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Verbal Teasing

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My has a higher drive than I and we both enjoy teasing so many of our evenings together involve me lying on the bed with him sitting on the chair across the room. He masturbates while I tease him verbally and sometimes physically by playing with myself. As with all of our play, we both know it is just teasing but we both enjoy sph, joi and other fun types of control/humiliation fantasies.

It works for us but I know it may not be for everyone.

Posted : 02/12/2020 8:46 am
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I'm not really into humiliation of any kind but this sounds very light hearted and a lot of fun. Perhaps I could get MsWife to play the same game. 

Posted : 02/12/2020 10:58 am
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This can be fun assuming it goodhearted. Kevin and I enjoy excluding Andrew or Andrew and I enjoy excluding Kevin and being over the top about it. We don't say anything truly hurtful but a good tease can be a turn on for the teaser and the tease-ee. 

Posted : 02/12/2020 10:00 pm
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We do teasing too. Sometimes she laughs or jokes about my need to masturbate. She laughs when I about to cum. Jokes I better enjoy this one, because the cage is going back on and it will be a while before doing it again.


Sometimes when I masturbate, she turns her back to me and plays with her phone and basically ignores me. When I finish, she says something like "all done?".

Posted : 03/12/2020 5:37 am