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What's love got to do with it?

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May be it’s important to note that of course every human being has the right to disagree with the author of these lines and free to have whatever type of relationship he personally feels most comfortable with.

Therefore: For me, every relationship should be based on love and on the desire to value the needs of the other person and - as long as they are not diametrically opposed to one's own values ​​- to fulfill them. In addition to security and caution, this includes above all physical closeness and sexual fulfillment.

Such a relationship is the place where we can open up completely and reveal those fantasies that can neither be expressed nor lived in normal everyday life.

The basic direction of these inner images is often closely related to early childhood experiences and imprints. It may be frightening for some to be tight and restricted, constricted or "packed" in their free movement, while for me, for example, this can trigger feelings of closeness and security

For the same reason it may be frightening for one to inflict pain or to receive it oneself, it may bring the other into an orgiastic state. And it may be similar with FLR, T&D, chastitity in its various forms and certainly also with cuckolding.


In love, everything may be allowed in principle, as long as everything we do is safe, sane and consensual. When it comes to implementation, it should of course be borne in mind that it makes a difference in which sexual aggregate state fantasies are formulated, wishes are expressed and consent is given.

It is not uncommon for this to be a very fluid mixture, in which responsibility and love must be part of the absolutely necessary basic equipment of both partners, but especially the active part.

For example, in a situation of maximum sexual arousal, the fantasy of swallowing the own sperm or the sperm of a third person involved may be able to get you over the edge. But we all know that - once this line is crossed - that special appetite will suddenly vanish.

The fantasy of permanent or irreversible chastity also belongs in this category, especially when it is connected to cuckolding.

Sexual humiliation may be one of the strongest, if not one of the strongest, male fantasy boosters. But it certainly is when it comes to SPH, ED and cuckolding. Nothing determines the male self-image as much as the ability to perform sexually and at the same time to be able to withstand comparison with sexual competitors. Anyone who plays here has a powerful tool at their disposal.

But he (she) should be aware, that she is moving on thin ice. Realizing such wishes in the heat of the moment or for short periods of time is something completely different from doing this permanently. Whoever lights this fire should know when to extinguish. Otherwise there is a risk of losing respect, self-respect and ultimately losing love.Love and sexuality may have many forms and faces. But maybe I'm just a little bit old-fashioned when I say that while there can be responsibility without love, there can't be love without responsibility.

Posted : 25/12/2022 4:39 pm
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