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Podcast - Venus Cuckoldress - Episode 26 - A chastity experiment - with Key Barrett, MSc

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Came across this interesting podcast about A Chastity Experiment that the Author, Key Barrett went through.  In my opinion, it was an excellent peak into the world of male chastity than many of us here participate in.  Some veterans and some rookies.  Either way, this should be helpful.  Yes, it's 46 minutes long and the first 6 or 7 minutes are nothing but touting for the podcast and other things, but once you get to the actual interview, there's some good stuff in there.  The host is little too much of a giggler at times, but overall, it's a good listen for all of us, especially those who may be struggling with conveying the benefits of chastity with their wife or girlfriend.  Even though the site itself is primarily about cuckolding, this podcast is about chastity.  I hope you have a chance to listen and I hope it is beneficial.

The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast - Episode 26



Posted : 09/12/2021 1:15 pm
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I’ve listened to this before and enjoyed it as well

Posted : 09/12/2021 2:44 pm