Cuck Drawing

The intricacies associated with having a cuckold husband.

When we are with our bulls, it can be hard on our cucks, reduced to waiting alone while we are brought to heights of sexual pleasure by other men – heights to which cucks can never lift us.

For months hubby was my love, and the best fuck I had ever had. But then, at his encouragement, I cucked him with my bull, and now he’s not anymore, and he never will be the best again, but he brought me to the best. He brought me to the bull who takes me where he cannot, and he can take comfort, and pride in knowing that.

Being a cuckold is literally humiliating, he is humbled by the truth of my greater desire for, and pleasures from my bulls. Being a cuck is a harrowing experience, it shakes their self-confidence like nothing else ever could. It elicits profound feelings on inadequacy, whether they’re into humiliation play, or not.


Cucks can’t give us the NRE, the taboo, or the simplicity of sex outside a committed relationship.

When we fuck our husbands, we know what to expect. We know them and how they fuck. We know the positions, the sequence, how long before they cum, and how long before they fall asleep. Everyone needs variety to keep things fresh and exciting, but we especially need the spark of the new to keep our fire lit. Husbands can switch things around, and introduce a measure of variety, they can do something new but they can’t be something new, and it’s difficult to change things up enough without seeming like contrived novelty. Husbands are safe. They’re the guys who leave their dirty socks on the floor, leave the toilet lid up, and the ones who have seen us in our sweats without makeup and with the baby’s fresh spit-up decorating our shirt. They’re the guys who run to the store to get us tampons.


Our bulls are none of that. They’re fantasy men. They have only ever seen us ladies at our sexiest. They have never irritated us, or made work for us, or gotten into an argument with us. The bulls have only ever treated us like the Queens that we are, giving us undivided attention, and passion – never distracted by Cricket or Football, when we need the dick. Bulls are taboo, they’re fresh, and new, and remind us ladies how beautiful and desirable we are like husbands can’t. No matter how hard husbands insist, we don’t quite believe them like we believe our bulls’ words, and our bulls’ touches because we understand that husbands “have to” tell us we’re beautiful.

Sex with bulls is different from anything husbands can give us. They can’t compete on the bull’s terms, and sex with bulls is the hottest, wildest, dirtiest sex us women will ever have, and yes…because of all the intangibles around it, the context, sex with bulls is better than with husbands.

That said, men are linear thinkers, and so they easily conclude that the better fuck is always necessarily the preferable one. What can they give us but almost comically mediocre efforts in the one area where mediocrity is death?

But we aren’t linear as men. We don’t seem to rank them like that. Men are a constellation of all different qualities, and attributes in combinations we find irresistible.

Men aren’t statistics to us, to put in order to find the singular “best one”. They are more like food. We don’t simply crave meat, – lots of it! We want the complexity of different textures, and seasonings working together on our palates. We may like salty, or sweet but we don’t only want one, or the other, nor the saltiest, nor the sweetest. We want the flavors swirling together across our tongues. Our bulls may be the better cock, the better fuck, but a diet of only chicken – even the best chicken there is – becomes unsatisfying after a whole, and leaves you empty and craving more.

My husband may not be as good as my boyfriend, he’s not a filet…but he’s a pretty passable burger and fries, and that’s why, at the end of the day, I still choose him. Not out of pity, or love, or loyalty, but because he’s not just one quality. He’s not just a Bull. He’s not just a Cock, he’s a Cuck.

I can have as many bulls as I want, but I will only ever have one cuck, and my cuck is the man who completes me.

Emma’s Thoughts

In some aspects I do while others I do not. Is my husband a “pretty passable burger and fries”? Absolutely not but I do see the analogy of equating him to comfort food. Sex with him is mom’s cooking and the level of comfort and anticipation that comes with the meanings behind the food. My mother cooks a wonderful cheese stuffed meatloaf and the very smell of her cooking brings me back to the wonderful emotions of holidays spent with family. Sex with my husband is exquisite in a way that could never be duplicated. There is no replacement for the emotional connection which represents so much more than the actual act. Are other men better endowed? Yes. Do other men have more stamina? Yes. Zurati is completely correct that my cuckold husband allows me the sexual freedom to try new and exciting partners while coming back to the sense of family, support of a caring and nurturing marriage. As she said, Cucks can’t give us the NRE, the taboo, or the simplicity of sex outside a committed relationship but what they can give us is wholesomeness and completeness.

What’s in it for him?

My husband loves my pleasure and lives for the compersion that he experiences when he knows that my needs are fulfilled. In fact, many emotionally intelligent men realize that his wife’s level of happiness is a good indicator of relationship health. While the old happy life, happy wife is antiquated, it most certainly adds to the gender neutral version of this saying happy house, happy spouse. When a man thrives from your satisfaction; both sexual and otherwise he truly is your partner and brings his best self to the relationship. Is a cuckold relationship right for all men? Decidedly not! For those like Kev who thrive in a cuckold dynamic, I encourage you to make your sex life as much about your own needs as his understanding, admission and acknowledgement of your physical and emotional satisfaction.



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My husband may not be as good as my boyfriend, he’s not a filet…but he’s a pretty passable burger and fries, … “

What an incredibly awful thing to say, let alone feel to be true.


I’m not sure why this line was so controversial. I think it’s clear that one theme of this blog has, for some time, been that you might not be able to get everything you need from one person. I’m not necessarily sold on this relationship style, but at risk of re-explaining what Emma already did in the article, I want to defend the author a bit in light of the reaction that remark got.

In this case, the author very much loves her husband for myriad reasons, but he isn’t the very best sex she’s ever had. When you didn’t choose your partner based on the singular criterion that he’s amazing at sex, but rather based on a number of traits that make for a good partner, you’re probably not being honest if you say that you couldn’t find someone who could give you better sex (and quite possibly much better sex) if you were to go out and look for someone giving primary consideration to that one criterion. I think it’s actually unreasonable to assume and expect that you’re the best sex your partner has ever had. A lot of guys seem particularly concerned with that. I’ve never asked my partner if I am. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But demanding an answer to that question seems horribly unfair and needy. And I’m not so delusional as to think that I’m better at sex than anyone she could ever get.

When the author (who isn’t Emma) says the line about the filet vs the burger, she’s not comparing the quality of person of her husband and boyfriend. She’s saying that her boyfriend is exceptional at sex (as he would be since that’s how he was chosen) and having sex with him is more of an occasion, like a nice filet dinner you get dressed up for. On the other hand, her husband performs admirably, but he isn’t a God of Sex, in part because sex with him is normal for her, like a causal dinner out. Everybody likes a burger and fries, but the fact that you can easily get one any time you want for less than $20 does make it a bit less exciting.


Controversial? I don’t know about that. For me, it’s all just a matter of perspective and opinion. Each individual’s perspective and opinion. The things that are said, and even more so, the things that we do, have meaning to those hearing and watching. How I would feel about my wife potentially wanting to fuck other men would have everything to do with how much value in her life she genuinely placed on it.

If she chose to think of me and what she has with me as the gourmet steak with all the fixings at a beautiful romantic, candlelit table, and other men as an occasional craving for a nice 8″, juicy, long-lasting burger, and I probably wouldn’t have a problem with it. Because clearly, she would value what she has with me, in her life, more. If it were the other way around? No fucking way!

Again, a matter of perspective. My perspective. I would have the same “no fucking way” stance if she wanted/needed more than just a good fucking from another dude. Developing a deeper emotional relationship by sleeping over at his place, going on vacations, and other activities that people in love do, would undoubtedly eventually have the effect of devaluing her love and respect for her husband, and that whole “he’s my ‘primary’ nonsense would evaporate … despite previous commitments and promises to the contrary. It’s how humans work. It’s how they evolve.

If a woman has a desire to evolve her man into something more suitable for her taste, the destination matters to both of them, especially if the journey takes them in a direction that is different than what each of them signed up for in the first place. Sure, there are men out there who truly do desire to be the devalued second (or third, or …) option for their wife as she endlessly searches for the perfect cock, attached to the perfect lover, thus making him the perfect companion. God bless those fellas and more power to them. They can wallow in the never-ending joy of being a beta simp husband. But if their journey didn’t begin with the mutual goal of turning the husband into a humiliated, less and less valued simp of a man that exists solely to provide for his wife and give her the cover she needs to fuck anyone she wants, it will end badly because her quest for better and more will not end. The compersion will have worn completely away and be permanently replaced by disappointment, shame, regret, and unhappiness.

Everybody likes a burger and fries, but the fact that you can easily get one any time you want for less than $20 does make it a bit less exciting.”

I think it was Oscar Wilde … “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

No controversy here. Just perspective and opinion.


“Husbands are safe. They’re the guys who leave their dirty socks on the floor, leave the toilet lid up, […].They’re the guys who run to the store to get us tampons.”

No offense, I used to be kind of a fan of your posts in the past, but when reading stuff like this I get the feeling that maybe the problem aren’t “our marriages” or “our husbands”, but maybe it’s just yours. And instead of dealing with it you reduced it down to sexuality, the area you have complete power over. Neither me or any of the husbands I know behave like you describe. Needless to say their wives don’t call them “a pretty passable burger and fries”. Maybe not a coincidence.


In my experience, being cuckolded wasn’t “a harrowing experience”. It was to some extent humiliating when my wife told me that other men were better at fucking than I was, but the thrill of being humiliated made it worthwhile for me. Additionally, I never felt excluded from my wife’s sex life, even though I was excluded from the bedroom when my wife was with a lover. In fact, I had way more, and way more exciting, sex with my wife during periods when she was having sex with other men. I think that being desired by two men—me and the other guy—made her really horny, which resulted in exciting sex for all three of us. True, the sex my wife had with me rarely involved penetration, but being denied that excited me and resulted in the best orgasms of my life, often from my wife giving my a hand job while teasing me about my “cute little cock” which she would compare to her lovers’ bigger harder cocks.

A big part of the pleasure of extramarital sex for my wife was the feeling of naughtiness. Her first experience was a one night stand with a guy at an out of town conference. She told me that that the guy wasn’t even that good in bed. He was no better at fucking than I was. He didn’t even give her an orgasm. But the thought that she had been so “naughty” as to allow another man to fuck her made her really horny, and we both had amazing orgasms from masturbating while she told me about it on the phone afterwards. After that she was hooked, especially when she discovered that there were men who could give her orgasms just from fucking, something that I had never done. She had fairly long term relationships with a couple of guys who were really good at that. But during that time, the sex she had with me was hotter than ever. We pretty much stopped fucking because I couldn’t make her cum that way, but I was able to give her lots of orgasms with oral sex and with toys. One of her favourite things was to bring herself to orgasm with a vibrator on her clit while I performed analingus. I loved that too because I felt so submissive and she would have such shattering orgasms. I don’t think she would say that I was like “a burger and fries” compared to her “filet” lovers. True, I wasn’t capable of fucking her to orgasm the way they were. But I gave her orgasms in ways that they didn’t. Maybe a better analogy than a burger compared to fries would be surf and turf, with her lovers providing the turf and me bringing the surf.


Hi Emma. I’m an aspiring cuck (but doubt she will ever do it) I really appreciate how you defined your relationship with your husband. The comparison to family cooking and the emotional feeling it brings, is the best analogy I have ever read! Thank you for your input.


“My husband may not be as good as my boyfriend, he’s not a filet… but he’s a pretty passable burger and fries,…”

Wow, how insightful is that line! When my wife read that line she called her friends and said that I am the “passable burger and fries when there is nothing left in the pantry.”

I’m constantly reminded that her superior sex drive is satisfied by a better man.


I get it, and I know that it’s none of my business, but I can’t help but feel sad about this.



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