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A few years ago I was sitting in the waiting area of ​​a small italian airport.

Elegant design, Italian mood with an espresso doppio. And as always, a wonderful opportunity to observe people and feel all the little stories they tell you through their clothes, their posture, their facial expressions

And suddenly I saw HER. About 40 years old, wearing an extravagant, tailored suit in the style of the 50s, hat, long red gloves, elegant pumps, seamed stockings, Hermes handbag.

She seemed to move with that kind of natural grace that only an Italian woman is able to perform. And - at the same time - with such natural authority  that the crowd parted before her like the Red Sea parted before the Israelites. A few meters behind she was followed by a man of about the same age carrying 2 exclusive suitcases and an Hermes travel bag.

Correct dark suit, neat, he clearly had trouble following his mistress. His whole demeanor diligent and submissive, at the same time a little awkward, to the same extent that hers was imperious. 


She didn't had to wear a riding crop to let the viewer know for sure that her lackey's clumsiness would be punished  Even if this scene only lasted a few seconds - what a wonderful opportunity to continue in my  mind, your mind or maybe .... this forum?



Posted : 07/11/2022 4:33 am
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Great visualization. 

Posted : 07/11/2022 11:22 am