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No orgasm for five weeks

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About five weeks ago I had the fucking virus and was in quarantine and I was very bored and horny, so I asked a fellow tumblr kinkster if she´d like me to lock myself up. She said yes and played a bit with me. Btw. guys and yes I mean all the dudes, please NEVER ask such things random women you don´t know. The girl and I know each other well and had a lot of (kinky) conversation beforehand so this was okay in our case.

Anyways after a week or so being locked she told me that I should give the keys to my gf now and she stopped playing with me. I probably was too annoying and horny and wanted attention all the time – you chaste people know that I´m talking about. 😉

So I told my gf that I got “dropped” and that I don´t know where to with all this hornyness and asked her if she could take control instead, because I didn´t want it to end just like that. Btw we´re poly so everything is fine with playing with other people etc. and we always tell each other everything anyways. 🙂

She just told me that I´m allowed to cum as soon as I can cum from anal only while being locked up. I never managed to do that. Well once I kind of did, but that is another story. Anyways I knew this would be a tough and frustrating challenge and I tried to cum day after day while being in chastity, riding a dildo and doing all kinds of anal stuff. Sometimes it was very intense, and it felt like I almost got there, but in the end it was no relief at all and no actual orgasm. Eventually I told her that I don´t think I can do it and asked her for a release date. We had a phone call and she said something like “Hmm… let me think about that… how about two weeks?” and then jokingly added “Or 3? Or 4? OR FIVE?”. I said nothing while my heart was beating HARD. I felt soo out of control and submissive at that moment knowing that this “small” and spontaneous decision could mean so much. Like just some words from her would decide between something like two more weeks in chastity which would be suuuper intense and frustrating, but somehow manageable or like 4 weeks which would be my record from last year – and that was a veeeery intense time. Like 4 weeks is REALLY hard and long for me. She decided for 2 weeks, so 3 in total because it already was one week ago since I last came.

I was so in heat knowing that I would have to spend another two weeks in chastity, and I told her about how I felt at that moment where she just playfully thought about how many weeks it would be. I said something like that I find it really hot if she is just so arbitrarily as a dom and that I liked that she just made such a meaningful decision in a blink of an eye without overthinking it too much. She said how cute I was telling me all this and that she just decided it would be five weeks.


…       ………. …………………………. ?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought she was joking, and I held my breath, but she was dead serious. She really was, because fast forwarding to the present I still didn´t cum for like 5 weeks. Sunday is my release day. But not really. I only get a chance to cum. You must know after a few days or even weeks in chastity I get very sensitive, and I can cum veeery fast. I actually have kind of a good control about how fast I cum. If I want to cum fast I can and if I want to last long, I can do that as well, BUT ONLY AS DOM, which is kind of funny. It´s like a psychological switch for me. As a dom I feel strong and dominant (of course) and like to use her in all possible ways, fuck her throat hard and fast etc. and I have control about my orgasm. But as a sub I feel weak and cute and like my cock belongs to my dom and if she plays with it and edges me it can be a matter of seconds until I´m on the edge. Specially after weeks in chastity. The time I was locked for 4 weeks straight I had 6 seconds to cum and I actually did it. Without warm up or anything. She just unlocked me and started the timer and I came after a few seconds.

This time she decided that I will have to be completely naked and have to kneel in front of her. Then she will unlock me and I get 4 seconds to cum but I can only touch my cock with 2 fingers, which is also kind of humiliating. Four seconds with two fingers is a real challenge – I doubt if it is even a real chance. But I will still try. If I can´t cum she will lock me up again for another week and then I can try again with 5 seconds – and so on. I´m soooo excited. I´m so throbby and leaky in my cage when I think about Sunday…  

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share this as long as I´m horny and motivated to write before I cum (hopefully). 🙂

Posted : 22/03/2023 11:11 am