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Seeing as most of us are still pretty cooped up I thought maybe others had run out of books read or we could discuss common topics.

I am a fan of High Fantasy novels, starting with the Tolkien and Brian Jacques around grade 3. The most recent epic fantasy authors I have been reading are ( in no particular  order):

Brandon Sanderson: excellent magic systems that make sense, amazing pacing, prolific, and very forward thinking protagonists. I would recommend Mistborn to start with, or perhaps one of the Novellas, Stormlight Archieve is the key stone work and is highly recommended if you like 1000+ page counts.

Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time saga is epic, wonderful characters and story with great depth. And an inadvertent look at some female led countries and societies. I say inadvertent because I feel like it was more of a world building decision and not an attempt to further and real goals. Great series. Cons- way to long and he loses himself for a but. Jordan dies before finishing the 15 book epic, but it was finished by the aforementioned Brandon Sanderson.

Frank Herbert: Dune series. Science Fantasy of the highest order. Please read. Or atleast check out the Sci-fi channel mini series. 


I also enjoy military non fiction and firearms literature. Because I wouldn't be a proper Gemini if I didn't have two radically different personalities of a submissive husband and military and gun nerd. 

I would love to hear any and all genre suggestions.

Posted : 10/08/2020 12:39 pm