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My husband and my bull

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“Honey, I’m not going to lie, it was huge and it hurt me, but it felt so good! He made me cum three times and shot the biggest load in my ass! But, as I said, it’s just sex, you and I have so much more. I love you,” I chuckled trying to assure him.

“I’m afraid you won’t like my dick anymore. I know I’m not as big as him,” Mike snapped.

“Honey, I love you too much. It’s not about your size, it’s about his. I need his big cock but I’ll let you fuck me from time to time, don’t worry,” I eased Mike’s anxiety.

“But, I don’t think I want him to keep fucking you,” Mike replied uncertainly.

I reached over to him and patted his lap, feeling his hard cock through his shorts.


“Of course you want him to fuck me. Now lay on the bed and undress,” I seductively ordered.

He quickly removed his shorts and I noticed his cock was leaking so much precum that a clear string was stuck to his shorts. He was lying down on his back, precum dripping on his abdomen.

“You’re just too horny, aren’t you, honey? Just look at the mess you did, leaking everywhere, thinking about my stretched-out asshole,” I whispered as I smeared the clear, sticky fluid up and down his cock.

Just by hearing me say this, Mike’s cock twitched and a clear pearl of precum oozed out of its hole. I slathered it around the shaft and smeared some of it on his balls, before stroking his hard-on. My hand was moving up and down, when I stopped, took off my black panties, and sat on his chest, facing his cock.

Some of Daddy’s cum started to drip out of my stretched rectum and onto his chest. Straddling him, I slid back until my ass was touching his mouth, leaning forward, allowing me to continue stroking his cock.

“There you go, honey. Taste him. See if you like it as much as I do.” I encouraged him to feast on my anal creampie.

At first, Mike held his head straight, trying to resist before succumbing to his own excitement, sticking his tongue in my gooey, stretched asshole. He began to lick my gaped hole, tasting the tacky seed that Daddy deposited inside me, less than twenty minutes before.

“Can you taste the raspberry-flavored lube? You bought that for us but we never got to use it,” I continued, wiggling my ass onto his face, getting his tongue deeper inside.

I decided to stop jerking his cock and grabbed my phone. I had Daddy on speed dial and Facetime seemed like a good idea. I wanted him to see my husband rim my sweaty, cum filled asshole.

“Hi Daddy,” I said excitedly.

“Sup baby girl?” Daddy answered smoothly.

“Daddy, you won’t believe what’s going on. I told Mike about us and guess what?” I giggled, moving my phone so that he can see Mike licking my asshole and moaning.

“What? You’re such a crazy slut.”

“He is cleaning up your mess and he is rock-hard while he does it,” I informed him.

“Damn, that’s nasty. I hope I taste good, Mike,” he laughed.

“See you tomorrow, Daddy, Mike’s in the office from 7 to 5 so we have all the time in the world. I need that big cock of yours in my pussy, ok Daddy?” I anxiously said.

“Bye, baby girl,” he said before hanging up.

Getting my focus back, I climbed off Mike’s face and saw that he had Daddy’s seed all over his mouth, not to mention my pussy juices on his chin. He was lying there on the bed, his entire face glistening.

“How did I end up like this? I can’t believe you just did that,” he said, shaking his head.

“It’s ok honey, I’m proud of you. Let’s see if you can put your cock to any use,” I reinvigorated him as I straddled his pelvis, facing away from him.

I squatted down and held his cock over my gaped asshole. I sat down on it and with the size difference, it just slipped into my ass without any resistance.

“Oops, you went right in,” I snickered.

I began to ride his cock, bouncing up and down, gripping his ankles

“Can you feel anything? I want to fuck hard, just like your bull does,” he reluctantly asked.

“I can feel it a little, Mike. Don’t worry, you’re great, he just stretched my ass too much, it’s not your fault,” I softly said while grinding my ass over his hips, getting his cock deep into my ass.

“I’m cumming, my love, I’m cumming for you,” he started to moan loudly and curl his toes as he cried out in orgasm.

I wish I could say I felt his cum inside me, but it would be a lie. I was extremely stretched out, my ass hole too loose to feel him but at least he had some fun and that is what matters now. I mounted his face again, his sperm dripping from my work asshole as I put his mouth to work again.

“Open your mouth, baby. Go ahead, taste your cum and see if it tastes as good as Daddy’s” I loudly encouraged him, stretching my ass cheeks apart as much as I could.

That night, we both went to bed spent and were completely satisfied.


Part 2


Posted : 29/11/2022 6:39 pm