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Some Wisdom Here - It's All About Her

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"Because part of what it is he will get a good experience from, is you owning that space."

It's a YouTube video by someone named Ms. Elle X.  You can find it here.  Although the question she is asked and answers has to do with a newbie Domme and her first scene, you may notice the wisdom of knowing 'it's all about her' permeates throughout the advice given, just like it does (or should) in a WLM/FLR and the important that get discussed here.  I thought it might be interesting to y'all.

From her "About" section on YouTube:

Ms. Elle X is a Lifestyle Domme, BDSM Educator, Dominant Trainer, Erotica Author, and Licensed Relationship Coach (2013) with a profound gift for revealing the intimate power of the BDSM Lifestyle in a safe and non-threatening way, so every couple and dynamic can find a taste of something they enjoy in the "kinky buffet."

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Posted : 16/12/2021 1:37 pm
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These are good introductory videos. Very calm and easy to absorb. 


Posted : 16/12/2021 9:46 pm
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Have not watched the videos yet, but the "It's all about her" is very good advice and a motto to follow in your decision making as a submissive, serving husband. Coming from a service oriented, "pleaser" upbringing, this is a natural state of thinking. Am I doing this for me or her?

Posted : 25/12/2021 5:24 pm