Ask Emma Cuckold Or Open

Ask Emma: Are we cuckold or open? Our marriage is complex and we need a change.

Hi Paula! The clear implication here is that you want the control you once had when you were the “strong driving force” and you feel like you’ve lost some of the control in your household. You’ve become roommates or nesting partners and while that may be fine for some couples, it doesn’t foster the core relationship that it sounds like you crave. What does it say about your sexual desires and their exclusion from your marital bed? I think it is very clear that you need a semblance of control over your husband’s sexuality without giving up your own sexual freedom. Your current situation is paradoxical and seems not only unsatisfying but also unsustainable in the current form.

Reeling him back in

My personal opinion is that you need to bring the sexual aspect of your relationship together at the expense of your husband’s extramarital friendships. Make his sexuality about you and allow him to experience sexual openness through your eyes. Men often thrive from sexual control and you may find that he will excitedly give up his current sexual autonomy for control and structure of a loving female led marriage. In fact, it sounds like the two of you thrived when you felt that in the past. Bring him into the relationship that you have with your boyfriend and let him love you through that rather than in spite of that. I’ve been quietly experiencing life with monthly blog updates lately but your situation sounds somewhat similar to what Kev and I have experienced lately. It has been some time since sharing an update about us and I feel like your question gives a good opportunity for an update. I’ll recap with more thought about how you can reel your free fella back in.


A new boyfriend?

I’ve had a boyfriend named Trevor for nearly six months now and we see each other regularly. At first this began as a separate relationship and I’d sleep over at his house most of the time, perhaps two or three times a week. This worked for me and Trevor but left Kev feeling alone and undesired. Coming home the next morning with disheveled hair and the just got fucked glow, he loved seeing me and often had breakfast waiting for us to enjoy and reconnect together. After some time this began to take its toll and even impacted the sexual side of our relationship. Kev has been on the 7 day chastity lockup plan for years now. We lock him up on Sundays, unlocking for non-orgasmic/maintenance sex and cleanings throughout the week but on Sundays he is permitted an orgasm. I love our Sundays and we both crave his sexual releases. Kev loves hearing about my fun times with Trevor but over time it becomes repetitive and included Kev less and less. This created a level of sexual distance that we never felt with Andrew and other past experiences.

SPH as a reconnection tool

During #sphnovember, I tried using SPH as a way to reconnect with the sexual side of my wonderful loving husband. That worked wonderfully, we were able to play into the “not good enough” aspect of male sexuality and derive some wonderful fantasy but the separation of my sexual partners was difficult. Kev had no autonomy to pursue relationships of his own and we discussed the possibility of opening this side of our relationship. In running this site, I’ve was contacted by a pro domme who wanted to play with my subby boy and that was an idea that I toyed with but I wanted him submissive guy all to myself. The problem was that our sex was about me and Trevor and it left a gaping hole for Kev. I’ve been feeling insecure about my understanding of that dynamic so I haven’t felt confident enough to post blogs recently. If I don’t have it all figured out at home so how am I any sort of authority to help any of you?


The active spectator

I had a heart to heart with Trevor in early December and told him that my relationship with him was impacting my relationship with my husband and I needed to make a change. I presented the conversation in such a way that his eyes perked up and he seemed concerned that he would fall victim to this change. I realized that my words were presented poorly and told him that I was seeking a change that would allow us all to benefit. I wanted converge my relationships and bring the two separate streams together. I wanted to truly allow Kev to experience my sexuality first hand in a way that would drive and capture his own sexual needs. While I have no desire for him to be an active participant with Trevor, I do want him to be an active spectator. I want to build and cultivate his sexual energy by experiencing my own alongside me.

Bringing it back to Paula

Ok Paula, let’s bring this back around to you and your guy. What should you do? Bringing Kev into the mix with Trevor brought the smile back to his face and seeing the smile on Kev’s face brought it back to mine. Would it do the same for your situation? I don’t know but it might be worth a try. The key is making it about him and not about taking his current relationships from him. If you decide to remove his other connections, you need to add similar value and effort so he doesn’t feel slighted. Sexuality is a game that we play and play is what adds quality and longevity to relationships. Playing that game by including your husband in your secondary relationships is a wonderful way to bring things full circle. Trevor is excited at the idea of taking on the role of a bull in our relationship and Kev is equally excited about being an enthusiastic cuck. We’ve done all of the things and all of the scenarios and it brought the spark of sexuality back to Kev and I. He is eagerly locked and waits at my beck and call for cues around any form of sexual outlet at my discretion. You and your husband may be on a similar path with your future needing something to pull your sexuality back together before you truly take things in separate directions. Keep things as-is and continue to hemorrhage sexual energy or harness that energy, motivate him to shed his external relationships and enjoy the sexual focus of two men. This is the way.


I hope this was helpful and I look forward to being a more active blogger now that I feel like I have a more healthy balance of understanding in my own life. Thank you for reaching out and I appreciate you and everyone else who continues to support Kev and I on our journey together. I know that you asked to stay anonymous but know that this site and all of our energy is pulling for whatever changes that you make in your relationship to bring things back around. If you aren’t following my Twitter (or is it X now?) I have a theme of #cuckoldjanuary and some fun memes are coming your way as part of that. So if you aren’t following me there, make sure that you do so. Remember to communicate excessively, make your relationships fun and don’t take your sexuality too seriously!



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Emma, Love reading your thoughts on cuckold relationships, you’re very level headed and seem very gentle with your men. ❤️



Emma – thanks for sharing this and for being open with your own struggles. I can see how spending multiple nights per week away from Kev and with Trevor could lead to problems – particularly if you are making yourself fully available to Trevor sexually while still denying Kev. Hopefully the new dynamic of Kev watching helps.
I am sure you will be able to keep him involved either by cleaning your creampie or even by having his own sexual encounters with Trevor (if Trevor is willing).
The sexual connection between a husband and wife is a key aspect of the relationship that needs to be maintained somehow – keep up the good work!


Paula – IMHO One of you needs to step up and take charge here, and it should be you. Tell your husband you won’t stay with him if he’s going to “play” with other women, then start him on a program of gradually longer periods of enforced chastity via the use of a locking chastity cage (you keep the key!) Explain his energies should be focused on you, and only you. If he protests you seeing other men, then stop and concentrate on your relationship with him. As he begins to experience longer periods of sexual arousal and denial, his submissiveness to you will begin to grow. You can then begin to see other men, while keeping him locked. This may seem one sided, but remember: There can only be 1 person “wearing the pants in the house” or your relationship is doomed.


Ah, the old bait and switch. Maybe before writing it off, Paula could explore female chastity and cuckqueaning to enhance her connection to her husband while he’s with his three side-pieces.

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Hello Emma, nice to read something from you here on the blog again.
It’s exciting to see how you’ve developed as a couple since your first posts began.
Given all the information about your past post, I’ve been wondering for a while whether you and Kev still have PIV or is he now Never inside anymore?


“…  and that also being the most popular theme amongst the users here …” I happen to disagree that cuckolding is the most popular theme here. Just my opinion I could be wrong. I still believe that the concept of evolving her man/husband through things like domination, chastity, orgasm control, semen retention, spankings, and the like, are still the most people because those are the things that drew people here to begin with. Again, just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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