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Fun Until It Wasn't - The Pattersons

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In the end the Patterson's win out. They looked calm and easy to get along with. And their experience could not be ignored. We liked the idea of having a wise older couple to help ease us into this lifestyle. Also, for my own jealous heart's sake, it comforted me that James was nothing special to look at.

With an air of jubilation we reach out to the forty-somethings. We wait with nervous anticipation and mercifully they do not keep us waiting long. Emails shoot back and forth. Within an hour of first contact a meetup is arranged for that same night! The plan was that we would get together for a drink and, if everything went well and everyone was down for it, they would come over to our house afterward.

This was all moving so fast!

I struggled hard with the worry and jealousy threatening to overwhelm me but two things got me through. The first was Camille's excitement, love and support. This was something new and exhilarating that we were doing together, as a couple. A shared experienced that would surely make our bond even closer. The second, quite simply, was lust. I loved Camille dearly but after 7 years I yearned to feel another woman again and be able to step back and watch my beautiful Camille in action. She felt exactly the same way. We weren't in anyway dissatisfied with one another, we just hungered for some variety. The thought was kinky and wonderful and incredibly arousing. It also helped I only had a few hours to wait. Given more time and I may have gotten cold feet.


Camille is downright giddy for the rest of the day. She is light and silly and giggly and flirtatious. Her ebullient mood is infectious. Both of us were so riled up it took everything we had not to enjoy a quickie there and then, we would have but we wanted to be fresh and randy for this evening. As we dress, Camille in a free flowing sundress and me in trousers and a nice collared shirt, we talk about the night ahead and fantasize about what might happen. With our hopes sky high the room had been tidied up with handy supply of lube and condoms in the nightstand.

By the time we are heading out I was feeling good again about everything, this was going to be a night to remember!

We meet at the prearranged spot, a quaint little hotel bar a five minute drive from our house. When we enter the dimly lit area I scan around and quickly see that the Patterson's were already. They were at a table not twenty feet away. They rise to greet us.

And that is when my irrational misgivings come roaring back. They seemed just as in their photo, maybe a tad grayer around the edges. Just an average couple in their forties that could blend into almost any crowd without an issue. Linda wore a nice, though not extravagant, skirt and blouse combination while James had on a loose Hawaiian shirt, knee length shorts, and sandals. We exchange pleasantries and all seemed well. James, old smoothie that he apparently was, even bows down to kiss Camille on the hand. Linda leans in and gives me a light peck on the cheek. She had a pleasant earthy aroma to her that reminded me of an incense I once smelled. All this was fine. Just as we were taking our seat again however, James had adjusted his shorts and sat down when Camille seemed to spot something. Her eyes flit over to me, wide with surprise, and the hint of a blush colored her cheeks. I had no idea what she had seen but it clearly affected her. Her gaze darts back to James as he settles back into his seat. Trying to be subtle about it I give James a good once over and try to see what Camille had, but I could notice nothing out of the ordinary.

A waitress comes by and takes our order and the four of us ease into very nice conversation. James and Linda They had an easy sense of humor, were engaging and interesting, and took everything with a calm accepting disposition. Linda was the quieter of the pair but she was far from shy. The pair of them were a perfect match. These were one of those couples you just knew would never get divorced. I found it impossible not to like the two. It felt like meeting with old friends though we had just met them. Once or twice I even forgot why this meeting was happening.

As our chat continues I could still tell Camille was ever so slightly flustered still. Not in a bad way, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. There was something about James that my wife was fascinated by. She seemed downright smitten him. He had an effortless charisma about him, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I could, of course, feel those pangs of silly jealousy, but seeing the natural bond the Patterson's had with each other I knew deep down that nothing could take James away from Linda or vice versa. And I trusted my Camille. We had most definitely made the right choice with these two. They put me at ease. They were perfect. I actually thought it cute how Camille would giggle and fidget at James' attention, it reminded me of when we first met.

For our part Linda and I got on wonderfully as well. She was no stunner and, for a woman, larger than I was used to but her confidence and comfort in her own skin shone through and made her very attractive. I had never been with a woman ten years older than me and I found myself curious to see what it was like.

The drinks are had in no hurry. We were in no rush, although nobody orders a second round. At no point is sex mentioned, though the undercurrent of why we were there was slowly making its way to the surface. Our chatting was gradually evolving to subtle flirts and naughty little quips. It was clear as day that this was going to happen. They liked us, we liked them. The green light was on.

Now at this point of the evening Camille and I had agreed that we would split off to discuss things one last time. But the meeting had gone far better than even my most hopeful expectations. After so many months the last thing I wanted to do is rehash the same old points we had gone over so many times before. I decide to take the initiative.

Clearing my throat I interrupt the conversation. All eyes turn to me. "So...we don't live too far from here." I say. "If we want to continue this lovely evening there."

Camille's eyes widen slightly. "Uh...Richard." Could it be? After all these months of me being the hesitant one that now that the moment was upon us it was Camille getting cold feet? The irony amused me.

I smile and lean forward. "I mean, I think we're all getting along. Yeah? I have to say, I'm good. If anyone has an issue, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Linda chuckles. "Are you sure this is your first time? Taking charge like an old hand."

I shrug. "I know what I like, and I like you two."

"What a charmer!"

"Um, Richard." Camille says again. With her eyes she kept trying to draw my attention to a spot on the table in front of James, she did so as stealthily as possible so as not to make a scene. For the life of me I had no idea what she was getting at. She desperately wanted to say something to me. I was now wishing I hadn't forged ahead without her. I felt terrible for putting her on the spot like this.

I try to assuage her. "You okay babe? I am sure James and Linda would understand if you're not comfortable."

James nods and pats her hand. "Happens a lot. We're used to it, especially with first timers. We don't need to rush anything."

Camille bites her bottom lip, her eyes dart between the three of us. "It's not''s just..." She then shakes her head and laughs. "I'm being silly. No, let's do this. I want to do this."

"You sure dear?" Linda asks, her concern making it sound like she was close aunt or sister.

Camille nods with a huge smile. "Yes! Ha ha ha! Yes!"

A good feeling spreads over our little group. James waves the waitress over. "I'll get this." He says.

Standing tall I step toward Linda and offer her my arm. "My lady? Can I offer you a ride?"

Linda chuckles that warm laugh of her as she gets to her feet. "Groovy." She loops her arm in mine, standing side by side I now realize she's actually an inch taller than me.

"I guess I'm going with you." Camille jests. "I seem to have lost my ride."

"I got ya darlin." James winks, then asks just before we leave. "Do you guys smoke?"

I knew from their profile he was talking about weed. "Occasionally."

"Good." He says. "Helps set the mood. See you there?"

"See you there." I respond.

I look at my beautiful wife one last time and she is positively beaming. Feeling like this might have been the best decisions we had ever made I lead Linda out of the bar and toward the car. We had our partners, we were heading for the house, the die was cast. This was actually going to happen.

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