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Experiment turned into something I didn't expect

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Today I took my boy to a beach which was about 40km away.
(The beach nearest to us is always crowded. I didn't want anybody to recognize us, plus it didn't allow any kind of nudity)
I basically wanted to check if he is gonna be okay with showing his cage for somebody other than me.
(So I can continue with my plans("tea party thing"))
There wasn't much people around(I knew that that would be the case which is why I took him there)
I was in my bikini as usual and I ordered him to wear only a towel.
Then as we walked along the shore I asked him to hand me over me the towel he was wearing.
I did this a bit further away from people so if he isn't into this sort of thing, then I'd give him back the towel and no harm would be done.
He looked at me as to make sure I mean what I said and he handed me the towel.
As we walked along I noticed some odd looks borrowing into his crotch area but he seemed okay-ish with it all.(He was redder than a cooked lobster)
There were some couples on the beach. So I took the time to make some small talk, with him by my side to see how he would react.

Then what happened was a bit perplexing to me to be honest.
We got home.
The moment we went through the front door he undressed.(He's not allowed to wear cloths inside the house)
Then he keeled before me and started kissing both my feet. It felt different. It was like he was trying to suck something off the top of my feet.
Then he got back on his knees looked up at me and asked if he is allowed to have an erection.
Of course I said no (The only time he is allowed is when I have sex with him)
Then he asked my permission to lick me. It was like he had a longing to do this.
With me standing up, rather than doing what he normally does , he started breathing in long heavy breaths and slowly exhale, with his face buried in my crotch.

It seemed obsessive to say the least.
Then he hobbled around me on his knees, spread my but cheeks apart , buried his face between them and started breathing in heavy deep breaths while massaging my hips for some reason.
This went on for a while and I sort of liked it.
It reminded me of my control over him, which is always a good feeling to have.
Then I felt something moving a bit above one of my ankles and guess what, he had an erection and it was throbbing like he was going to orgasm.
(I took the cage off of him earlier cause some sand has somehow gotten into it.)
I stopped him immediately and he had a look on his face, which I can't even begin to explain.
His eyes were closed. It was like he was drunk, a dreamy expression like I've never seen before. Like he has gone to heaven and come back.

I took him to the bathroom, put him doggy and told him to hold on to the handlebars.(he knew this was coming)

Then I started squeezing each of his testicles. (I use each of my hands to squeeze each of his testicles at the same time.)


It was a bit harder than I normally do it and I didn't tell him how long I'm gonna be doing it.
Usually he wiggles about and take his hands off the bars from time to time to stop me.(his reactions depend on how hard I squeeze and how long I do it for)
This time he didn't even move nor made any noise.
Then I saw he was leaking seamen drop by drop. I was flabbergasted. I let go of one testicle and pulled his foreskin back.
The drops then turned into a very weak stream of semen.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Nothing like this has ever happened in our relationship before.
It was a mix of a whole lot of emotions which I haven't felt before.
I put the cage back on him, but he seems out of his character since we returned from the beach.
He seems overly obsessed about me.
How would you explain this ?
I mean I have a guess , but there might be a lot that I don't see.

I was overwhelmed. But I can't think of a reason why such a change/thing would happen.
I don't want my man turned into some crazy person.
I haven't talked to him about this yet. I will very soon. I can't make up my mind to do that just yet.

All I want is some explanation. I just don't know why this happened.

Posted : 16/05/2021 6:29 am
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Males locked in chastity cages for days on end go through a number of psychological changes. As their sexual tension builds, so does their quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) desire to relieve that tension. I'm guessing this behavior on the part of your boy is a mixture of extreme sexual frustration, and submissiveness, which most locked males display to their dominant women in the (sometimes futile) attempt to seek release from the cage and a sexual release. JMHO - I see no problem in displaying your boy in this manner; while no doubt embarrassing for him, this is just another way of reinforcing his submissiveness, and it's something he'll simply have to get used to. ? 


Suggestion: Restrain his hands with cuffs or cord while cleaning and relocking him in his cage, lest his frustration gets the better of him and masturbates against your wishes. 

Posted : 16/05/2021 8:02 am
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He is not allowed to touch his penis even to put it in me when we have sex.I put it in myself. After sex, we go to the bathroom, put him in doggy, I release his semen with a prostate toy, clean everything, put some lotion on the penis put the cage back on.

This happens before I go to bed and at that point I'm basically shagged out(literally). ?

I have never displayed him in this way before. I think that has something to do with his behavior today. I'm ready for anything.

I still don't understand how he released himself in the midst of that pain though.


Posted : 16/05/2021 8:50 am
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I decided to it again. We'll be going to the beach tomorrow (Both of us are currently working from home.) and see what happens.

This time I'm really going to show him off and show who is in charge. ? 

Posted : 16/05/2021 10:01 am
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You created an awesome scene that caused him to ultimately become very aroused.  I feel sure he was simply overwhelmed by the feelings of submission he experienced while being paraded at the beach.  Humiliation can be a powerful tool when used....and you you used it very very well.

Posted : 16/05/2021 11:42 am
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I'm going to the beach with him today. He is going to give a good show (If I can find a couple of people there specially girls. ? ) . Going to show them how much power it gives her when she controls is privates.

The beach is private enough. Think we won't get into too much trouble.

Posted : 18/05/2021 11:07 pm
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Today I showed his cage to a group of three girls at the beach. There was a another couple there but they left before I took the towel off of him. This time in front of the girls. The look on their faces were priceless. Then came a slew of questions. They obviously knew about it but haven't seen one on a man. So I told them all about it. I even let them play with his balls. Made him pee squatting down through his cage in front  of them. Released him from the cage and made him hump my lower thighs with him kneeling behind. They were amazed how much control I had over his genitals , specially when after humping my legs, I said to "put it away" it went soft before their eyes, they couldn't believe it. There were very few people other than us but they were further away from us so there wasn't any fear of getting us thrown away. It was a very erotic experience for us all.

We got home. His worship began just as the other day, this time without an erection. I'm not going to be doing that again anytime soon. He becomes overly obsessive about me and I can't even go the bathroom in peace. Loved the experience.

(I forgot to take my prostate toy with me. If I did, I could've given them a better show instead of a pre-cum stream. I didn't expect anybody to be that interested about it to be honest. It turned out that I was wrong.)

Posted : 19/05/2021 9:10 am
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