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The hot tub

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Reminds me of a time Jake was with us in the hot-tub. Pretty sure my wife always decided to wear her smallest bikinis when he was with us. He would groan and say it wasn’t fair...he was was such a tease for him. My wife would play along and play with her tits provocatively saying “oh I’m this making you hard?!”...then “I don’t need this on do I boys...” as she would take her her top off. By now the tip of his cock was protruding from the water’s and he was clearly stroking it under the water. “Wow you ARE hard” she said...”go on show me...” So he raised his hips to push his big cock out of the water. He was over 8 inches compared to my 7 or so, and visibly thicker.... and from the look on my wife’s face she was always impressed by it. “Stroke it...” she said, as she started to massage her naked breasts and pinch her nipples. He started to give it long form strokes which just demonstrated again how big and hard he was. She reached under the water and grabbed my cock which was hardening as well. She gripped me tight making me moan as she said “he has a lovely cock doesn’t he...get yours out” So I raised up and took my shorts off, revealing my own hard cock. Without saying anything she moved onto her knees in the middle of the tub so she was in front of the pair of us....then took a firm hold of both our cocks...and squeezed. We both moaned as she started to stroke them. She motioned to us to move back to the next step that our cocks were out of the water. “Fuck that’s hot...” she said as she looked at our aching cocks being stroked up and down. I didn’t care that she was jerking off another guy in front of me because it felt too good. Suddenly she moved her mouth down over my own cock and started to lick and suck me, making me gasp. She didn’t ask my permission...she then just did the same to him. I almost came as I watched his huge cock going into her mouth as she squeezed me tighter. “Fuck..” he gasped as she started to pump him into her mouth. He grabbed her shoulders but she pulled away “not yet” she said and she quickly returned her mouth to my cock and sucked it hard. She looked back at Jake...”fuck me from behind” She raised her ass in the air and he didn’t hesitate...he was desperate to cum...and so was I. She looked up at me...”Does this make me a slut?!” I couldn’t even answer because I was watching Jake’s cock about to slide into my wife’s tight pussy. He was rubbing the tip over her. I knew she would be wet from sucking our cocks. She moaned at the feel of it “go on...” she gasped. She put me back in her mouth as he started to enter her.. “oh fuck”... he grabbed her hips and pushed home making her cry out... “go on.. fuck me” She knew he wasn’t going to last long. He fucked her with slow deep strokes making her moan each time. I could see from his face he was going to cum... so I grabbed my wife’s shoulders and started to fuck her mouth in time. She loved it and gasped and moaned as we both quickened our pace. Neither of us cared if she came as well but I could sense from the noises she was making that it was coming. “Go on you slut....” I said “cum for me....cum on his cock while I cum in your mouth...” I knew that would tip her over the edge and she groaned deeply...stifled by my cock filling her I fucked it quicker and quicker. Jake started to cum first...shaking as he emptied into her...she was cumming as I started to cum in her mouth making her gasp as she swallowed. It seemed like our orgasms went on and on as we all moaned and twitched. Jake and I collapsed back into the water as my wife covered her pussy and said “this slut needs to clean up!” She headed to the outside shower where she proceeded to give us both an amazing show of her soaping herself up, stroking her pussy until she came again in front of us.


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Posted : 23/03/2021 11:30 am