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is anyone else who’s caged get to provide oral

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and is then dismissed to another bedroom then get texted half an hour later with the message ‘more please. right now!’ quite exciting and i’m always hoping for the message.. sometimes doesn’t happen but often does. i love being used like that while caged. 

Posted : 29/12/2023 2:27 pm
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Yes oral sex has been our primary way of having sex besides her caning or beating me with a leather belt.  I beg to eat her pussy every day. Sometimes she lets me. Other times she wants to save herself for her boyfriend and maybe after a couple days of cumming inside her I might get a chance to go down on her. She usually makes me wait because she’s too tired m so she lets me rub her feet instead. We’ve both agreed to not have penetrative sex anymore and for the most part I’m locked in chastity 24/7

Posted : 30/12/2023 11:34 am
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ah, we are monogamous 13 years, so there’s no cuckold stuff with us. although she does flirt and i’ve said that i find it a huge turn on. tomorrow night we are going round friends for new year’s eve party, and she said are you excited about watching me dance with other men who’ll grope me. i said can’t wait, you know i love it. we haven’t ever gone beyond that and neither wants to as she doesn’t want piv sex, so isn’t interested in having new partners.  yes the feet rubbing. I did it tonight for two hours strangely enough, was then told thankyou, that’s enough, show me your cage… which i did.. straining inside it!! now off to bed in the spare room you, i want to chat to my friend in private. quick kiss then dismissed 😀

Posted : 30/12/2023 3:04 pm
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Yes almost daily lately.  The feet massaging and kissing always cums first. Most often it’s when my Wife first gets home from work. I’m expected to be in my panties bra and heels when I meet Her at the door with Her drink. There’s a new young manager at Her work that She has been fantasizing about. she’s usually telling me how nice his bridge looked for the day while I lick Her to climax. We’ve been married 20 years. She hasn’t cuckolded me yet but talks about it all the time. She says he might be the one. I don’t want Her too but as long as She is happy I’ll accept my place. 

Posted : 31/12/2023 2:16 am
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This is most definitely a big YES. My better half isn't into male chastity but she knows how much I like going down on her while I'm caged. She enjoys the attention and is happy to let me indulged my kink so it's a win-win all round. I find the whole thing very erotic.


Posted : 13/01/2024 10:44 am
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One of the greatest joys in my life. Her smell, her taste, the sensation of her approaching climax and her shuddering delight on my tongue. With that I am complete as a man and my needs are fulfilled. The days of my needing PIV sex are gone and that is central to her wonderful reset of my sexuality and one of the most rewarding elements of my journey.

Posted : 24/01/2024 10:37 am