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Thank You! A Delayed Ejaculation Success Story!

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I found this site when I was looking for information about delayed ejaculation. You wrote a great blog about delayed ejaculation and we learned quite a bit.

A little history, my husband takes forever to cum and he says that he always has. Certainly ever since I've known him. Everything I can find about the condition says that it is from overstimulation which is why we got into orgasm control in the first place. I enjoy sex but I have always felt like something is missing. I want to feel him cum. I want to feel like I am capable of making him cum. When we have sex, I am always done before he is and that gives me feelings of inadequacy. Despite that, we do still have a healthy sex life and he masturbates daily in addition to the sex that we have together.

Fast forward a couple months. We played with chastity devices, mostly in a teasing way. I would lock him up to get him to become more sensitive, much like you've recommended on your site. That has worked exceptionally well. Just as you describe, he is grumpy for the first few days and then transitions into a wonderful, caring, glowing example of a spouse. The cage was more of a toy, reminding  him of my control. After noticing this change with him, I wanted him to live up to the man that the toy created. I wanted him to become a man that would accept my guidance for his ejaculations. I wanted to see if ejaculation control could help him overcome his delayed ejaculation as you described!

Well, the results are in. After about two months of controlling his ejaculations without a cage, he is now able to ejaculate normally! We usually have sex three to four times a week and he is allowed to ejaculate normally anytime we have sex although he is not permitted to ejaculate at any other time. I'll rub his penis and touch his penis at other times in the week to make certain that his blood is flowing and testosterone is pumping but he is not allowed to rub himself and certainly not allowed to masturbate. 

I would limit sex to ten minutes, if he wasn't able to have an orgasm during that time then it would need to wait until the next time. I was very strict with this rule and he was very frustrated at times when sex ended and he didn't finish. I did have to threaten him with the cage on more than a few occasions, the cage did have to go on overnight a few times to ensure that we didn't have any mishaps. I am his partner in this and all things and I understand that much of this is very difficult to control so I tried to be as patient with him as possible. Working together we were able to do it, I am the first in his entire life that has ever came with and that makes me feel GREAT. He is closer than ever to me since I helped him feel NORMAL as he describes it.


Retraining his body and mind to ONLY allow him to cum during sex is possible and I have you to thank. We did have a couple failed attempts at sex where he would get frustrated or discouraged. We even had a couple times that he got soft because he put too much pressure on himself. It must be difficult and frustrating for him to know that the only way he will enjoy an orgasm is if he cums from sex. It was challenging for both of us really since he got very frustrated and upset at times. A daily masturbator that was required to stop his lifelong habit (as you put it in your blog). We persevered and he can now ejaculate about one of three times that we have sex. That's about the same amount of times that I have an orgasm so I have no room to complain there!  

Thanks for the wonderful site Emma, you brought so much happiness into our relationship. I owe you everything!

Posted : 21/08/2019 2:56 pm
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This is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

Posted : 21/08/2019 5:40 pm
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Great story Alina . It's always awesome to hear success stories!

Posted : 24/08/2019 4:57 am
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