Why I love my Wife
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Why I love my Wife

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With our fifth anniversary, our birthdays, and Valentine’s Day all approaching, I’ve been thinking recently about the reasons I love my Wife. Our relationship is far from a traditional marriage, but isn’t that why we’re here?

I love Karin, my Wife. She is everything to me, and I love everything about Her.

I love Her taste and giving Her pleasure with my tongue whenever She wants it.

I love that She took my virginity on my 18th birthday, and established nearly all of the rules we follow in our relationship right from the start. I love having Her in charge of our open relationship, and I love that She “exercises” Her side of our open relationship far more than I do mine.

I love Her soft, yet authoritative voice and overall calm demeanor. I love the way She insists on me calling Her “Miss Karin” or “Ma’am.” Saying “Yes, Ma’am” to Her never fails to give me a little thrill every time I say it, which is quite often.


I love our age gap, and seeing other people’s reaction to it. I have always been attracted to older women.

I love the fine lines around Her eyes. Young women with perfectly smooth skin all look the same. Individual beauty takes time to appear, and it is breathtaking to see Hers is showing.

I love Her beautiful gray hair, especially watching it grow in after She goes to Her friend’s salon to have it dyed. The contrast of Her natural gray roots and dyed dirty blonde is wonderful.

I love that She is multi-orgasmic, and demanding in bed. I love how She can make sex all about Her pleasure, but in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling neglected.

I love the look of ecstasy on Her face during an orgasm, regardless of whether it is me or someone else giving Her the orgasm.

I love that I have to ask Her permission before I cum. This was something new that She started after our wedding night. While I didn’t like it at first, asking Her for permission is a huge turn-on now, as is trying to not cum when She denies permission.

I love watching Her flirt with other men (or women) right in front of me. It’s even better when it leads to an impromptu “hotel room date” for Her, especially when She makes me watch. I love that She is nearly insatiable, and will take me in the very same hotel bed where She just had fun with another man or woman.

I also love to watch and/or help Her get ready for a date where I’m to remain at home. I love it when She doesn’t fix Her hair or makeup before coming home from a date. She looks so sexy messy.

I love when She brings role-play into our bedroom, it’s always a women-in-charge scenario. Teacher-student is my favorite, we even have a spare room set up specifically for this.

I love the fact that She is more kinky than I am, and I love the gentle, playful way She pushes my limits from time to time. Some of the things we do regularly now are things I never would have imagined trying. I’d probably be very vanilla if not for Her.

I love when She pegs me. Sometimes She is gentle, other times She is not, but it’s always a wonderful experience to submit to Her in this way. Best of all is an after-date pegging where She tells me all about how Her date went.

I love that She cares enough to share me with Her lady friends once in a while. I love it even more that She cares enough about their pleasure to follow up with them and ensure I performed to their standards.

I love it that She disciplines me when I deserve it. Two minutes over Her knee with a hairbrush is very effective at correcting my bad behavior.

I love that the primary rule of our marriage is “Miss Karin gets what Miss Karin wants,” and I love helping Her get what She wants.

Posted : 21/01/2023 6:21 am
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That was lovely!

Posted : 21/01/2023 7:15 am
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Beautifully said! You are both incredibly blessed to have each other.

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Posted : 21/01/2023 11:21 am
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You have a beautiful life.

Posted : 27/01/2023 1:42 pm