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Always Eat Your Cum

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The other site is mine.  submissive husband in Phoenix.  I recently made a post about "Always Eat Your Cum", which you can read here if you are so inclined.  In it I asked for people's thoughts about what I had there.  One of the comments came from someone named GoddessRachel.  It was an amazing response in general and not necessarily specific to the topic at hand ... subs being required to eat their cum.  Her comment is below.

Hello there! You asked what W/e think. I say that in the context of a FLR, it all depends on what your Wife/Mistress wants. For example, in your case, it wouldn't be something I'd suggest you do, because your Wife doesn't want you to.

But in the general context of a FLR, I think it's a good tool for the Wife to utilize to keep Her husband in his place. It's especially meaningful if he *doesn't* like it, personally speaking.

It makes Me think of what I tell some of My coerced bi slaves: your sexual orientation is obedience. I think that goes for any and all preferences in a FLR. Your preference is whatever your Wife desires. If a submissive husband/partner can't embrace that in spirit, he should embrace it in practice until he does.

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Posted : 10/09/2023 1:26 pm
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I always eat my cum, I just love it....

I am a Male, bottom only, heterosexual man, that only orgasms through prostate stimulation.

Posted : 11/10/2023 11:36 pm
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It's not optional for me but I've learned to like it. It's also a big treat because I've been in permanent chastity (caged and on honour) for some years, and the cum I get to eat is from my occasional ruined orgasm, about quarterly, which my wife says is to keep my tubes clear.

Posted : 12/10/2023 7:21 pm
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I am fully expected to consume all spilled cum, rega

rdless of how or where. If I don’t there are repercussions 

Posted : 04/02/2024 10:06 am
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In a previous FLR I was involved in it was mandatory. In my current FFLR - Forever least that is what I hope, the foundation is semen retention so no cum to eat. Problem solved!

Posted : 10/02/2024 9:36 am
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On my first date with the Woman who is now my beloved Wife, She made me eat my creampie out of Her, and I've been eating my own cum ever since.

It's a taste I've gotten used to, though I wouldn't call it delicious or anything. But it's not about taste, it's about submission and obedience to Her.

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Posted : 11/02/2024 7:43 am
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I understand and i also do what she wishes period.. ok no chainsaws however if she wants me to eat i do .. perform i do as well

Posted : 17/06/2024 11:04 pm
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Ooh! “Your sexual orientation is obedience.” That touched something deep in me! That’s kinda perfect. 

Posted : 26/06/2024 1:27 pm
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