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My name is Mark and wan to be a cuckold?

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Hello, good everyone, my name is Mark and I'm 48 years old, I've been married for 12 years and ever since I met my wife I've been into cuckolding.

My fantasies range from seeing her on all fours sucking a black cock to being her blowjobber and cleaning the remains of my cuckold's cum off her pussy or her tits or ass, waiting behind a door, or acting as a chair while he fucks her on top of me.

When I met her at the height of the chatroom boom I pretended to be someone else and got her to show me her breasts while I talked to her on the cell phone because it was me and she didn't know it. That night I masturbated 5 times in a row within 2 hours.

Thinking I was a virtual cuckold.

I've told her a few times that I wouldn't mind being her consensual cuckold while we fuck but once I ejaculate the idea doesn't appeal to me enough and we don't talk about it again.


Still when I go several days without masturbating the idea of being a cuckold takes over my head and I would like to be one. Still I don't have enough balls to say it and think he won't let me.

I'm her breadwinner, I don't work and she earns the money, we fuck once a year at most and I can't hold out long enough to give her more than one orgasm if I give it to her.

Currently my penis measures 12 cm (4.6 inches) and is not very thick, not much for a multiorgasmica like her; what I do not understand is how she does not masturbate or already fucks with another because I masturbate daily and she says she does not.

I like interracial porn, dildos, humiliation ,SPH and female domination, I want to have a chastity belt without her knowing at the moment. A few months ago I bought a 20 cm penis that I like to compare with my penis to realize what she needs. By the way I like to suck it and I wouldn't mind cleaning her lovers cock if they want to and so does she. The idea of sissy cuckold also appeals to me.

I remember once in a pool how a foreigner tried to pick her up and she told him she was married showing him the ring, but seeing her there I had an erection ******* then I told her about it but she said nothing, laughed and little else.

I recently told her that my dick was getting smaller and smaller from not fucking and she laughed making the gesture with 2 fingers of small dick and that turns me on.

Does this evidence mean I want to be a cuckold? I should keep it as a fantasy and not risk losing my relationship, I should show her the dildo and tell her I want to buy a chastity belt?

Sex with her doesn't appeal to me unless she asks me to, I enjoy masturbating and fantasizing about being her cuckold. In fact I masturbate with her high heels in private and with a thong and a small buttplug in my ass while I look at a collage I made with a picture of her and an ex of hers.

Is my story normal, are there other people like this? Am I a future cuckold or is it just a fantasy?

Posted : 30/04/2024 2:39 am
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Hello, Mark,

I don't know if it's just a fantasy or you could be a real cuckold, but having sex once a year doesn't seem too good.

You may play with her and if you introduce things in a correct way you could enjoy a better sexual life.

  1. I don't agree with what many dommes say "I want sincerity". No. If you tell her about the dick you suck or about your masturbating habits thinking about cuckolding she will be scared.
  2. It's a bad advice telling the subs to be completely honest. Nobody wants a 100 per cent of honesty. I don't tell you to lie, but you should tell things in a much sweet and not kinky way that things really are. Otherwise you will be rejected by your wife.
  4. I suggest women to stop demanding full honesty, because that makes many men don't reach an FLR relationship. Sorry, it's my opinion. Women don't usually like men's dirty mind from the beginning.
Posted : 05/05/2024 12:23 pm
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