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2025 a year of chastity

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Ryan after being assisted by his loving girlfriend through his mba program made a terrible mistake. Claire caught him watching porn. Claire a beautiful young attorney would not tolerate the betrayal. She set one condition on Ryan for the relationship to continue.

she put a box in front him as he opened it he says the label for the vice forced between choosing her or cumming on demand he puts on the vice including the anti pullout making it inescapable. 

she tells him now no stroking no jerking, your wandering cock is locked away and I hold the key. As time goes on Ryan earns orgasms via sex once a week by getting good grades in his mba classes being financially responsible with his checks, being neat and most importantly giving her earth quaking orgasms with his tounge. 

Claire suprises upon his mba graduation with a couples retreat to a nudist resort. Ryan thinking this is the end of his days in the cage is rebuked “why would you want to be hard in front of other women he’s asked” what Ryan did not know was plenty of muscular sculpted uncaged lotharios go this resort as well as male chastity is on the rise many women get wines and dined but get no cock to fuck them. 

at the island Ryan strains in his cage as Claire is naked all the time here voluptuous body, curves breasts ass is a tormenting site while locked away. 


they walk the beach and enjoy each other’s company in the room before going down to the bar. At the bar Claire is approached by a lothario uncaged with a v shaped torso and beautiful pecs, ass and not to mention the package. The lothario initiates a flirtatious conversation with Claire and points out Ryan’s cage to which she laughs. Ryan sees the eagerness in Claire’s eyes and doesn’t know what to do as the cage has tamed him unlike the lothario. The lothario asks for a private tour if Claire’s room to which she agrees. Walking away from the bar the lothario puts his hand on Claire’s ass, she keeps walking by his side. 

now at the bar with his caged brethren drinking alone, a man says to him have you ever heard the word cuckold?

Posted : 24/11/2021 3:40 pm
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