love you, Mistress!” I moaned as I stared into her brown eyes. “Oh, I am so close, May I have permission to cum.”

“Yes. But don’t take your eyes off mine as you cum.” It was an explosive orgasm.

As we snuggled, I asked her what she was going to name her bear.

“Flora.” She said. “Get it?”

I furrowed my brow.

“FLoRa,” she repeated. “Just drop the vowels.

“I see what you did there! Very cute.” I said.

Eventually, we got dressed and walked across the street to the arena for the show. (It was awesome, by the way). She knew we were going to the concert, but the front-row tickets were a total surprise. We returned to the hotel suite very late. We got ready for bed, and I pulled out a t-shirt I bought for myself off Etsy. It says:


Followed by four lines with check marks:

“Worship mistress
Serve mistress
Submit to mistress
Be a good little sub”

The last line has no check mark and one word scratched out:

“__ Cum

She laughed out loud and kissed me. She said, “I don’t think I’d wear that around the hotel lobby if I were you.”

The next morning, she had be make love to her again, after which she teased me to the edge of a ruined orgasm. She was literally half a stroke away. She denied me instead.

We packed up and headed back South. After taking her to her car, I continued on to my professional program. On Friday, the program ended, and I drove to Richmond for an event with my sons. When I checked in with my wife Friday night, she was on her way home after going out for drinks with two other ladies from the office. She told me about it.

“They were both complaining about their husbands, like women do,” she said. “But I just smiled. When they gave me my chance to share my frustrations, I said, ‘Sorry, but I have nothing to complain about. He does my laundry and the dishes. He makes my coffee and makes the bed every morning. I get a pedicure whenever I want one. He may be in charge at the office, but he makes sure that I am in charge everywhere else. I pretty much have it made.”

Music to my ears. I cannot wait to get home to my lover today.

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My wife blew my mind this week. She went out to dinner with her best friend, a woman I will call “E” in this post. The story is repeated as it was related to me. I was just climbing into bed into bed when my wife got home.

She hurried to catch up, taking out her contacts, and changing into a comfy night shirt. While she changed, she told me about the restaurant they went to and shared all her friend’s latest news.

Then, as she got into bed, she said, “Guess what I did tonight?” I made three guesses that I thought were pretty good. But, after each guess, she said, “Nope.”

“O.K.,” I said. “I give. What did you do tonight?”

“I told E that I have an FLR!” she said.

My jaw hit my chest. “Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yep,” she answered.

“Oh, my God. And what was her reaction?” I replied.

“In the end, she was clapping, she was so excited,” she said.

“Holy shit. Maybe you should start at the beginning,” I said.

My wife told me, “E really opened up about how she has been kind of hurt that some her friends from the Air Force Academy have made so little effort to maintain their friendship. She was speaking from her heart and really confiding me. It felt like the right thing to do to return the favor.”

“O.K.,” I said, encouraging her to go on.

“So, I told her, ‘I have something to tell you,’” my wife said.

E replied, “What is that?”

My wife answered, “I have an FLR!”

“A what?” E asked?

“Have you ever heard of a ‘female-led relationship?” my wife said.

“No,” said E. “What is a female-led relationship?”

My wife told her, “It means that I am in charge of everything and it is all about my pleasure.”

E gave her an open look and raised her eyebrows. “Can I find out about this on Google?”

“Sure,” said my wife. “But you are going to see that there are different kinds. Some can be pretty extreme. Whips and chains kind of stuff. I am not into that. No humiliation or degradation. He simply makes my life extraordinary. I get my way all the time."

"Well, anyone can see how happy he makes you and how much he pampers you," said E.

My wife went on, "He has a way of drawing out my best, most confident, and competent self. He trusts me absolutely to lead him in every way outside of the office, where he is the firm's boss.”

E cocked her head and raised her eyebrows even farther.

“Yep,” my wife said looking her in the eye. “Even in the bedroom. That means that if I have had what I want and I just want to drift off to sleep, he is SOL. He just cuddles me and kisses me while I drift off to sleep.”

E shrugged her shoulders, “Well, he can just go off and do his thing.”

“No,” my wife said pointedly. “He can’t.”

Her friend just stared her in the eyes in disbelief.

“I control all of them, too. He is only allowed one if it is for my pleasure.”

That is when E clapped her hands and bounced in her seat like a schoolgirl.

They went on to have an extended conversation about why an alpha male like me would voluntarily want to submit to his wife. As an alpha female, and former fighter pilot, her friend got it instantly. “He finds it liberating to be able to put his life in the hands of someone he trusts,” she said.

“Exactly,” my wife replied.

After sharing a few more details, my wife asked, “You’re not upset that told her, are you?”

“Upset? You’ve given me a raging erection,” I said as pulled back the covers to show her my reaction to her act of dominance.

She smiled and responded by saying, “Earlier today, you told me that you were fantasizing about licking my pussy.”

“As I do pretty much all the time,” I replied as I nodded.

“Well, get to it,” she said.

I answered, “Yes, mistress!” and I moved down between her legs.

After giving her two orgasms with my tongue, she told me, “That’s enough.” I moved up to her side to hold her in my arms and she spread her legs invitingly. I immediately began making love to her pussy with my fingers while I kissed her and held her close with my left arm. After two screaming climaxes, she closed her legs and rolled into my full embrace.

She slid off into her "state of bliss." I gently kissed her cheek and hair while I caressed her back. After about ten minutes, I took a moment to smell my fingers. She quietly said to me, “You like my smell?”

“The scent of your pussy is intoxicating to me,” I responded.

She kissed my chest softly and said, “Can you jerk off for me without me having to move?”

“Of course,” I said. “If that would bring you pleasure.”

“Yeah,” she said. “I want you to cum all over me, but I don’t want to move from this position.”

“Yes, mistress,” I replied as I began to stroke myself.

In almost no time, the cum in my balls was starting to boil.

“You may not cum without my permission,” she admonished me.

“I know, mistress." I continued masturbating for her. After a few minutes, I asked, "May I have permission to cum for you, mistress?” I asked.

“No,” she said sternly. I gasped and released my hardon. “I haven’t decided for certain yet if I am going to allow you to cum. But I certainly want it to build for a while longer. Resume your stroking.”

I worked very hard to bring myself closer to orgasm without jostling her body or disrupting her rest. Finally, after extended begging, she gave me permission to cum and I shot almost a week’s worth of manly goodness across her body.

She kissed me and said, “Don’t forget to blow out the candle when you go to the bathroom.” Then she kissed me a buried her head in my chest.

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