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Lost and found

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Thomas was a succesful man. He has a great job, three expensive cars and a huge penthouse in London. Money and material stuff was never a problem. But there was an emptyness in his heart.
Despite his success, Thomas was still a bachelor. Het met a lot of women and they all admired him. But he didn't want to be admired. His wish was to serve, to admire and to worship. Alas, he never found sombody.

While browsing for pictures of dominant woman, he stumbled upon a dome with a slave wearing a chastity cage. Tomas was hooked. He looked for more information and eventually he ordered a nice custom cage.
When the cage arrived. He started wearing it. First for a few hours, and then for a night. The cage was awesome. There was no way he could reach his throbbing member without using the key. And the first thing he did after removing the cage was masturbating until an explosive orgasm.

Within a few weeks. He dared to wear the cage to the office. Because of the perfect fit, he could do anything he needed to do. So he started to wear it more and more.
One day, he broke his record. He has worn the cage for a month. And that night would be the orgasm of his dreams. So when he arrived home, he went straight to the bedroom.
But that was strange. He was sure he left it on his nightstand. But it wasn't there. He looked behind it and in the drawers. Under the bed, in the closet, but it wasn't there anymore.
"Are you looking for something?" He turned and saw Leanna, his cleaning lady. "Yes" he said. "there was a small key of a safe that was next to the bed. Have you seen it?". Leanna started laughing "do you really think I am that clueless. I spend several hours alone in your house to clean. You are such a careless young man. You left the computer on showing CockLockShop. The receit and box of the device was left on the floor. And I have cleaned the device several times, because it was soiled with your junk.".

Leanna took a paper out of her purse. "Yes I have seen the key. It is safely stored at a place you can not reach without me. Including the spare key which was still in the box and the code which could be used to order extra keys.".
She handed him the paper. "This is a contract. If you ever want to play with your cock again, you better sign it within a week. Else I destroy the keys and code."
"You thieving woman! Give me the key or else I call the police!". Leanna laughed. "Do you remember 12 january 2017?" Thomas face went white. "What do you mean?"
"To refresh your memory" Leanna said, "that day, you had a small party at home. And your friend Charles Würtenberg kissed the woman you wanted. You was so enraged that you killed him the next day. You hid the body in the woods and cleaned everything. But you forgot the security camera's. And yes, the footage is also stored in a safe place.".

Thomas was in shock. This woman has him by the balls. What could he do to... suddenly he ran to her and pinned her to the wall. "Stupid bitch, I should just kill you!" Leanna grinned. "If I'm not home within an hour, your secret will be exposed. You have no chance boy!"
He let her go and fell on the ground. He knew he lost. And when he looked at Leanna, she knew that he knew. "Ok boy, the contract is simple and fair. You sign half of your assets to me including your paycheck. The penthouse is big enough so I will move in next week.
you will call me mistress and you should treat me as the queen I am. And if you behave, I grant you one release each month." She gave him the papers and a pen. "Sign at the bottom."


Posted : 25/12/2020 3:18 am
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