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A cuckold manifesto, told backwards

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To me, it’s a paint splash dripping down a Jackson Pollock canvas. My wife is the canvas. The bull’s cum is the paint. Every time it’s different, when it comes out, after a few seconds.

The suspense was killing me. I rushed up to the bed as soon as the bull finished. I usually give the couple plenty of space, you know. I’m invisible in the corner. But when the man finishes, I can’t control myself. I have to see! I have to see!

I mean, this bull had to have spurted a huge load. There were three hard thrusts at the end and he just about screamed his head off as he came in my gorgeous 25-year-old wife. And she smiled at him as she felt it shooting up inside her. A woman’s smile as she realizes she’s made a man cum — it’s the loveliest smile. Because, you see, her self-esteem is at an all-time high — she has just received physical proof of her desirability. She feels so good about herself, and life, and of course, him! My wife Shelly smiled her “I made you cum real good” smile, and he smiled back at her. Then he rolled off her and lay beside her stroking her small breasts, and gazing into her eyes. She gazed back into his eyes.

They didn’t see me then, as I came up to the bed and took a look. There it was, dripping out of my wife’s pussy, the drip. It made an interesting shape. Part of the drip went down toward the bottom of her thigh, but a heavy globbed bit of ejaculate stayed up there just at the bottom of her pussy lips, on the part of her thigh closest to her pussy. And then a third branch of dripping was formed by some renegade ejaculate, that went right down into her crack, seeping maybe into her asshole, I don’t know.

It was gorgeous.


It was evidence that I had been well cuckolded. There was no disputing it. Case closed. She has cheated on me and cheated well. She’s in a trance of love with another man now, their eyes locked, their souls wishing each other well.

My, what a journey they’ve been on! A journey that started with their first kiss in this very bed, not more than forty minutes ago. A fantastic voyage, the dripping cum its memento. And now, as quietly and surreptitiously as I can, I kneel my way onto the bed and start licking up the gorgeous piece of art.


“Cum in me!” my wife demanded, as he pounded her faster and faster, and it became apparent that he was reaching the hill. She was on her back now, after the other variations had played out, a return to where they had started, the missionary; but her thighs were pulled up high and pressed butterfly wing-like by the bull’s strong, tattooed arms, as he went deeper and deeper inside her with this throbbing eight inches of his. “Cum in me, baby!”

And then, the first big orgasmic thrust and the loud grunt. And the first glimpse of my wife’s “I made you cum” smile.


Their sideways fucking has evolved into full doggie-style now, as he has kind of turned her over with his big strong arm, and without removing his cock, is now knelt behind her, both his strong hands on her ice cream scoop buttocks. This apparently has sent his eight inches even deeper into her, as she has let out a new scream. I’ve lost count of how many orgasms she’s had now. Is this going to lead to another one? Are you going to cum again, baby? I wonder. Of course I would never ask that question out loud. I must remain quiet and invisible, over here in the corner. Watching my wife on all fours, as the cock hits her deeper and yep, there it is, my wife’s distinctive cry when she cums. It’s a sound I know so well, although I have never of course actually made her utter that sound myself. I’ve watched the other men do it. My three inches will never make her utter this cry. But it’s like this, ahh — eeee — and then a big OOOOOOH! The ah ee ohh is followed by a physical collapse. In this case, as she was on all fours, she collapses onto the bed, unable to maintain her position during the spasms. Now on her belly, he keeps pounding. He grabs her by the back of the neck as she continues to orgasm, and pounds her harder. Pound, pound, pound, and then, so strange. Ah ee ohh! Again! Another orgasm following so quickly on the heels of that last one. I guess it’s the hand on the neck. A little danger seems to always make her gush. And now, there is nowhere for her to collapse to; I see her eyes roll back in her head as the convulsion of the orgasm sweeps her away.


The sideways fucking I like so much, because it affords me such a nice view of my wife’s pussy, her pubic triangle, her tight pussy lips, as that big four-inch diameter cucumber-sized penis goes in and out, in and out, in and out. The man puts his hand on her swollen clit, and that’s all it takes. Ahh — eee — OHHH! My wife is cumming hard.


My wife is on top. She likes grinding her pussy and her pubic bone into his. This squashes her clit in a way she has told me always sends her to the heavens. But this time, with such a big cock inside her, it takes almost no time and I can see she is in the heavens already. He with his big strong hands has her by the hips and is pulling her hard down onto the bone. She lets out a high pitched squeal each time he pulls her down. And then the three vowels. Ah eee oh. She’s cumming hard!


It’s so great that we have figured out this solution to our marital doldrums. Once a week we go to a hotel. This is the second time we’ve been with this guy, Francisco. She likes him a lot. And I can see her adoration in her eyes as she lies back and lets him enter her. The foreplay was good. But she knows she’s in for a treat now. Sure, he’s got a nice gym body and a handsome face. But she has told me, feeling that cock inside her is like a drug. It fills her with such pleasure. “Oh yeah. Fuck me baby!”


She’s lying back enjoying his mouth. She’s so beautiful, my wife. As he eats her delightful pussy. He seems pretty good at it. And now…up goes her ass, up from the sheets of the bed. She’s going to cum. “I’m cumming!” she says. And there it is, the three vowel combo. Her first orgasm of the night.

Oh I love this arrangement!


She’s got a beautiful mouth, with thick lips. And when it goes on your cock you feel like you’re being fellated by an octopus, I swear. I see the wide eyes of Francisco, as her mouth goes down on his cock. And I remember, the first time they were together she didn’t suck his cock. So he’s never had this feeling. It’s intense and shocking. My wife takes a break and smiles up at him. She knows he was surprised. She knows everything, my wife. She knows her power. Every inch of it. And now, back down the length of that eight-inch shaft, which I see is stiffening and stiffening and soon will be inside her, making her cum so good. I can’t wait!


He slides her negligee off. Lets it fall to the floor. She’s topless in just the black lace panties. He kisses her deeply, puts his hand on her breasts. She sighs. He slips a hand slowly down her belly, under her panties, and puts his fingers on her clit. “Oh, that feels so good,” she says.

I pull my cock out and start stroking it as I watch. Now the fun is really beginning!


There is a knock on the door. “He’s here!” my wife says excitedly. “You answer it. I’ll go put on my lingerie!”

She goes into the bathroom. I answer the door. There he is, in his jeans and t-shirt. Sexy Francisco with all the tattoos. “Hi,” I say. “She’ll be right out. Why don’t you… you know.”

“Sure,” he says.

He takes off his t-shirt, then his jeans. No underwear. His big cock is hanging down there. We have to make small talk? This is awkward.

“So how’ve you been?” Francisco asks.

“Oh great,” I say. “You?”

“Never better.”

We laugh. This is so weird.

Finally, my wife comes out, in this sexy black negligee. She’s put on some lipstick. Her lips are bright fiery red. Her hair is all wavy down her shoulders. Her body is so lovely. I look at Francisco’s cock. It starts to harden before she even gets to him.

“Hey baby!” she says, softly, when she comes up to him.

And they kiss. Sparks! Electricity! Desire! Action!

Oh God, I love my life!

Posted : 29/11/2022 12:40 pm