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[Solved] AMA on becoming multiorgasmic

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Some men here have asked information about how to become multi-orgasmic. Since I use to teach this, long time ago, I maybe could help a bit.

Generally speaking there are several schools out there that teach it. But they mostly come to two big roots that I know of, a Taoist root and a Tantric root. The main difference is that Taoists want to store the energy, while, Tantra people don-t (as much as I know).

You should understand that when you start working with sexual energy you are playing with fire. But I suppose you already know all this. For this reason sexual practices are not a beginner's practice. 

Generally speaking the idea is that instead of releasing the energy in a big outflow which then leads you drained, and groggy. You transform it into higher energy. To be used to enhance your spirituality, for art, for sport, or in some other work or services.

So to be able to do this, the energy channels should be free, so the energy can flow through them. After this initial cleansing has happened (simple basic practices, microcosmic orbit and similar), you can then start to push the energy there. Have you ever had headache after being so horny and not releasing. This is the energy going up, but then not completing the circuit. The body position is really important.


If you want to learn you probably would be better of with a local teacher. If not there are some good books, but a teacher who can watch your body and tell you "your energy rises up to here [pointing to a point in your spine], now let's move it on" is a really helpful element.

Leaving aside questiona that might reveal my identity:

A.M.A. (ask me anything)

Posted : 06/03/2023 10:04 am